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By Buck Woodward on 2007-07-22 22:39:00

Welcome to's coverage of WWE's Great American Bash.  We will be updating this page with results throughout the evening, so check back often for the latest news from the show.

The PPV opened with a video package focusing on the World and WWE Championship matches. The announce teams welcomed us to the show.  JBL pointed out that he won the WWE Title at the Great American Bash, and Jim Ross mentioned that he called his first Great American Bash 20 years ago.

United States Champion MVP vs. Matt Hardy.

JBL and Michael Cole  reviewed MVP's attack of Matt Hardy from two week's ago on Smackdown, but JBL pointed out that Hardy has momentum following his win over Kenny Dykstra on Friday.  They locked up at the bell, and MVP shoved Hardy, so Hardy armdragged MVP, who went to the floor to regroup.  They locked up again and Hardy grabbed a wristlock, turning it into a hammerlock as MVP tried to escape it.  MVP reversed, and when Hardy tried to roll out of it, MVP rolled with him to maintain the hold.  MVP moved into a hammerlock, and the fans chanted for Matt.  Hardy lunged forward and sent MVP through the ropes and to the floor.  Hardy then hit him with a pescado and threw MVP back into the ring for a two count.  Hardy hit a back elbow, then dropped an elbow for a two count.  MVP hit a forearm to the face, then pounded Hardy's back and hiptossed him for a one count.  MVP applied a crossed arm camel clutch, but Hardy got to his feet and reversed out into a test of strength.  Hardy and MVP traded headbutts in the hold, then Matt hit some forearms.  MVP tried for a clothesline, I think, but Hardy blocked it and hit a vertical suplex.

MVP rolled to the floor, but Hardy went after him and tossed him back in the ring.  Hardy hit some right hands in the corner, but MVP reversed a whip.  MVP ran into an elbow, but as Matt Hardy went to the second rope, MVP grabbed his leg and yanked him to the mat for a two count. MVP hit some elbows to the head and got another two count.  MVP hit a drop toe hold, then kicked Hardy in the head, but Matt got his foot on the bottom rope. MVP pulled Hardy away from the ropes and got another two count.  MVP applied a cravate and hit a series of knees to the head, then applied a double underhook on the mat, freeing one arm to hit some elbows to the back of the head.  Matt bit MVP on the leg to break the hold. MVP hit some crossface blows, but Matt came back with some forearms.  MVP grabbed Hardy in a fireman's carry, then dropped him face first on the mat.  MVP bounced off the ropes, but Hardy caught him with a clothesline.  A weakened Hardy climbed to the top rope, having trouble, and MVP met him at the top.  MVP hit a top rope superplex for a two count. 

MVP rammed the back of Matt Hardy's head into the mat.  MVP hit a forearm and set up for a back superplex.  MVP went for a top rope back superplex, but Hardy shifted his weight and came down on top of MVP.  Hardy scored a two count.  Hardy hit some forearms and a discus punch, then a clothesline in the corner.  Hardy went for a bulldog, but MVP shoved it off.  MVP ran into a boot by Hardy and Matt hit a second rope bulldog for a two count.  Hardy hit a second rope legdrop for a near fall. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, MVP reversed into a Playmaker, but Hardy reversed again into a Side Effect for a two count.  Hardy went for another Side Effect, but MVP turned it into a unique rolling cradle for a two count.  Matt grabbed a small package for a two count, then MVP nailed him with a clothesline. MVP went for the running boot in the corner, but Hardy ducked it and rolled up MVP for a two count.  MVP and Hardy jockeyed for position, MVP trying for a fireman's carry and Hardy trying to grab a Twist Of Fate.  MVP threw Hardy into a corner and hit a running kick to the body.  The announcers sold that Hardy hit his head on the bottom rope as he went down.  MVP then hit the Playmaker, a little off, and got the clean pin at the thirteen minute mark.  No replays, so I guess WWE wasn't happy with the way the finish looked either.

Winner: MVP.

Todd Grisham interviewed Dusty Rhodes, who talked about how "some claim" he invented the Great American Bash.  Rhodes then talked about Randy Orton, saying that he needs to learn respect. Dusty seemed to be having a ball cutting his promo.

Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Sho Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore.

Everyone in the ring at once, first pinfall or submission gets the title (aka the "screw the champion" stips).  Michaels Cole said any cruiserweight was eligible, and stated that a Cruiserweight is anyone "under 250 pounds".  That's the first time in years I can remember someone actually telling us a weight limit for the division. Before the bell could ring, Hornswoggle ran out and got under the ring.  It distracted Chavo, who was then quadruple teamed and thrown out of the ring.  Funaki gave Noble a flying head scissors.  Yang gave Moore a rana.  Noble gave Yang a back suplex, but Yang landed on his feet.  Yang hit Noble with a side kick, but Chavo came in to break up the cover.  Moore gave Chavo a reverse cross bodyblock for a two count.  Funaki gave Chavo and Moore a flying bodypress.  Funaki suplexed Moore, then Noble kicked him.  Noble gave Yang a powerslam, but Chavo broke up the cover.  Chavo slammed Noble.  Chavo decked Yang, then dropkicked Noble from the ring.  Chavo put Yang in a half crab, but Funaki broke it up with an enzugiri.  Moore rammed Funaki in a corner and chopped him.  Noble hit Moore and stomped Funaki.  Noble hit a forearm on Moore, but Moore came back with a bodyslam.  Funaki backdropped Moore to the apron and knocked him to the floor. 

Funaki went for a tornado DDT on Noble, but Noble blocked it and applied a jujigatame.  Moore broke it up with a springboard legdrop for a two count.  Funaki gave Moore an enzugiri, but Chavo broke up the cover.  Chavo gave Funaki the Gori Bomb, but Yang broke it up.  Chavo gave Yang two vertical suplexes, but Yang blocked the third.  Chavo hit a forearm and Yang returned fire.  Yang hit a top rope moonsault on a standing Chavo, but Noble broke up the cover.  Yang whipped Noble across the ring and Noble dove out onto Funaki.  Yang backdropped Moore out of the ring onto Noble and Funaki.  Yang went to the top rope, but Chavo stopped him.  Chavo went for a superplex, but Noble grabbed Chavo in an electric chair.  So, Yang got superplexed by Chavo as Chavo was being given the electric chair by Noble.  Moore and Funaki were down on the floor, and Chavo, Noble and Yang were all down in the ring.  Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and gave Noble a top rope splash for the pin at the six minute mark.  All the Cruiserweights got back in the ring and stared at Hornswoggle in disbelief.  They chased after him, but Hornswoggle went under the ring, came out the other side, and ran to safety.

Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion: Hornswoggle.

The "Triple H Returns" music video package was shown, followed by the Summerslam graphic.

A video package on Bobby Lashley was shown, focusing on his U.S. Title win over JBL and his first ECW Title win over the Big Show along with other career highlights. 

Sandman vs. Carlito in a Singapore Cane On A Pole match.

Sandman made his usual entrance, but didn't have any beer.  Jerry Lawler said "there's something different about him" but neither he nor JR mentioned the lack of suds. The referee took the cane and put it on the pole as Carlito came out.  Carlito spit apple at Sandman from the apron, and Sandman gave chase, but the referee got them into the ring to start the match.  They locked up, then both men released and went towards the corner with the cane.  Sandman grabbed Carlito and hit him, then took Carlito down with a hammerlock. Carlito grabbed the ropes to break.  Sandman went towards the pole, but Carlito hit him and rammed him head first into the top turnbuckle.  Carlito whipped Sandman across the ring, but Sandman put on the breaks and backdropped Carlito to the floor.  Sandman went to climb the pole, but Carlito knocked him down.  Carlito stomped Sandman in the ring, then went to climb the pole.  Sandman stopped him, and whipped Carlito into the opposite corner.  Carlito hit a dropkick, but Sandman tripped him as he walked towards the pole.  Carlito hit a series of blows, then a vertical suplex.  Carlito hit some shots to the head, then went to climb the pole, but Sandman kept grabbing his leg.  Carlito stomped him down, then went up again, but Sandman threw Carlito down off the middle rope.  Carlito reversed a whip and hit a clothesline in the corner, then a dropkick to the gut.  Carlito went to climb again, but Sandman pulled him down and hit some right hands. Carlito went for a springboard back elbow off the middle rope, but Sandman ducked it and Carlito crashed to the mat.

Sandman climbed the pole and grabbed the cane.  Sandman swung it at Carlito, but Carlito ducked and hit the Backcracker for the pin at the five minute mark.  So, the cane never actually got used. Carlito quickly got out of the ring as Sandman glared at him.

Winner: Carlito.

Coverage continued on the next page.

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