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By Mike Johnson on 2007-12-21 17:39:49

WWE will be holding a rare doubleshot on 1/5 in Poughkeepsie, New York at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center with the Raw brand holding house shows at 2:30 PM and 7:30 PM.  While the roster of names appearing on both shows will be the same, the events will feature different lineups. 

WWE recently signed New York independent wrestler Plazma to a developmental deal.  He'll be heading to OVW after the holidays.  Plazma, real name Greg Marasciulo, is 6'0 and 20 years old, from Mt. Sinai, New York.  He was originally trained by and wrestled regularly for the New York Wrestling Connection in Long Island, which is headed by former ECW star Mikey Whipwreck and John Curse.  The Major Brothers originally trained there before being signed by WWE as well.  For more on the NYWC, visit

Chris McCumber, who had been serving as the USA Network's senior vice president of marketing and brand strategy for several years, was promoted to executive vice president of marketing, digital and brand strategy.  McCumber, who oversees WWE's programming for the network, also came up with the network's "Characters Welcome" slogan.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an article about former WCW announcer Mark Madden, who hosts a show in the area for ESPN Radio 1250 being instructed to tone down his broadcasting style, which the article noted includes "inflammatory statements, sexual innuendo and insulting popular sports figures" by ESPN management or face dismissal from his post.  According to the piece, ESPN was worried about Madden's style hurting the image of ESPN or Disney (which owns ESPN) when they were made aware of them by a listener, which led to Madden, who agreed to tone down. I am sure a toned down Madden is still a lot more caustic than your average radio host!  You can read the entire piece at this link.  Since the demise of WCW, Madden co-authored Ric Flair's autobiography as well.  Thanks to our old pal DavidFJ.

WWE Hall of Famer William "The Refrigerator" Perry's name made the rounds this week as Perry had a ton of dental work done ($60,000 worth), eliminating his infamous gap-tooth grin.  WWE inducted Perry, who appeared at Wrestlemania 2 in a NFL-WWE Battle Royal (there's something that could never happen today) during Wrestlemania 22 weekend in Chicago.

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