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By Dave Scherer on 2008-01-02 11:38:38

John Cena's recovery from injury is said to be going well and I have heard he is even slightly ahead of schedule.  He's about three months into his recovery and the hope is that he will be ready to return right after WrestleMania.  Worst case scenario it looks like he will be back before the summer.

DirecTV is listing next Monday's Raw as being in High Definition on their USA HD channel.  I just looked at the listings and they definitely have the HD next to the show.  Other programs that air on the channel that are not being presented in High Definition don't have the HD letters next to the listing so either WWE will debut in High Def next week or DirecTV has made a mistake.  

The dark main event for next week's Raw at the Mohegan Sun casino is now Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton and JBL.  Originally, it was Orton vs. Jericho for the WWE Title.

Do you want to cook like Chris Jericho?  Here's a link to his recipe for Rubbed Flat Iron Steak.  It looks pretty good to me.

This month's WWE 24/7 Online schedule is up.  It is subtitled "RAW XV Celebration Continues".  Here is what they are offering.

Raw: Episode 9 March 15, 1993 
Raw: Episode 10 March 22, 1993
Raw: Episode 11 April 5, 1993 
Raw: Episode 12 April 12, 1993
Raw: Shawn Michaels vs. Razon Ramon August 1, 1994 
The Raw Bowl January 1, 1996
Raw: Stone Cold Stuns Mr. McMahon September 22, 1997
Raw: Triple H vs. Marc Mero October 21, 1996
Raw: Stone Cold & Dude Love vs. Owen Hart & British
Bulldog July 14, 1997 
Introducing: Chris Jericho August 9, 1999

Thanks to Sean Campbell, Steven Fernandes and Curtis Willard, Jr. for their help with this report.

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