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By Buck Woodward on 2007-12-04 10:48:05

Senshi, aka Low Ki, has been granted a release by TNA. Details are still sketchy, but apparently TNA offered several wrestlers the opportunity to be released from their contract, and Senshi took them up on it.  No word on any other wrestlers who have been granted releases at this time. 

Senshi, along with Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles, helped put TNA's X-Division on the map in the early days of the company, and arguably were one of the only reasons fans were buying the weekly PPV offerings.  He has worked on and off for TNA since the start of the promotion, with TNA changing his ring name from Low Ki to Senshi for merchandising purposes (TNA owns the Senshi name, while Low Ki owns his original name).

Most recently, Senshi has been part of the reformed Triple X group with Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper.  Senshi was one of four winners in the "Feast Or Famine" Battle Royale at Turning Point this past Sunday, meaning (depending on which briefcase he obtained) he would be granted either a World Title match, a World Tag Team Title match, an X-Division Title match or he would be fired.

TNA sources have said the parting is totally amicable. Senshi did wrestle on the Impact taping last night, and you can see those results by clicking here.

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