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By Angel Aramboles on 2007-08-20 19:39:34

Debra Marshall (former wife of Steve Austin and Steve McMichael) appeared on Inside Edition. She said that the alcohol, pills, and steroid use is out of control. They went over the Benoit murders. Then mentioned that she was a friend of Benoit and Bryan "Crush" Adams. Her reaction to Crush's death was "oh my god another wrestler has died'. 

During their 3 year marriage she claimed that Austin earned as much as $12 million a year. Debra said that Austin took steroids. Inside Edition says that Austin's lawyers did not return phone calls when they sought comment from Austin. Debra said that Austin hit her on three different occasions. They showed Austin's mugshot and mentioned that Austin pleaded no contest to domestic abuse, divorcing shortly thereafter. 

Marshall said drug and alcohol abuse is common among pro wrestlers. The voiceover guy said that wrestlers are on the road an "exhausting 250 days a year with no vacations, no pension, no health insurance, and little time for their families."  She said wrestlers have no life and its all about looking good and constantly having to stay in shape. She said that Vince McMahon rules, "this little world and if you complain then you're going to lose your job."

WWE issued a statement saying, "WWE is committed to doing everything we can to help the WWE performers of today lead healthier lives than pro wrestlers of past generations."  WWE (via statement) said that they have a zero tolerance drug testing program in place. 

Debra thinks more steps need to be taken because "our friends are dying here all the time." Debra also claimed that the whole ordeal with Steve Austin caused her to suffer from depression.

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