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By on 2007-11-01 11:08:56
Pro Wrestling Unplugged Owner and ECW Founder Tod Gordon joined James Guttman on today for a massive 70 minute shoot interview.  During the discussion, the man who introduced you to ECDub and continues the Unplugged tradition today talked about a wide variety of subjects related to the wrestling industry.  Topics included the story behind Shane Douglas throwing down the NWA Title, Joey Styles in his underwear, PWU Surge TV, Eric Bischoff's statements on ECW, PWU's Commissioner Idol, Suing WWE, One Night Stand, Sting and Vader in ECW, and much more.
One topic that came up in the talk was "The New ECW."  James says that while Vince McMahon has every right to do it, it never made sense to give his new brand the initials "ECW."  Guttman says it's like starting a boy band and calling them Pantera.  Gordon said he had a theory on the reason why it happened:
"I can't tell you what's in (Vince McMahon's) mind, but there is a theory that I have had in the last year or so.  He always hated the fact that at his shows, in front of 20,000 people, as opposed to the thousand or two thousand that we would run in front of, people would yell ECW when they liked something.  That became synonymous in this business with saying, "We like this."  Not just a hardcore spot.  Anything.  It was off-the-charts different.  Whenever they'd yell "ECW, ECW," it made Vince crazy.  Because we were like the so-called innovator back then and he hated the fact that everyone in his building, that he paid for, people were yelling someone else's call letters.  And no one had ever done that.  No one was at anyone else's shows yelling "WWF" or "WCW."  They didn't understand what the concept was.  They didn't understand that they weren't saying, "Yes.  ECW is the greatest thing in the world."  They were saying, "We like this.  This is good stuff."  That was their way of approval… Slowly but surely, you'll notice, very rarely anymore will you be at a WWE show and hear them start yelling "ECW" because of some crazy, sick table spot or fire spot.  He's finally started to get that out of the lexicon.  It'll always be part of the lexicon…but he made people think that's what ECW is.  And why would you want to chant "ECW, ECW" when ECW is all about Kelly Kelly and Miz?  It's not what they wanted."
Tod's discussion on this subject  also included talk of how ECW tried to copy the fan chanting concept, the first ECW Sci Fi Show, One Night Stand, why it was doomed, and more.  His entire 70 minute shoot is up now on
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