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By Brian Washington on 2007-10-18 14:10:56

Lillian Garcia on the Joe McDonnell Experience
WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia was on the Joe McDonnell experience Wednesday night.  She was on the show to promote her debut c.d. Quiero Vivir and to talk a couple of wrestling related items.  Ironically, she wasnt interviewed by Joe, but by his co-host Tim Cates.  Here are some of the highlights.
She said the album was recorded mostly in Spanish due to the fact that she was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Spain where she sang in cafes as a little girl.  She also pointed out that there are two English language songs on the disc.  She also said that even though the majority of the songs are in Spanish that the emotion will help people understand the passion of what is sung as it is in opera.

She also gave props to her boss, Vince McMahon, for giving her the opportunity to record the album.  She said he was blown away when she performed the Puerto Rican national anthem before a pay per view in 2005.  She said that what really impressed him was the fact that she got everyone to sing along with her.

She also said that she enjoys being in the storylines, especially the current one with wannabe singer Jillian Hall.

When asked if she would ever consider getting into the ring as a wrestler she gave a definite no.  She said that for her to do it would be disrespectful to the business due to the fact that the wrestlers have trained for years to do what they do and if she ever attempted it without that much training would be disrespectful.

She also said that her ring announcing duties would not interfere with her singing career, especially since she mainly works on Monday nights leaving the rest of the week free for her to tour and promote the album.
Lillian definitely came off as a great interview and showed all the personality that has made her a favorite among fans of the WWE.

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