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By Mike Johnson on 2007-08-21 10:00:43

What was the deal with Goldberg why did he only stay for a year with WWE? And why didn't they promote Goldberg's  and Brocks last match?

Goldberg only signed for a year with WWE as the original idea was that he would do a long-term one year program with the Rock, who ended up leaving the company for Hollywood.  The reason the company didn't promote the depatures of Lesnar and Goldberg was simple - it wouldn't have made sense to put promotional effort and attention into losing two pushed performers when that time could be put into making new top main eventers in (at the time) Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

During the WCW Invasion there was the infamous match between Booker T and Buff Bagwell, and its been 6 years since it happened so I don't remember much so why was this match so bad?

It sucked, the booking was bad, and the crowd turned on the entire segment since it was a ''WCW" main event presented before an audience of WWE fans in Spokane, Washington.  It was easily among the worst WWF Raw segments ever.

What do you think of the Iron Sheik lately? Is all that stuff on Howard Stern really him being made a fool of or is he just making people laugh?

This probably won't be a popular opinion, since everyone gets a big kick out of Sheik's antics, but the truth is he's someone that's been through some sad tragedies in recent years, including the death of his daughter, and I think some of the things he's done to cope with that pain (as well as his own body breaking down) has led to what some think is pure comedy but I see as someone allowing himself to be taken advantage of and made a fool of.  Whether Sheik cares or not, I don't know, but if and when the inevitable sad ending to the story happens, everyone who laughed or profited should remember they could have done more to help the man instead of exploiting him.

I've been meaning to ask this, but I keep forgetting.  Who the heck is Dave Taylor and why should we care?  I've only seen him wrestle a few times and his in-ring work is nothing special and he looks like he could be my grandfather.  Waz up wit dat?

Dave Taylor is a well known veteran wrestler who worked the majority of his career working in Great Britain and Germany.  He migrated to WCW during the Monday Night Wars and was later brought into WWE, where's he's worked as a trainer and appeared in the ring.  The Taylor you see today, while still solid, is nowhere near the performer he was during the prime of his career.  As to why you should care about his work, he's a good, solid undercard veteran and in his role of making others look better inside the ring, he does a tremendous job of that.

Do you know why TNA hasn't been using Petey Williams?

I am told it's just a case of Williams not having a storyline currently.  Hopefully once TNA moves to two hours, that will change.

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