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By Buck Woodward on 2007-07-20 10:00:00

Answered: 7/19

Is there any way that the Montreal Screwjob is just the best work in the history of professional wrestling?  Also, if the match was not supposed to end like it did, then how did Bret expect the match to end going into it?  Finally, did Bret really punch Vince backstage?

Sure, it is possible that Vince McMahon and Bret Hart orchestrated the whole thing.  It seems highly unlikely, but anything is possible.  In fact, I know of several people in wrestling who swear it was all a work, in that it put all the attention on the WWF, and allowed Bret Hart to sign a lucrative deal with WCW.  Of course, I also know people in wrestling who think the Superbowl and World Series are a "work" too.  Bret was told that the end result of the match would be a DQ, with the Hart Foundation running in at the end.  Also, from all accounts, Bret Hart did punch Vince McMahon backstage.

I noticed that recently Scott Hall has been wrestling in WWC under the "Razor Ramon" name.  Has WWE given him permission to wrestle under the name or is he allowed to use the name?

While I haven't heard first hand that WWE has given Hall permission, I can only assume that they have, since they do own the Razor Ramon name, and Hall used it in his match to win the Universal Title in a bout that included WWE's Carlito this past week. Honestly, I'm not sure why Hall would want to use the name, seeing as he attained much more fame as "Scott Hall of the NWO" than he did as Razor Ramon.

How did the WWE Production Crew manage to get a hold of the classic Chris Benoit matches for the tribute show on Monday Night RAW? Considering the short-term notice of the news of his demise, would Kevin Dunn and his crew normally have this on standby or did they have the tapes specially delivered from Stamford while on tour?

Most of the matches that were shown were part of the Chris Benoit "Hard Knocks" DVD set, so it wasn't difficult for WWE to get the footage ready for the tribute show. 

Perhaps I may be the only one who thinks this, but I see money in the Great Khali. If Khali was booked as a similar character as the one he played in The Longest Yard (fierce giant w/ comedic overtones) do you think he would get over better? Personally I think the character would be great.

If Khali came to the ring with a fleet of exotic dancers, giving out free beer to the audience, and keeping his matches to 30 seconds or less, he MIGHT get over better.  Seriously, I don't see Khali doing a comedic gimmick working, especially since he can't have subtitles in the ring like he did in the movie. 

We saw the ratings for Raw and ECW go down in recent weeks, while the rating for Friday Night Smackdown! stands relatively constant with 2.4/2.5 or so. My question is this: Should WWE bring back Vince McMahon to television??? I mean, ratings were good until his great explosion storyline ended and he disappeared from TV. He wasn't the focus on Friday nights, so this number didn't crashed. Who can prove him wrong, that he is not one of the biggest draw in WWE today???

I guess this boils down to what you are trying to accomplish.  Would Vince McMahon returning to television result in a short-term ratings bump?  I would say yes.  Vince is an intriguing character (more often than not), and could help ratings with a return.  At the same time, what does it say about WWE when they need to rely on a 61-year-old part-time wrestler to get their ratings up?  I would rather see WWE come up with a better product in an attempt to bring up their ratings, rather than relying on Mr. McMahon to "save the day". 

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