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By Buck Woodward on 2007-06-24 22:38:00

A video package aired on the Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart Ironman match from Wrestlemania 12, where Michaels won the World Title.

Mick Foley was shown taping up his hand backstage.  Randy Orton approached him.  Orton said he saw Foley's match last week, and said it looked like Foley had a concussion.  Orton said he ended RVD and Shawn Michaels' careers with concussions, and it would be a "shame" if it happened again.  Foley said it wasn't his first trip to a trainers room.  Foley asked Orton if he remembered being slammed in thumbtacks the last time they faced each other.  Orton pointed out to Foley that he won that match, before leaving.

They showed clips of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, then introduced him to the live crowd, pointing out that he was a former Intercontinental Champion.

Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella vs. Umaga.

Santino passed Steamboat on his way to the ring, and shook hands with him.  Santino jumped on Umaga's back and hit some cross face shots, but Umaga just dropped backwards, slamming Santino into the mat.  Umaga went for a jumping headbutt, but Santino lifted his knees and caught Umaga in the head.  Umaga slapped his own head, then blasted Santino with a savate kick.  Umaga hit some chops and applied a nervehold.  Umaga grinded in the nervehold, then shoved him in a corner and hit some punches to the head.  Umaga wouldn't stop hitting Santino in the corner, so the referee disqualified Umaga at the two minute mark.  The crowd groaned.

Winner via disqualification: Santino Marella.

Umaga hit the running butt bump in the corner on Santino.  Fans encouraged him to go after the referee.  Umaga teased chasing the ref, then gave Santino a top rope splash instead.  Some fans were chanting for Umaga now. Umaga left the ring, then returned and gave Santino the Samoan Spike, to a pop. Fans were chanting "One More Time" as he Umaga left.  Maria ran to the ring to check on Santino.   Umaga watched from the aisle, and seemed to be considering a return to the ring, but didn't.

JBL and Michael Cole got their turn to talk about the Mr. McMahon angle, and they showed the clip where investigator Daniel Beck revealed that there were three strands of DNA in the limo.  The driver, Vince and a "well known" person.  Cole said there were "rumors" that Beck would have another announcement tomorrow, and they plugged the "Mr. McMahon Memorial Service" for tomorrow on Raw.

They showed clips of the legendary Magnum T.A., who was at ringside, and he was introduced to the crowd as a former U.S. Champion.

United States Champion MVP vs. Ric Flair.

MVP got in Magnum's face at ringside and started bragging, and JBL cracked that MVP had paid respect to Magnum and "made Magnum's day".  Ric Flair came out, and MVP got in his face at ringside.  The referee backed off MVP, and Flair nodded to his old rival Magnum.

MVP trash talked at the start.  Flair responded with a "Whoo".  Flair hit a series of punches and chops, and MVP rolled to the floor as Flair strutted.  They went to lock up, but Flair strutted instead and let out another "Whoo".  They locked up and Flair grappled MVP to the mat and applied a legtwist.  Flair delivered some knees to the back of the leg, then went for a shinbuster, but MVP raked his eyes.  MVP hung Flair across the top rope.  Flair went to the apron, and MVP kicked him in the head, knocking him to the floor.  MVP went out after Flair and rammed him headfirst into the ring apron before tossing him back into the ring for a two count. MVP applied a sleeper, and Flair had a trickle of blood above his nose.  Flair got his foot on the ropes to break the sleeper, and MVP stomped Flair.

MVP hit some right hands in the corner, but Flair came back with some chops.  They went back and forth, and MVP hit Flair with a backdrop.  MVP unzipped his bodysuit to check his chest after all the chops.  MVP applied a rear chinlock, and Flair fought up and elbowed out of it.  Flair decked MVP with a chop, but MVP grabbed a fireman's carry and dropped Flair chest first to the mat.  MVP hit a kick to the head for a two count.  MVP hit some forearms and went for a chinlock, but Flair broke out with a jawbreaker.  Flair hit a right hand and some chops against the ropes.  MVP reversed a whip, but Flair caught him with a back suplex.  Flair chopped MVP down, then hit a back elbow.  Flair backdropped MVP, then strutted.  Flair hit some punches in the corner, but MVP dropped Flair head first on the top turnbuckle.

MVP went for a kick, but Flair moved and MVP caught his leg on the top rope.  Flair hit a chopblock, then a second.  Flair applied the figure four leglock to a pop, but MVP made the ropes.  Flair hit some punches on the downed MVP against the ropes, but MVP poked him in the eyes as the referee pulled Flair away.  MVP hit the Playmaker on the blinded Flair for the pin at the nine minute mark. 

Winner: MVP.

Todd Grisham was about to interview John Cena, but were interrupted by Edge.  Edge noted all he has to do is beat Batista, which he has done twice, while Cena will have a hard time with his match tonight.  Edge blasted Cena for making jokes about Mr. McMahon.  Cena said Edge was a kiss ass and he was "too soft" to do something like blow up Vince.  Edge said he was capable of "reprehensible things".  Cena then said he had to leave and give "the two of you some alone time".  Edge turned around, and investigator Daniel Beck was there.

A video package on former World Tag Team Champions Tony Garea & Rick Martel was shown, then they introduced Garea & Martel, who were sitting at ringside, to the crowd.

WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino vs. ???

Cherry snuck in a wave to Martel & Garea as D&D made their entrance.  Deuce & Domino cut a promo about Garea & Martel being "has beens" and said they were used to seeing them in "black & white".  They said tonight they would be able to watch a pair of "real tag team champions".  Their opponents were introduced, with Sgt. Slaughter coming out first, then Jimmy Snuka  coming out.  D&D sold like they were scared of Snuka.  JBL commented that if Snuka & Slaughter win the tag belts, he would call up Ron Simmons and put the APA back together to go after the belts.

WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Jimmy Snuka.

Snuka locked up with Domino to start.  Domino tried to do Snuka's old double leapfrog spot, but it got mess up and Snuka hit some shots to the head.  Slaughter tagged in and hit some knees to the gut, then a kick to the ribs.  Slaughter hit a gutbuster, then snapmared Domino for a two count.  Slaughter hit a chop in the corner, then whipped him across the ring and hit a shoulderblock in the corner.  Slaughter backdropped Domino for a two count.  Slaughter went for another, but Domino kicked him in the chest.  Slaughter no-sold it and applied the Cobra Clutch.  Domino made the ropes, and Slaughter elbowed him in the back of the head.  Slaughter hit a back elbow, then delivered a clothesline.  Slaughter applied the Cobra Clutch again.  Domino backed Slaughter into his corner and Deuce hit Slaughter from the apron, but Slaughter slugged him back.

Deuce tagged in, and exchanged shots with Slaughter.  Domino tagged back in to hit an elbow for a two count, then tagged Deuce back in for an elbowdrop.  Deuce worked over Slaughter with some punches, then set up for a top rope splash.  Deuce mocked Jimmy Snuka, then missed the splash as Slaughter rolled out of the way.  Snuka got tagged in, and he hit some chops and headbutts to Deuce.  Snuka hit Domino on the apron, then took Deuce down with a flying headbutt.  Snuka covered Deuce, but Domino broke up the cover.  Slaughter came in and took Domino to the floor. Snuka gave Deuce a backbreaker and went to the top rope.  Domino got on the apron, but Slaughter pulled him back to the floor.  Deuce was standing up, and Snuka went for a flying bodypress.  Deuce rolled through it and got the pin at the seven minute mark.

Winners: Deuce & Domino.

Post-match, D&D attacked Snuka & Slaughter, but Martel & Garea ran in and ran off the tag champs.  The crowd actually really got into Garea & Martel punching out D&D after being sort of dead for the majority of the bout.

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