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By Buck Woodward on 2007-10-07 22:10:30

A "Save Us 222" promo aired, ending with the words "2nd Coming". 

Backstage, Triple H was having his ribs iced down.  Vince McMahon entered and said he was giving the fans what he promised.  He promised them a new WWE Champion, he promised them a WWE Championship match, and he also promised them that history would be made.  He said "history wasn't done being made" and that Randy Orton had requested his automatic rematch.  Vince said the rematch would happen tonight, and it would be a Last Man Standing match.  Vince wondered if Triple H could even stand now.  Triple H got up and stared at Vince.  Vince wished him luck with a smirk. 

Women's Champion Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix.

Candice now has a ring robe with giant angel's wings on it.  Phoenix muscled Candice in a corner, then hit a hiptoss.  She went for another, but Candice blocked it.  Candice leapfrogged Phoenix and rolled her up into a Backlund Bridge, but Phoenix broke out of it and hit a forearm to the back.  Phoenix hit some shoulderblocks in the corner, but Candice came back with some kicks and a dropkick to the chest for a two count.  Candice applied a shortarm scissors on Phoenix.  Phoenix tried to stand up with it, but then just broke free and dropped an elbow instead.  Candice went to the second rope for a bodypress, but Phoenix caught it and hit a powerslam for a two count.  Phoenix hit a pair of elbows to the shoulder and applied a cobra clutch. Candice rolled backwards in the hold into a pinning position, but Phoenix rolled through it and kept the hold on.  Candice lunged forward into a corner and sent Phoenix into the turnbuckles to break the hold. 

Candice hit some punches and kicks, then sort of hit a spinkick.  Candice went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress, but Phoenix kicked out.  Phoenix powered Candice into a corner, but Candice flipped over her into a sunset flip, but Phoenix kicked out.  Phoenix hit a backbreaker and a cradled suplex for the clean pin at the five minute mark. 

Winner and new Women's Champion: Beth Phoenix. 

Phoenix looked like she was going to cry as they gave her to belt.  Phoenix went to ringside and said she had something to say.  Jerry Lawler went to interview her.  Phoenix reiterated what Vince McMahon had said about history being made.  Phoenix said she was the perfect combination of beauty and strength, and that she was ushering in the "era of the Glamazon". 

They showed the events leading to the Punjabi Prison match. 

World Champion Batista vs. The Great Khali in a Punjabi Prison match.

There is a bamboo cage around the ring with four trap doors.  If a wrestler requests, a door is opened for 60 seconds, then is locked shut. A second bamboo cage surrounds ringside with spikes on the top of it.  You have to successfully escape both cages to win. Batista slid into the ring to start the match, and Khali hit him with a clothesline.  Khali went for a chop, but Batista blocked it and knocked Khali into the ropes.  Khali got tied in the ropes.  Batista hit some shots and charged, but Khali got a boot up. Khali hit a big chop, then called for a door.  Batista hooked Khali's leg to stop him from leaving.  Batista hit some shots, then Khali threw Batista in the corner.  The door was shut, and locked. One door down. 

Khali continued his awesome offensive arsenal of shoves and "sort of like a punch" moves.  Khali hit a boot to the face, then executed a bodyslam.  Khali missed a legdrop, then Batista hit a spear.  Batista called for a door, but Khali hooked his leg.  Batista punches and kicked Khali then got to the apron, but Khali grabbed him and hit some forearms to the chest. Khali choked Batista against the cage and the door was shut.  Two doors down. 

Khali used a rope from one of the doors to choke Batista.  Khali pulled a leather strap that was used to bind the cage together down and whipped Batista with it.  Khali called for a door, but Batista hit Khali with a spinebuster.  Batista crawled for the door, but Khali grabbed his legs.  Batista tried to kick him away, but the door closed.  Three doors down (insert joke here). 

Batista picked up the leather strap and whipped Batista repeatedly.  Batista climbed to the top rope, and Khali climbed up as well.  Then Batista slid off the ropes and to the mat.  Khali lowered himself to the second rope. They teased Batista pulling Khali off the ropes into a powerbomb, but Khali punched him down.  Khali got down off the ropes.  Khali applied the vice grip and squeezed Batista's head. Batista dropped to his knees. Khali called for the final door while still applying the hold.  As Khali released the hold, Batista hit Khali in the groin.  Both men were down on the mat.  Batista climbed halfway through the door.  The idea was for Khali to slam the door down on Batista, but it came down slow and awkwardly. Khali pushed it down on Batista anyway.  Khali pulled Batista back into the ring, and the door was closed and locked.  No more doors.  An angry Khali reached through the cage and knocked down the referee.  

Khali tried to climb the cage and ropes, but Batista pulled him down, into the ropes.  Khali was grabbing his leg after hitting the mat.  Batista tried to climb the cage, but Khali pulled him down, slamming him into the mat.  Khali slowly climbed up the cage and down the other side.  From ringside, Khali started to climb the other cage.  Batista got up and quickly scaled the inside cage.  Khali was at the top of the second cage.  Batista went over the top of his cage, then jumped from the inside cage to the outside cage.  Khali was climbing down the outside cage.  Batista got over the top of the second cage, and won the race down the other side at the sixteen minute mark. 

Winner: Batista.

They recapped the events of earlier tonight concerning the WWE Championship.

Todd Grisham interviewed Triple H, saying he had to be hurt.  Triple H said if anyone thinks "the game is over", he is "just getting started".  Triple H said this is a dangerous business, and that Randy Orton needs to be "ready to get hurt". 

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match. 

They started slugging it out at the bell.  Orton hit a shot to the ribs to take the advantage, and continued to hit shots to the body.  Triple H rolled to the floor and Orton followed, hitting an uppercut on the outside.  Triple H hit a kick to the gut and teased a Pedigree on the ramp, but Orton blocked it and tripped Triple H, sending him down hard on the ramp.  Orton hit a shot to the head, then rammed him into the ringsteps.  Back in the ring, Orton hit a shot to the ribs, then another body shot.  Orton slugged Triple H down and stomped on his mid-section.  Triple H got up at a four count, and Orton knocked him to the floor.  

Orton hit a back suplex, dropping Triple H back first across the security wall.  The referee began counting Triple H down on the floor on the outside, but Triple H was up at six.  Triple H fired off some punches, but Orton hit the ribs again and whipped Triple H into the steps. Triple H was down for a six count again.  Orton shoved Triple H into the ring, waited for him to get up, then hit a standing dropkick.  Triple H was down for an eight count.  Orton hit a punch and went for a backdrop, but Triple H blocked it and hit a facebuster on his knee.  Both men were down, and up at three.  Orton hit a side backbreaker.  Triple H got up and shoved Orton in the face.  Orton hit a series of punches and an uppercut, then a kick to the ribs.  Orton went to the floor and grabbed a television cable.  Orton applied a bodyscissors and choked Triple H around the throat with the cable.  

Orton released his hold and choke, and Triple H was down for a nine count, using the ropes to get up.  Orton threw Triple H to the floor, then cleared off the ECW announce table.  Orton then cleared off the Raw table, and hit Triple H with a monitor.  Orton pulled Triple H up on the Raw table and went for an RKO off the Raw table into the ECW table, but Triple H shoved Orton off and he went through the ECW table alone.  The referee counted Orton down on the floor for a nine count. Orton kicked Triple H in the ribs and went to whip him into the ringpost, but Triple H blocked it and hit a spinebuster on the floor.  Both men were down.  Triple H was up at eight, Orton at nine.  Triple H grabbed a section of the ringsteps and hit Orton in the head with them.  Fans were counting along with the referee.  Orton up at nine again.  

Triple H tossed Orton into the ring, then grabbed a chair.  Triple H went to use the chair, but Orton kicked him in the gut.  Orton hit a DDT into the chair. Both men were down.  Orton was up at eight, Triple H at nine.  Orton pummeled Triple H in a corner with punches and stomps.  Orton set up the chair in the ring.  Orton went for an RKO into the setup chair.  He hit it (sort of, didn't really seem to be that close to the chair).  Triple H was busted open.  He started to get up at eight, and barely got both knees off the mat at nine.  

Leaning on the ropes, a bloody mess, Triple H gave Orton a crotch chop, then collapsed to the mat.  Orton measured Triple H for the kick to the head.  Orton went for it, but Triple H grabbed his leg.  A bloody, trembling Triple H stood up, still holding Orton's leg.  Triple H hit a clothesline, then threw Orton to the floor. Triple H bounced Orton around ringside, into the steps and Smackdown announce table.  Orton was rammed into the table over and over. Triple H went to put Orton on the Raw announce table, but he fell off.  Triple H grabbed Orton and went for a Pedigree, but Orton tripped out of it and gave Triple H a catapult into the ringpost.  The referee got to a seven count, as Orton grabbed the ringsteps and went to hit Triple H with them. Triple H hit Orton with a low blow, and Orton fell down, his head landing in the "V" of the ring steps as he dropped them.  Triple H grabbed a chair and blasted Orton in the back of the head, sandwiching it with the ringsteps (in the "V").  The referee counted Orton, who was now bleeding a bit from the forehead. Orton managed to get up at nine.  Triple H put Orton on the Raw table and set up for the Pedigree, but Orton blocked it and hit the RKO on the table.  

Triple H was on the table as the referee began his count, and Orton rolled into the ring.  Triple H fell off the table at six, and was on the floor, at eight, he started to pull himself up with the apron, but he didn't get his other knee off the ground in time and the referee reached ten at the twenty minute mark. 

Winner and new WWE Champion: Randy Orton. 

A bloody Triple H was pulling himself up on the announce table as Orton left with the belt to end the show. Elite Subscribers are able to hear an exclusive post-PPV audio show.  To become an Elite Subscriber, click here.

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