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By Richard Trionfo on 2007-07-07 12:22:00
As World Wrestling Entertainment moves closer to the Great American Bash and we already know that the WWE Champion John Cena will defend his title against Bobby Lashley. Who will be the man to challenge Edge for the World Title? We know that it will not be Batista as a result of Vengeance. Will the new members of the Smackdown brand from the draft make an impact on this week’s show? Now that Kristal Marshall and Teddy Long are engaged, will we be seeing plans for the biggest wrestling wedding ceremony since Test was supposed to get married to Stephanie McMahon? Will we see Domino after suffering an injury in last week’s tag match?

We are live on tape from Dallas, Texas and your announcers are Michael ‘Zapruder’ Cole and John ‘Cuban’ Layfield.

Montel Vontavious Porter comes to the ring and he says that the title belt around his waist proves that he is better than everyone. He points out that they are in Dallas, Texas, the home of America’s Team. It makes sense that the fans in Dallas would love ‘America’s Champion’. He says that the fans are booing the wrong ‘MVP’. Porter says that they should be booing the MVP that plays basketball in this building. He is the one who wins championships and comes through in the clutch.

Montel is interrupted by his opponent in this match, Matt Hardy.

Match Number One: United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter versus Matt Hardy
Porter starts things off with a side head lock on Hardy. Hardy with forearms but Porter with a shoulder tackle. Porter with another side head lock after a collar and elbow tie up. Porter with a slam on Hardy and then Porter mocks Hardy. Porter wants a Greco-Roman knuckle lock and Hardy complies. Porter gets the early advantage on the hold but Hardy is able to take Porter to his knees. Hardy gets a near fall with a back body drop while still in the knuckle lock but Porter bridges up to stop the count. Porter with a back slide for a two count and then he returns to the side head lock. Hardy with a hip toss and then he hits a side head lock take down into a side head lock. Porter with a head scissors and Hardy escapes the hold with a headstand into a side head lock. Porter with an Irish whip into the corner but Porter misses a splash. Hardy with a punch followed by a bulldog for a two count. Hardy with a side head lock but Porter is able to get Hardy into an arm bar. Porter tries to punch Hardy, but Matt blocks it and connects with a punch of his own to the United States Champion. Hardy with a back elbow followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Hardy with a slam to Porter followed by a fist drop for a near fall. Hardy slams Porter’s head into the turnbuckles and then he hits a running clothesline for a two count. Hardy misses a leg drop when Porter moves out of the way. Porter with a series of kicks to the leg and then he takes Hardy down with a single leg sweep before he goes for the knee brace. Hardy punches Porter and then kicks Porter out of the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back and Porter with a clothesline for a two count. Porter with a snap mare followed by a kick to the back before he returns to the arm for an arm bar. Hardy gets to his feet and he punches Porter followed by an Irish whip and back body drop. Hardy goes to the second turnbuckle for a screaming elbow and a two count. Porter with an overhead belly-to-belly throw and both men are down. Hardy rolls to the apron and the referee pulls Porter from the ropes. Porter charges at Hardy and hits a running forearm that sends Hardy off the apron and face first into the ringside barrier. Porter goes out after Hardy and hot shots him on the ringside barrier. Porter rolls Hardy back into the ring and gets a near fall. Porter shows some frustration as he applies a seated abdominal stretch. Porter with a body scissors but Hardy punches Porter. Porter with a head butt and then he gets a near fall. Porter punches Hardy in the ribs but the referee pulls Porter off Hardy. Hardy with a kick and punch followed by more punches and kicks. Porter responds with a punch that sends Hardy to the mat for a two count. Porter with elbows to Hardy’s head for a two count. Porter with a waist lock but Hardy tries to get his hand inside the waist lock to alleviate some of the pressure. Hardy with elbows to get out of the hold. Hardy with a running forearm to the head and then he hits a Side Effect for a two count. Hardy with another Side Effect for another two count. Porter runs Hardy into the turnbuckle but he charges into a boot from Hardy. Hardy goes up top but Porter climbs the turnbuckles and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and both men are down. Porter crawls to Hardy and he makes the cover but only gets a two count. Porter with a knee to Hardy followed by a forearm but Hardy responds with a forearm. Both men alternate forearms until Porter gets the advantage. Porter takes too long before his next forearm and Hardy with a clothesline that takes both men down. Hardy gets to his feet first but Porter with a knee. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate but Porter counters and he gets Hardy on his shoulders before he drops Hardy to the mat. Porter follows that with a running boot to the head. Porter gets a two count on Hardy before Matt kicks out. Hardy crawls into the corner and Porter sets for the running boot into the corner but Porter misses when Hardy moves out of the way. Hardy tries for a bulldog but Porter gets out of the hold. Porter hits the big boot but it hits Hardy in the chest instead of the head but Hardy is able to kick out at two. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and he gets the three count.
Winner: Matt Hardy

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are taken on a shopping spree by Michelle McCool.

We go to Teddy Long’s office where Teddy and Kristal Marshall are discussing seating arrangements at their wedding while Vickie Guerrero observes. Kristal says that her cousin Bubba cannot sit with his cousin Ray Ray at the same table. Edge enters the office and he tells Teddy that he is not going to do anything for Teddy. Teddy tells Edge that he can go out and have the Cutting Edge. Edge says that is better. Teddy says that he will select a very special guest for the Cutting Edge. It will be the biggest superstar on the Cutting Edge. Teddy says that he has to get some stuff done with Kristal so he makes sure that Vickie can handle everything.

Match Number Two: Chris Masters versus Jimmy Wang Yang
Masters sends Yang to the mat on a collar end elbow tie up but Yang with a kip up. Masters tosses Yang to the mat again followed by boots to the back. Masters with a hard Irish whip. Masters with a press slam to Yang. Masters with an elbow to the neck followed by a leg drop. Yang with a chop and forearm but he comes off the ropes and he is met with a clothesline. Masters with a boot to the head. Masters gets Yang on his shoulder for a back breaker but Yang gets out of the hold. Masters with a knee but Yang with a series of drop kicks to the knees. Yang with a clothesline but he cannot take Masters off his feet. Masters with a kick but Yang counters a hip toss with a series of kicks that sends Masters into the corner. Yang with a running kick into the corner. Yang goes up top and he is caught by Masters and Masters applies the Master Lock and Yang is out.
Winner: Chris Masters

After the match, the Great Khali comes out to the ring. Khali sees Yang in the middle of the ring and Khali picks up Yang and hits a vertical choke slam. Khali gets on the mic and he speaks before it is translated to say that he is a hero around the world, but he has no opponent for the Great American Bash. Khali makes an open challenge for the Great American Bash. Until the challenge is accepted, he will continue on his path of destruction. We go to commercial.

We are back with Jesse and Festus as they talk about navigation. Jesse says that they are excited to be coming to Smackdown. They have some concerns because they will be doing a lot of traveling and they don’t want to get lost. He says that they do not need a GPS because Festus has the look of a navigational wizard.

Match Number Three: The Major Brothers versus Jeremy Young and Mike Foxx
Brian and Foxx start things off and they work on arm bars with a series of reversals. Brett tags in and he works on the arm with head butts to the arm. Foxx with a top wrist lock but Brett reverses and he hits a series of arm drags into an arm bar. Brian tags in and he hits a sunset flip for a two count. Brian with an arm bar but Foxx with a side head lock. The Majors with a double hip toss but Young breaks up the cover. Young tags in and he punches Brett in the back. Brian makes the tag and he connects with forearms and a clothesline. Brian with a slam and knee. He connects with a knee lift to Foxx that sends Foxx into the ring steps. The Majors finish off Young with a side Russian leg sweep and uranage combination.
Winners: The Major Brothers

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rey Mysterio is coming back to Smackdown soon.

Michael Cole says that if you have never experienced Rey Mysterio, you are in for a treat when he returns. Cole points out that Rey is the reason why Bradshaw is retired.

Match Number Four: Ric Flair versus Fit Finlay
Flair appears to be ready to lock up but he takes a chance to strut and then he woooos. Finlay and Flair with a collar and elbow tie up and Flair backs Finlay into the corner and he makes a clean break. They lock up again and Finlay with a side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle. Flair with an arm bar but Finlay with a reversal. Flair with a single leg trip and he starts to work on the leg. Finlay backs Flair into the corner and despite the referee’s attempt to separate them, Finlay with a shoulder in the corner followed by punches and European uppercuts. Finlay continues with forearms to the upper chest and a short arm clothesline for a two count. Finlay works on Flair’s neck with a nerve hold and Finlay stomps on Flair’s hand. Flair returns to his feet but then he goes back down to his knees. Finlay with forearms in the corner followed by a European uppercut but Flair with a thumb to the eye followed by chops, a kick, and punches. Flair with a hip toss and kick to the head. Finlay with an Irish whip and back body drop. Finlay works on Flair’s leg and uses the ropes to wear down the knee. Finlay with a single leg crab and then he stomps on the knee. Finlay returns to the single leg crab on Flair. Finlay follows that with a leg drop on the leg and then he puts Flair in the Indian Death Lock. Flair tries to escape but Finlay holds on. Flair makes it to the ropes. Finlay goes up to the second turnbuckle and he hits a splash on Flair’s legs. Flair sends Finlay over the top rope to the floor and then he goes out after Finlay and he chops Finlay. They return to the ring and Flair with a series of chops and an Irish whip. Flair with a clip to Finlay’s knee and then he applies the figure four leg lock. Finlay is about to get to the ropes but Flair pulls Finlay back into the center of the ring. He tries to put Finlay in the figure four again but Finlay with an inside cradle for a two count. Finlay with a side head lock but Flair with a belly-to-back suplex. Hornswoggle appears and he is met with a chop when he tries to interfere. Finlay gets the shillelagh while the referee is distracted. Finlay applies the Celtic Knot and Flair taps.
Winner: Fit Finlay

We go to commercial.

We are back with Torrie Wilson in the middle of a photo shoot for SummerSlam. She is joined by Victoria who crashes the party. Victoria apologizes but she says that Torrie stole the spotlight from her on Raw and she will not let Torrie do it on Smackdown. Torrie says that Victoria might get a cover shoot if she adjusted her attitude. Torrie calls Victoria mean. Torrie says that some people say that Victoria is acting a little crazy. Victoria knocks a beach ball into Torrie’s face and Torrie responds by slapping Victoria. Victoria with a take down and the ladies battle until they are separated.

The Great Khali and his translator walk in the back and they see a couple of backstage workers. The translator asks one of them if they have a problem with the Great Khali because he won’t look Khali in the eye. The translator asks him if he will accept Khali’s challenge. Khali and the translator talk for a second and then he says that Khali does not like him. The worker apologizes and then Khali sends him into a door. Khali and the translator laugh as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: Khali’s recent assault of a backstage worker and his laughter at what happened.

Kenny Dykstra gets on the mic and he asks the fans to welcome their newest commodity and future Hall of Famer. He is interrupted by Chuck Palumbo on his motorcycle.

Match Number Five: Kenny Dykstra versus Chuck Palumbo
Dykstra with a hammer lock but Chuck with an elbow and shoulder tackle that sends Dykstra to the apron. Palumbo backs Dykstra into the corner and on the break, Dykstra with a kick and punches. Palumbo with an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Palumbo misses a charge into the corner and Dykstra goes up top for a clothesline and gets a near fall. Dykstra with an arm bar but Palumbo with forearms. Palumbo charges into a boot and Dykstra with a drop kick for a near fall. Dykstra works on Palumbo’s arm and returns to the hammer lock. Palumbo with kicks and punches to Dykstra but Dykstra with a shoulder into the corner. Dykstra with kicks while Palumbo responds with punches. Dykstra drops Palumbo’s arm on the top rope and follows that with a divorce court before returning to the arm with a key lock. Palumbo with forearms and then he hits a power slam when Dykstra is caught on a leap frog attempt. Palumbo sends Dykstra into the corner and then he punches Dykstra. Palumbo with a short arm clothesline. Dykstra tries for a cross body but he is caught by Palumbo who hits the Full Throttle for the three count.
Winner: Chuck Palumbo

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

It is time to go to a Mark Henry video package. In the past weeks he has made his presence felt and has destroyed all who oppose him. We see footage of the carnage. In the aftermath of the draft, many new faces have come to Smackdown. It is just a matter of time before they come face to face with the silverback. He can hear their heartbeat and smell their fear because Mark Henry’s strength is their weakness. Mark welcomes them to his jungle where only the strong survive. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Stay in the Game Moment: Chavo Guerrero retaining the Cruiserweight Title against Funaki and Jamie Noble.

Match Number Six: Deuce (with Domino and Cherry) versus Eugene
Eugene gets too close to Cherry and Deuce punches Eugene. Deuce with punches in the corner and the referee admonishes him. Eugene hulks up and he punches Deuce. Eugene and Deuce bump heads and Eugene goes outside the ring to the floor.

The Great Khali’s music plays and he comes out to the ring and he chops Deuce in the head. Domino rolls Eugene into the ring and Khali grabs Eugene and hits the vertical choke slam.
Winner: No Contest

Khali gets on the mic and he speaks for a little while before it is translated to say that he is still waiting for someone to accept his challenge. He says that there is no one who will accept his challenge.

Batista’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Batista gets eye to neck with Khali and then he takes off his jacket and shirt and gets face to chest with Khali again. Khali’s translator gets between them as Khali leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Cutting Edge starring World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge says that he is not paying attention to the fans at ringside. He welcomes everyone to a very special edition of The Cutting Edge. Edge says that he usually uses this time to talk about his guest but Teddy Long has taken the liberty to arrange a special guest. He says that this is going to be the ‘biggest’ guest in the history of the Cutting Edge. Edge says that he is not going to dodge the tough questions and get to the meat of the matter. Edge introduces his ‘mystery guest’ and it is Kane. Edge says that he was not expecting Kane to be his guest tonight. Edge tells Kane that ‘it is all good’. Edge points out that it is 2007 and in October, it will mark a decade that Kane has been in the WWE. Edge points out that Kane has beaten everyone in the WWE. He talks about how Kane introduced the Inferno Match. Edge points out that MVP isn’t looking forward to getting in the ring with Kane again after the Inferno Match last September sic at Armageddon. Edge brings up Kane’s success outside the ring and discusses See No Evil and how it was a big success. Edge tells Kane that a Decade of Dominance is impressive but it does not roll off the tongue like the ‘Rated R Era’. Kane might have been a champion; but it is not as impressive as being a Three-Time World Champion, United States Champion, King of the Ring, Two-Time Money in the Bank, Five-Time Intercontinental Champion, or a Twelve-Time Tag Team Champion. Edge says that they are out of time so he thanks Kane for coming on the Cutting Edge. Edge tells everyone to tip their waitress on the way out. Edge tries to leave the ring, but Kane stops Edge and Kane says that he does not like Edge. Kane smiles at Edge and then he punches Edge and throws him over the top rope to the floor. Edge says that Kane is never going to be a guest on the Cutting Edge again. Edge says that Kane will never set foot in the ring with him again.

Teddy Long comes out and he tells Edge that a little birdie told him that he did not want to compete tonight. That is why Kane was Edge’s special guest to get them more acquainted. At the Great American Bash, Edge will be defending the World Title against Kane. We go to credits.

Smackdown Thoughts:
Someone needs to tell Michael Cole to stop calling everyone’s moves ‘patented’. Unless there is an application that has been completed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is not ‘patented’. It literally makes me want to scream.

Did Cole seriously suggest that a thumb to the eye was grounds for a disqualification? If that was the case, can you imagine the number of disqualifications there would be every show?

So Chuck Palumbo is making his Smackdown debut tonight? Does Michael Cole think that it was another Chuck Palumbo who was involved in the ‘Chuck and Billy’ tag team that was ON SMACKDOWN? I guess this is Michael Cole’s ‘patented’ revisionist history.

I really liked the Matt Hardy/MVP and Fit Finlay/Ric Flair matches while the other four just seemed to be there.

Like Bradshaw was saying during the opening match, if you were talking to someone last November and said that Montel Vontavious Porter and Matt Hardy would be the two hottest wrestlers on Smackdown, you would probably laugh at them for a few minutes. Both men have been able to turn it up in the ring.

I don’t like Chris Masters in the ring with any of the cruiserweights because it turns into Masters tossing his opponent around the ring while his opponent tries to fell mighty Goliath.

The Majors have a lot of potential, but I was not impressed with their work in this match. Maybe if there was more than one tag team that was healthy on the Smackdown roster to see them work against someone on a regular basis instead of two guys thrown together to work them for a couple of minutes.

The Eugene/Deuce match was just a way for fans to see Batista without his shirt on as he stared down the neck of the Great Khali.

Of the ‘managers/handlers’ for wrestlers who are not supposed to talk, is there any way that we can get the Eric Bischoff wannabe who is with Khali off television and bring back Armando Estrada?

While I really enjoyed the Flair/Finlay match, shouldn’t Hornswoggle’s interference in the match have warranted a disqualification? When you consider that Cole suggested a thumb to the eye to be enough for a disqualification, blatant outside interference should cause a disqualification.

With all of the ‘Edge Sucks’ signs that are the same handwriting, I thought I might have started watching an episode of Impact instead of Smackdown.

The two matches that were announced for the Great American Bash on this week’s show do nothing to make me want to buy this pay per view. I have more faith in Edge trying to pull out a good match but I have no faith in the Batista/Khali match.

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