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By Jon Hewett on 2008-01-31 09:29:51
Welcome to another week of the NWA Wrestling Showcase on DISH Network channel 9407 COLOURS TV. The NWA Wrestling Showcase does just that, showcasing various NWA matches from around the world, giving you the best that the NWA has to offer week after week.
We start off this week with David Marquez and Rob Conway at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Almost immediately, Rob gets a call on his cell phone and turns it over to David and it seems to be a call he feels he must take as he goes off camera and we go to commercial.
We're back with the Rob Conway Show, formerly the NWA Wrestling Showcase since David Marquez is still on the phone. Rob announces the first match of the night.
Match Number One - Scheduled for One Fall with a Time Limit of 30 Minutes - TJ Perkins & Reyo De Jalisco vs. Blue Demon & Hidaka
An interesting combination for a tag match as we see competitors from the first week of NWA Wrestling Showcase, TJ Perkins and Hidaka, squaring off versus each other with Lucha rivals Reyo De Jalisco and Blue Demon.
After some mind games played by the Blue Demon, TJ Perkins and Hidaka start off the match getting a feel for each other exchanging holds until Perkins flips Hidaka onto his back with an arm wringer and Hidaka puts his boots up in Perkins face to put some space between them. Perkins offering a tag to Jalisco but Jalisco cheers Perkins on to face Hidaka more. Another exchange of holds sees Perkins hitting a quick Northern Lights type suplex on Hidaka while he is in a hammer lock. Perkins switches into an arm bar and controls Hidaka to his feet. Hidaka puts some distance between him and Perkins while Blue Demon uses a photographer on the outside to shield himself from Jalisco.
Action back in the ring with Perkins and Hidaka exchanging  another set of holds. Hidaka flips Perkins over with a snapmare but Perkins quickly counters into a head scissors which draws Demon in to the ring to break up the hold. Demon gets the tag in and wants Jalisco. As soon as Jalisco tags in, Demon immediately tags back out. Jalisco brings Demon in the ring but Demon quickly retreats to a corner. After a low hit to Demon's mid-section, Demon plays up like he had been hit even lower. More mind games to get Jalisco off his game. Jalisco grabs Demon for a bulldog but when Hidaka comes in, Jalisco puts his legs up to catch Hidaka and takes both men over with the bulldog and head scissors. Hidaka and Demon back up quickly try to double clothesline Jalisco but he ducks it and proceeds to between the two hitting the ropes multiple times which boggle the minds of Hidaka and Jalisco (and me). Jalisco stops short on one trip causing Hidaka to punch his partner as he was trying to hit Jalisco.
Reyo de Jalisco, uh, thrusts Hidaka out of the ring and gets Demon to chase him eventually ducking and sending Demon to the floor through the ropes. Jalisco teases a diving move but both Hidaka and Demon are on the move around the ring. Jalisco tags in Perkins while Demon gets Hidaka in the match. After locking up with Perkins, Hidaka pushes him off in to the ropes and hits a shoulder block on Perkins then cartwheels back across Perkins to hit a low dropkick that sends Perkins into the corner. Hidaka sends Perkins to the other corner but is met with a boot as he tries to follow up. Perkins charges out of the corner and Hidaka tries to hit a tilt-a-whirl style move but Perkins lands on his feet then snaps off a head scissor takedown. Hidaka reverses a whip attempt and sends Perkins into the ropes where he catches himself and sticks between the top and middle ropes teasing Hidaka. Hidaka charges Perkins only to have him move out of the way and Hidaka goes through the ropes to the floor. He's quickly back on the apron but Perkins hits him with a dropkick. Blue Demon heads into the ring but is sent back out to the floor by Perkins.
Demon gets back in the ring and extends his hand to Perkins for a shake. Perkins refuses so Demon goes to his corner and shakes Hidaka's hand and gives him a hug to tell Perkins it's all right. Perkins finally shakes his hand and Demon sucker punches Perkins. Demon with some quick offense hitting a back elbow then a senton and a pin attempt for two. Demon grabs Perkins in a arm bar and tags in Hidaka allowing Hidaka to score a kick to Perkins' arm. Hidaka whips Perkins into the ropes and back body drops him. After an elbow drop he tries for a pin but Jalisco comes in to make the save. Jalisco tries for a suplex on Hidaka but Demon stops him and Demon and Hidaka double team Jalisco. Hidaka super kicks Jalisco into a snap mare by Demon which is followed up by a low drop kick to Jalisco's back. Perkins tries to help his partner but is cut off by Hidaka who brings Perkins back to his corner and tags in Demon. Demon picks up Perkins and sends him back down with a back breaker but keeps Perkins' left arm in a modified key lock. Perkins gets to his feet but Demon hits him with another back breaker into the key lock. Jalisco steps behind Demon and slaps him across the back to get Demon to release the hold.
Hidaka comes in to take on Jalisco working him into the corner but Jalisco powers out and hits Hidaka with an inverted Atomic Drop. With Hidaka on the mat, Demon comes back in and plants a kick to Jalisco's butt that was just powerful enough to send Jalisco rolling under the bottom rope to the outside. Demon picks up Perkins by the hair and slams him face first in the middle of the ring. Demon grabs Perkins for a stretch but Perkins flips out of it with a kick and sends Demon back to his corner. Hidaka rushes Perkins and is caught in an inside cradle attempt for two. Hidaka back up quickly gets hit with a drop kick by Perkins that sends him through the bottom rope but he hangs on. Hidaka springs back into the ring and hits Perkins with a spinning heel kick. Demon and Hidaka double team whip Perkins in to the corner with Hidaka hitting a flying forearm and Demon following with a back elbow.
They turn their attention to Jalisco. Jalisco gets the better of them and separates them long enough for Perkins to get back in it and take on Hidaka while Jalisco turns his attention to Demon. Perkins with a succession of European  uppercuts on Hidaka while Jalisco puts Blue Demon on the top turnbuckle and tries to unmask his foe. Blue Demon's mask is almost off but he fights Jalisco off of him. Blue Demon chops Jalisco but it has no effect. Jalisco with his own chop sends Demon reeling. Perkins continues his assault on Hidaka in the corner meanwhile. Jalisco sends Demon to the outside and pummels him with a suicide dive. Back in the middle of the ring, Hidaka tries to suplex Perkins but Perkins floats over and dropkicks Hidaka to the outside and follows him with his own suicide dive. All four competitors are on the outside and slow to get up. Demon and Perkins make it back in at the same time. Demon whips Perkins in to the ropes and hits a low drop kick on Perkins' knee then takes him up in a fireman's carry. Blue Demon launches Perkins up in to the air and drops to his back to catch Perkins across both his knees in a gutbuster. Demon quickly grabs Perkins' legs and starts to turn him over for a Sharpshooter but stops half way through the turn and he bars an arm of Perkins. Perkins in pain has no choice but to tap out.
Your winners via Submission: Blue Demon & Hidaka!
After commercial, we are once again back with Rob Conway on the Rob Conway Show. Conway promotes the next match featuring himself versus... Rob checks a sheet... Eugene Dinsmore! Rob tries to stop the footage from rolling but they quickly cut away.
Match Number Two - Scheduled for One Fall with a Time Limit of 30 Minutes - Rob Conway vs. "Special E" Eugene Dinsmore
Eugene gives the referee a hug at the start of the match and wants to shake hands with Conway but Conway slaps Eugene's hand away. Poor Eugene. Both Conway and Dinsmore play to the crowd before Conway sends Eugene to the mat with a shoulder block. Eugene and Conway tie up in the middle of the ring and Eugene powers Conway to the mat with a shove and taunts him. Conway catches Dinsmore in the gut with a sucker kick and whips him to the ropes. He tries to take Eugene over in a hip toss but Eugene reverses into his own hip toss on Conway. Eugene backs Conway into the corner teasing a Baron Von Raschke Claw. Conway comes up taunting Eugene and wants a knuckle lock in the middle of the ring. Eugene plays with Conway by going for the lock but switching hands, frustrating Conway. Conway charges Dinsmore but gets tripped with a drop toe hold and Dinsmore rides Conway like a pony. Never thought I would have to say those words. Ever.
The ref pulls Eugene off of Conway but Eugene tickles the referee allowing Conway to get to his feet and hit Eugene with a hard clothesline. Conway is frustrated with Eugene and is all over him with kicks. Conway with the Big Poppa Pump flex then elbow drop for a two count. Conway with a short clothesline on Eugene and as he tries to follow up, Eugene comes back with headbutts to Conway's gut. Conway stops Eugene's headbutts with a knee to Eugene's head. Conway mounts Eugene for punches to the face. Conway picks Eugene up for an Irish whip but Eugene slips behind Conway for a School Boy pin attempt for two. Conway dives back on Eugene with a rear headlock and really gives it his all. Conway keeps Eugene grounded for quite a while.
The ref checks Eugene to see if he's out. Arm goes down once... twice... thr... no! Eugene keeps his arm up and works to his feet. Conway brings Eugene to the corner and slams his head in to the turnbuckle. Uh oh, Eugene's "special"ing up! Eugene hits Conway with Hogan-like punches followed by a big boot. Eugene wants to hear the crowd before he drops the big leg on Conway. Conway kicks out at two. Eugene tries for a "Special" Bottom but is blocked. He picks up Conway into an Airplane Spin and round they go. Eugene catches a dizzy Conway with a jumping clothesline and gets a two count.
Eugene whips Conway in to a corner but gets a boot to the face allowing Conway to set up for a move from the top turnbuckle. Conway comes off the turnbuckle and catches Eugene in a leg lariat drop. Conway picks Eugene up into a short sit-out Spinebuster and goes for the pin. Eugene kicks out at two. Eugene counters Conway in to a Spinebuster of his own and goes for the "Special" Elbow but Conway jumps up and catches him in a power slam for another two count. Conway can't believe it. Conway tries to pick up Eugene but Eugene yanks the legs of Conway and flips over with a jackknife style pin and gets the three count.
Your winner via Pinfall - "Special E" Eugene Dinsmore!
We're back after commercial with Mark Thompson interviewing Bobby Jo Marshall. Marshall is livid that he hasn't been featured on the NWA since the "jerks in the front office" sent him back home for a while. Marshall promises to make an impact. Marshall really has it cranked up to 11 with the overkill.
We switch back to Rob Conway and he's expresses his shock at getting beaten by Eugene. One in a million he calls it.
Match Number Three - Scheduled for One Fall with a Time Limit of 30 Minutes - Rocky Romero vs. Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks
Last week we saw ROH's Bryan Danielson in action, this week features Rocky Romero of the No Remorse Corp. Romero is quick on the attack even before the name graphic is gone from the screen. He works Nick into the corner then sends him across to the other but Nick springs back over Romero and hits a knife-edge chop to slow Romero. Nick follows with a punch, a kick then a jaw-breaker and finishes the combo with a spinning heel kick. Nick with a quick pin but gets a two. Romero stops Nick in his tracks with a spinning back kick but gets taken over with a hip toss on the follow up. Nick cuts a back flip into a low dropkick to the face of Romero. Another quick pin attempt for two.
Romero whips Jackson to the corner and charges. Jackson elevates Romero over him and sends him into the turnbuckle. Jackson dashes to the ropes only to come back to a stiff kick to his gut that turns him inside out. Romero hits a triple vertical set of suplexes before going for a pin that gets two. Romero with a quick combo of punches and kicks that ends with a jumping knee on Nick. Romero then grounds Nick with an illegal shin across Nick's throat breaking before the five count.
Romero gets Jackson to his feet and puts him in the corner. Romero peppers Jackson with a few hits before bringing him out of the corner and in to a Fisherman's Suplex with a bridge. Nick kicks out at two. Romero looks to follow up with another suplex but Jackson slips out and hits the ropes, ducking a clothesline before coming back with head scissor takedown. Once again, Rocky stops Nick in his tracks with a spinning back kick. After a snapmare, Romero blasts Nick's back with kicks and tries to pin Jackson who kicks out at two. Romero kicks Jackson and goes up to the middle turnbuckle for a move but Jackson comes back with a jumping kick to the side of Romero's head. Nick hits the stunned Romero with a Hurancanrana off the turnbuckle and goes for the pin. Romero kicks out at one. Jackson back on the attack quickly sends a reeling Romero in to the corner. Nick with chops to Romero then whips Romero into the opposite corner. Rocky blocks an incoming Nick and jumps over Nick with a Victory Roll but instead of a pin, Romero hooks Jackson's leg in an ankle lock and flips him over. Romero applies some torque to Nick's ankle and forces the tap out.
Your winner via Submission - Rocky Romero!
Before commercial, David Marquez interviews NWA Legend Bill Eadie about what he thinks the NWA is all about. Eadie feels that the NWA was always a credible organization run by honorable people. He thinks that you might not be able to say that about some people today but he would like to see the NWA reorganized and regulated once more. Marquez then asks Eadie what the NWA World Heavyweight Title means and Eadie responds by saying that while he never got a shot at that title, you have to liken it to winning the World Series or the Super Bowl: not that many people get to do it.
Once again, we return to Rob Conway and the Rob Conway Hour of Power as David Marquez is still taking that phone call. Hope he's got My Circle from Alltel. Conway announces the main event.
Match Number Four - Scheduled for One Fall with a Time Limit of 30 Minutes - Cassandro vs. Cobra II
To start, Cassandro makes Rico's flamboyant character look like he was Amish. Cobra comes in for a tie up but Cassandro flips around to stick his butt out at Cobra, stopping him dead in his tracks. Cobra tries for a another tie up but Cassandro once again flips around and Cobra II doesn't want anything to do with all that. Pardon me while I shove a pencil in my ear. Cassandro offers a handshake to Cobra who reluctantly takes it but Cassandro flips it over and wants Cobra to kiss the back of his hand. Cobra pushes Cassandro away and gets out of the ring to make his way to the back. Cobra rethinks his situation and decides to come back to the ring.
Once back in the ring, Cobra extends his hand for a handshake which Cassandro accepts. Cobra sprays Cassandro with a mist and backs him into the corner with kicks and chops. Cobra II works Cassandro pillar to post and leaves Cassandro in pain on the mat. Cobra picks up Cassandro and whips him to another corner but Cassandro jumps to the middle turnbuckle letting Cobra run in to his butt head first. Cassandro charges Cobra for a quick single leg takedown before rushing back to the corner, followed by a cartwheel into a back flip over Cobra then a leap frog. Cassandro vaults over the ropes in the corner and catches a punch by Cobra before blowing him a kiss then a shoulder to the gut. Cassandro hops to the top turnbuckle and twists in mid-air before catching Cobra with an arm drag... queen. Had to folks.
Cobra stops Cassandro with a kick and sets him up for a powerbomb but Cassandro spins out and locks the hand of Cobra. Cassandro with some dainty chops before jumping up to the top rope and hitting Cobra with a head scissor takedown that sends Cobra to the outside allowing Cassandro to play to the crowd. Cobra stops to deal with some fans at ringside but that allows Cassandro to get in a shot while Cobra's back is turned. Cassandro tosses Cobra back in the ring and Cobra pleads for a time out. Cobra backs himself into the corner but flips Cassandro in to the corner when he draws near. Cobra mounts the turnbuckle for big punches on Cassandro but Cassandro slips out and smacks Cobra on the butt. Hang on, need a pencil in the other ear. Cassandro then mounts the turnbuckle over Cobra for big punches of his own. Cassandro whips Cobra to the opposite turnbuckle but Cobra ducks a charging Cassandro and he flies through the ropes and hits the ring post on his way to the floor.
Cassandro slow to get up after that hard shot. Cobra attacks Cassandro on the outside, sends him in to the steel guardrail. Cobra rolls Cassandro back into the ring and vaults over the ropes hitting Cassandro with a quick senton. Cobra II sets Cassandro up in an abdominal stretch and uses the top rope for leverage while the ref isn't looking. The referee eventually catches Cobra and kicks his hand from the rope allowing Cassandro to hip toss Cobra over. Cassandro off the ropes goes over Cobra with a sunset flip but Cobra won't go down and he stomps Cassandro in the chest. Quick leg drop on Cassandro and Cobra tries a pin for two. Cobra sets the referee up to talk with the camera man about something and uses the opportunity to unwrap his wrist tape and choke Cassandro. Cobra switches into a rear chinlock hiding the tape before the referee can check. Cobra goes for another pin but Cassandro bridges out to his feet and kicks Cobra. Cassandro whips Cobra in to the ropes and takes him over with a fireman's carry into a leg drop for a pin attempt that gets a two.
Cassandro is spent and Cobra hits a low dropkick to a grounded Cassandro before picking him up and sending him back down with a snapmare. Cobra II locks in a Full Nelson on a sitting Cassandro. Cassandro gets to his feet and bumps his butt back into Cobra to get him to break the hold. Cassandro ducks some clotheslines by Cobra then blocks punches then a kick that spins Cobra around in to a kiss from Cassandro. So that's what it's like to throw up a little in your mouth. Cassandro hits a front dropkick to Cobra to send him out of the ring then he climbs the turnbuckle and soars through the air with a dive that puts both men out on the floor.
Cassandro rolls Cobra back in to the ring and they repeat the sequence from earlier where Cassandro vaults over a rope in the corner, blocks a shot from Cobra and tries to kiss him. Cobra reels back allowing Cassandro to get to the top turnbuckle and hit a front dropkick. Cobra's up and he pushes Cassandro off in to the ropes. Cassandro springboards back catching Cobra in a wheelbarrow then a short Victory Roll for the three count.
Your winner via Pinfall - Cassandro!
Before ending the show, David Marquez finally makes it back beside Rob Conway and takes the microphone from him. Marquez thanks the fans for watching another episode of NWA Wrestling Showcase. 
Quick Thoughts on the Show
The opening tag match was a fairly odd mix of Lucha Libre and a quasi-Japanese style. Pretty entertaining and so far Perkins versus Hidaka has been a highlight of the show.
Rocky Romero and Nick Jackson was probably the best match of the night. These guys busted it out for a crowd of maybe only a few dozen people so major credit to them.
Conway and Eugene worked solid but it's nothing less than what I would expect from them since they were in OVW together for so long. Eugene looked the same and still had his set of moves since his release from WWE.
The main event was an odd choice. The announcers during this bout were barely tolerable either. Even as a show that basically puts on matches out of a tape library, can't they give more emphasis on the NWA Heavyweight Title? It's hard to get into why all of these wrestlers work as hard as they do if the people who put the show together don't even feature any champions of their promotion. There's a lot of potential in these wrestlers and the history of the NWA. Let's hope this is not always the case.
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