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By GTS on 2008-01-27 10:01:49

Ring Of Honor
Frontier Fieldhouse
January 26th, 2008- 7:30 pm belltime
9807 Sayre Ave.
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

1) Austin Aries & Bryan Danielson defeat Jay Briscoe & Erick Stevens to advance to Ultimate Endurance when Danielson pinned Jay with a small package. Danielson bowed to Aries after the match since he still refuses to shake hands.

2) Shane Hagadorn defeats Pelle Primeau following a brass knuckles shot.

~SNS Inc. is out for a promo.

3) Chris Hero & Sara Del Rey defeat Alex Payne & Kyle Durden.

4) Chris Hero & Sara Del Rey defeat Jigsaw & Daizee Haze.

5) Claudio Castagnoli & El Generico wrestle to a 20 minute draw in a rematch of the Race To The Top finals.

6) Mark Briscoe defeats Joey Matthews with a shooting star press.

~ROH returns to Chicago on April 19th, and Kota Ibushi will be wrestling at that show.

7) Delirious defeats Adam Pearce in a dog collar match with a big splash through a table.

8) ROH World Tag Team Championships: Davey Richards & Rocky Romero defeat The Age of the Fall, The Hangm3n, and Danielson/Aries to become the new Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions.

~Davey Richards eliminates Tyler Black in the Tag Scramble.
~Bryan Danielson eliminates BJ Whitmer in the I Quit match.
~Davey Richards eliminates Austin Aries to win the belts.

9) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Championship in a little under a half hour with the Jawbreaker Lariat. Very hard hitting affair. Strong destroyed Nigel's back, and got a very convincing near fall with the Gibson Driver.

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