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By Buck Woodward on 2007-07-22 22:39:00

A video package on Dusty Rhodes being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, followed by a recap of the events between Randy Orton and the Rhodes family was shown. 

Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton in a Texas Bull Rope match.

There was a "Dusty" chant as Orton stalled on the outside of the ring.  He finally got in the ring, but refused to be tied to the rope and went to the floor again.  They finally got it on, and the match was underway.  Orton reached down for the cowbell in the middle of the rope, but Dusty pulled it away.  Orton stood on the rope, and Dusty pulled it and Orton fell to the mat.  Orton managed to grab the bell, but missed with it and Dusty hit a bionic elbow.  Dusty hit a second, and Ortn went down to the mat.  Orton got up and the rope was between his legs.  Dusty pulled it and Orton flipped to the mat.  Orton rolled to the floor, but Dusty pulled the rope and Orton went into the ringpost. Dusty went outside and tried to hit Orton with the bell, but Orton ducked.  Orton headed up the ramp, but Dusty pulled him down. Dusty thought about using the bell, then decided to hit him with the bionic elbow instead. 

Dusty tossed Orton back into the ring. Orton grabbed the bell and hit Dusty in the leg with it.  Orton hit the knee with the bell, then stomped it repeatedly. Orton applied a sleeper, then switched to a rear chinlock, wearing Dusty down.  Dusty fought out of it, but Orton beat him down in a corner and pounded him with punches. Dusty fought back and hit a flip, flop and fly.  Rhodes went for an elbowdrop, but Orton moved out of the way.  Orton blasted Rhodes in the head with the bell and got the pin at the five minute mark. 

Winner: Randy Orton.

Post-match, Orton took off the rope and measured Rhodes for a kick, but Cody Rhodes ran in and stood between Orton and his father.  Cody picked up the cowbell and dared Orton to come forward, but Orton rolled out of the ring and left, staring at Cody as he walked off. 

The events leading to the World Title match were recapped. 

World Champion Great Khali vs. Kane vs. Batista. 

Kane came out first, then Batista, then Khali.  The announcers put over that because Kane injured Edge, he was now going to have to deal with two monsters in his quest for the World Title, instead of wrestling one man.  Kane and Batista went at Khali, who knocked them both down.  Khali kicked Batista down in a corner and choked him with a boot.  Kane went at Khali, who elbowed him away.  Khali gave Kane a clothesline, then gave one to Batista.  Batista fought back with punches, but Khali hit a slow motion side kick.  Khali kicked Kane out of the ring, then applied a nervehold on Batista. Kane grabbed Khali from behind and tried to apply a sleeper, but Khali threw him down and put the nervehold on him.  Batista tried to grab Khali, but Khali swatted him away.  Khali chokeslammed Batista, then chokeslammed Kane.  Both Batista and Kane rolled to the floor, and Khali stood in the ring alone. 

Khali went to the floor and cleared off the ECW announce table.  Khali went for Kane, then Batista attacked Khali, but Khali knocked him down.  Kane and Batista started double teaming Khali, ramming him into the ringsteps. Kane and Batista, together, lifted Khali and dropped him through the announce table.  Kane and Batista looked at what they had down, then Kane hit Batista and they returned to the ring. 

In the ring, Kane gave Batista a side slam for a two count.  Kane hit a back elbow, but ran into a Batista powerslam for a two count. Batista put Kane on the top rope and went for a superplex.  Kane headbutted Batista to the mat, then hit a flying clothesline off the top.  Kane called for the chokeslam.  Khali got back in the ring, and Kane chokeslammed Khali instead (camera work was done purposely so you couldn't see how much Khali went up for it), but Batista broke up the cover.   Batista clotheslined Kane to the floor, then went outside to take Kane down.  Batista got on the apron and pulled Khali throat first across the top rope.  Batista got in and Khali went on offense, but Batista hit a spinebuster.  Kane broke up the pin.  Kane went for a charge on Batista, but Batista moved and Kane went shoulder first into the ringpost.  Batista went for a powerbomb, but Kane backdropped out.  Kane hit a chokeslam on Batista, but Batista kicked out at two. 

Kane went to the floor and grabbed a chair.  Michael Cole said it was legal, because there are no DQs in a Triple Threat Match.  Kane went at Batista with the chair, but Batista gave him a spinebuster.  Batista gave Kane a Batista Bomb, but Khali pulled Batista out of the ring and rammed him into the ringsteps.  Khali got in the ring and gave Kane the double handed chokeslam for the clean pin at the ten minute mark. 

Winner: The Great Khali. 

The Triple H video package was shown again.  

King Booker and Queen Sharmell came out. He said that Triple H must not have gotten his cease and desist order.  King Booker said that Triple H is not the "King of anything".  Booker noted that he is the only King in WWE. Booker then turned his attention to "Jerome Lawler".  Booker said his act of "regicide" from last week would be dealt with.  King Booker told Lawler to come to the ring and lay his crown at the feet of Booker.  Sharmell told Lawler to come and relinquish his crown.  Lawler, without saying a word, stood up and picked up his crown.  Lawler grabbed a microphone and said if Booker wanted his crown he could "come over here and get it".  King Booker said that since Lawler chose to disobey a direct command, it was "an act of treason".  King Booker and Queen Sharmell then left. And that's it.

A video package on the main event was shown.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley.

They did the "big fight" introductions.  Lashley seemed to get a mixed reaction, while Cena had a lot more cheers than boos.  They went chest to chest at the bell, with Cena saying "this is what you've been waiting for".  They locked up and jockeyed for position.  Lashley backed Cena into the corner, and they broke clean.  They went for a test of strength, with Lashley sending Cena down to his knees.  Cena battled up to his feet, to boos, and Lashley shoved Cena off into the corner.  Lashley took Cena down with some waistlock takedowns, to some boos, then tripped Cena down for a one count.  They ended up in a corner, and Cena grabbed a headlock as they broke in the corner.  Cena got shoved off and taken down with a shoulderblock.  Cena hit a drop toe hold and Lashley rolled out of the ring before Cena could apply the STFU.

Lashley got back in the ring and leapfrogged a charging Cena, then hit a shoulderblock.  Lashley missed a charge in the corner and Cena hit a bulldog.  Cena slammed Lashley, then dropped an elbow.  Seems every move is getting cheers and boos, then the crowd gets quiet between spots.  Cena whipped Lashley across the ring, but Lashley reversed it and sent Cena into the corner.  Cena came back with a fisherman's suplex for a two count.  Lashley reversed a whip, but ran into a boot to the face.  Cena walked into a Lashley exploder suplex for a two count.  Lashley hit some knees to the gut, then rammed Cena into a corner and hit some shoulderblocks to the midsection.  Lashley hit a forearm and a side slam for a two count.

Lashley picked up Cena and threw him hard into the corner.  There was a slight cut on the top of Lashley's head.  Lashley gave Cena a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Lashley missed a forearm and Cena hit a Throwback.  Cena went to the top rope and nailed Lashley with a Rocker Dropper.  Cena covered Lashley and got a two count. Lashley picked up Cena and dropped down, pulling Cena's ribs down across his shoulder.  Lashley applied a bodyscissors and a rear chinlock.  Cena battled up, and Lashley missed a charge after Cena broke out of the hold.  Cena hit a back suplex, then a back suplex into a powerbomb.  Cena did the "You Can't See Me" and delivered the five knuckle shuffle fistdrop.  Cena measured for the FU, but Lashley avoided it and hit a powerslam for a two count. 

Lashley hit a shoulderblock in the corner, then a clothesline in the opposite corner.  Lashley put Cena in a Torture Rack, then dropped to his knees with it. Lashley got a mixed reaction.  Lashley went for the running powerslam, but Cena floated over and hit Lashley with the FU, but then collapsed to the mat. Cena crawled onto Lashley for a two count.  Cena ran into a Lashley elbow, then Lashley hit a clothesline.  Lashley measured Cena for a spear, but ran right into a drop toe hold.  Cena applied the STFU, to a pop, and Lashley started clawing his way towards the ropes.  He almost made it, and the crowd was alive (maybe for the first time all night).  Lashley made one more lunge, and grabbed the rope to get the break.

Cena got to his feet, and Lashley lunged into Cena with a spear for a two count.  Lashley put Cena on the top rope and set up for a superplex.  Cena blocked it and Cena hit the FU from the second rope (more like dropping Lashley from the second rope, not nearly as quick as the FU usually is).  Cena climbed down and got the pin at the fifteen minute mark.

Winner: John Cena.

Cena and Lashley went face to face, and Lashley offered a handshake. Cena thought about it for a while, then shook. Lashley walked off, and Cena stayed in the ring to end the show. Elite Subscribers will also be able to listen to the exclusive post-PPV audio show.  You can become a Elite Subscriber by clicking here.

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