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By on 2008-02-06 13:13:46
He's one of the industry's most amazing performers and capable of dazzling audiences worldwide.  Now, the man who helped Hulk Hogan fight off Roddy Piper as Mr. America, Zach Gowen, joins to talk about his unique career.
Many people know Zach for his ability to put on breathtaking moves in the ring despite losing his leg to cancer at age eight.  Now Gowen speaks to James Guttman on about all aspects of his career including the fabricated story of meeting Hulk Hogan through the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the real first time he met Hogan, why Hulk was naked at the time, the wrestler who helped guide him backstage, why he had so much heat, teaming with Stephanie McMahon, the person who thought up "Tenacious Z," the part of the Brock Lesnar beat down he didn't warn his mom about, Roddy Piper, TNA, and more.
One big story that indirectly involves Zach is the famous tale of John "Johnny Ace" Laurinaitis signing the wrong one-legged wrestler to a WWE contract.  Ripe for parody, this story is something that JG had wanted to ask Gowen about since it happened.  During this week's 31 minute uncut Club shoot, he did.  Zach answered:
"I guess the story is that, from what I hear - please don't take this as Gospel because I've never heard from either of these two gentlemen - but, I guess Jim Ross heard about me and told Johnny Ace to sign the one legged wrestler.  So Johnny Ace called Steve Keirn, who ran a school down in Florida and Steve Keirn said, "Yeah I've got a one legged wrestler here."  So they signed that guy.  Steve Chamberland…thinking he was me.  I think they signed him when I was actually on TNA on a live pay-per-view.  So he goes back to the office and Johnny Ace goes, "Yo.  I signed the one legged guy."  But I was actually on TV at the time.  How he got the wrong one legged guy, I'm not sure because that guy's like 6'3, 275."
Gowen continues on about the differences between him and Chamberland, as well as the unique situation that presents itself being a wrestler with one leg.  He speaks about the reception from fellow performers and whether he had to deal with someone who wouldn't sell for him, plus much more.
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