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By Mike Johnson on 2008-02-06 17:59:36
World Wrestling Entertainment signed 2007 Diva Search contestant Taryn Terrell, a New Orleans native, this week.  After the Diva Search ended last year, Terrell had a one week training tryout down in WWE developmental.  She's made a number of Playboy appearances in the past. For those of you who may not recall her offhand, you can check out pictures at this link.
Speaking of WWE developmental,  John Laurinaitis and Ty Bailey (who now heads up WWE developmental) are heading to Ohio Valley Wrestling tomorrow for a mandatory morning meeting with the developmental talent and will then head to Florida for a meeting that afternoon with the talent stationed there.

For all you Damian Demento YouTube fans (and you know you are!), he's popped up with yet another account at  Thanks to Robert Anderson.

For those of you asking about Internet pre-sale codes for WWE events, I suggest you sign up for WWE's mailing list and also the mailing list of your local arena(s) where WWE events are held.  Often, they will send out advisories with the pre-sale codes.  The codes are only reported here when readers pass them on, so if you know one, feel free to send it.

The Scarborough Evening News in Great Britain featured an article today on a man accused of claiming to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in order to receive gifts from The Manchester Football club.  Wayne Scott, 35, is charged with three counts of fraud, two counts of malicious communication and one count of failing to surrender to police.

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