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By Mike Roy on 2007-10-23 10:39:21
I was at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia last night for Smashing Pumpkins and was beyond surprised at what took place!
Around 9:15 a man wearing a black hat, black sunglasses, a black jacket, and black affliction shirt came on-stage without identifying himself to get the crowd psyched up for the Pumpkins.  

He started by asking Philadelphia if they were ready to rock n' roll.  The place went nuts.  He then asked, "Do you guys like Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson?" and the place booed like crazy.

He took at a Smashing Pumpkins flag from his jacket and held it and said do you guys like the Smashing Pumpkins and the place went apesh**!   

He responded, "Well, I HATE THE SMASHING PUMPKINS!  In fact I hate the Philadelphia Eagles, The Philadelphia Phillies, and the Philadelphia Flyers.  IN FACT, I hate each and every one of you!"  At this point the Tower was going nuts.

The darkly dressed man went out to say that Billy Corgan had a big ego and only he would try to play Philadelphia for 4 shows and not sell them all out.   Truth me told, the first 3 sold out, but the last one (Tuesday) had tickets left, which is why this man was up there.  He then asked if people would actually buy tickets to a 4th show and they all cheered.
He responded, "Because of all you morons in Philadelphia, the Pumpkins still have a job, so I am going to end this right now and cancel the show."  The place went bananas and it was becoming very uneasy.  I saw security getting around the stage and in back of where the man was standing.  At that point, the Pumpkins hit the stage and the man ran off the side. 
About an hour into the show Billy Corgan said that in fact tomorrow night they would be playing their last show in Philadelphia and it would be a special acoustic/electric show.  He said the man who was on earlier was his good from Lou who used to work for ECW (at this point, and I kid you not, the Tower started chanting ECW) - Corgan then dedicated his classic "1979" to Lou. If Corgan hadn't said who it was, I never would have known!
WOW is all I can say - Lou E. Dangerously still has it.  He had the crowd cheering and the turned them in second.  It was awesome!  I can honestly say I will buy a ticket for Tuesday based on that angle alone!  I know he works backstage in some capacity for WWE now, but wow, BRING BACK LOU E!

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