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By Buck Woodward on 2004-05-17 02:40:00

The events leading to Bradshaw vs. Guerrero were shown.

WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. John Bradshaw Layfield. 

Bradshaw walked to the ring, took the mic and said he would be speaking in English, so if you don't speak English, "look to an American next to you and ask him to translate into English". I think he meant from English into another language.  Bradshaw cut a promo on Mexicans, and said he would give Eddie Guerrero's mom a job as his maid after Eddie was put on the "raft" back to Mexico. Eddie drove out in a lowrider, and seemed his usual self, high fiving fans as he came to the ring.

Eddie glared at Bradshaw from the top rope, as Bradshaw was trash talking Guerrero from the ring.  Eddie jumped off the rope and charged Bradshaw to start the match. Eddie hit a series of punches and sent Bradshaw to the floor.  Guerrero followed and mauled Bradshaw, tossing him into the ring steps. Guerrero rammed Bradshaw into the ringpost headfirst, then into the Spanish announcers table. Guerrero choked Bradshaw with a camera cable.  Guerrero kept up the assault, and Bradshaw headed up the aisle.  Guerrero followed and continued to batter Bradshaw with punches, then rammed him into the guardrail. Guerrero took Bradshaw back to the ring and decked him with a right hand.  Guerrero stood on Bradshaw's face and twisted the sole of his boot across it. Bradshaw rolled to the floor, and when Guerrero followed, Bradshaw reversed a whip and sent Guerrero into the ringsteps. Bradshaw hit some chops and punches and tossed Guerrero into the Spanish announcers table.

At the five minute mark, Bradshaw rolled Eddie back into the ring.  Guerrero hit some right hands, but Bradshaw hit a boot to the face and followed with a elbowdrop for two. Bradshaw pounded Guerrero and whipped him hard into the corner.  Bradshaw grabbed a sidemare and applied a side headlock. Guerrero fought out of it, but Bradshaw hit a shoulderblock and reapplied the hold. Guerrero broke free, and Bradshaw hit a shoulderblock again, but Guerrero came back with a pair of armdrags.  Bradshaw rolled to the floor, and Guerrero went for a pescado, but Bradshaw caught him and hit a fallaway slam on the floor. The fight on the outside continued with Guerrero throwing some chops, but Bradshaw backdropped him onto the Spanish announcers table, which didn't break.

Bradshaw hit a neckbreaker in the ring at the ten minute mark for two. They exchanged right hands, and Bradshaw hit a backdrop for two (it appeared Eddie was looking to flip over it, but Bradshaw caught him with it). Bradshaw applied a side bearhug, but Guerrero broke out with some eyepokes.  Guerrero whipped Bradshaw back and forth into the corners, then dropkicked Bradshaw as he went for a flapjack.  Guerrero went for the Triple Verticals, and hit two suplexes before Bradshaw broke free with a knee to the gut.  Bradshaw went for the Clothesline From Hell, but Eddie ducked it. Bradshaw went for a powerbomb, but Eddie punched out of it.  Eddie went to run the ropes, and the referee was standing in his way.  Eddie collided with him, and the referee went down.  Eddie backdropped Bradshaw over the top rope and to the floor.  Eddie tossed Bradshaw over the announcers table. Eddie went back to check on the referee, then as he went over towards Bradshaw, Bradshaw blasted him with a chairshot.  Eddie slumped to the floor, and blood was GUSHING out of his forehead.  I mean, horror movie style gushing. His whole upper body was covered in blood within seconds. 

At the fifteen minute mark, Bradshaw hit a bloody Guerrero with the ringsteps and rolled him back into the ring. Bradshaw pounded Guerrero with a right hand to the head, and prepared for the Clothesline From Hell. Bradshaw hit the move, but the referee was still down.  Bradshaw tried to revive the referee, and a frustrated look crossed his face.  A second referee came down, but Guerrero kicked out at two. Bradshaw called for the Clothesline From Hell again.  Eddie ducked, and Bradshaw collided with the second referee.  Bradshaw powerbombed Guerrero, and the original referee, now awake, made the count.  Eddie kicked out at two, to a big pop. An "Eddie" chant started up.  Bradshaw covered again for two.

At the twenty minute mark, Bradshaw applied a sleeper, but Guerrero broke out with a back suplex. Blood was still gushing out of Guerrero's head. Bradshaw hit some forearms to the back, but Eddie was getting fired up.  Eddie hit some punches and sent Bradshaw to the mat.  Eddie ducked a clothesline and went for a cross bodyblock, but Bradshaw caught him.  Bradshaw went for the fallaway slam, but Guerrero reversed it into a swinging DDT. Guerrero went to the top, but Bradshaw rolled out of the way of the frog splash. Bradshaw rolled to ringside, and grabbed the title belt and a steel chair.  Bradshaw tossed the chair into the ring, and as the referee got rid of the chair, Bradshaw entered with the title belt. Bradshaw went to hit Guerrero with the belt, but Guerrero kicked Bradshaw in the gut.  Bradshaw dropped the belt, Guerrero picked it up, and blasted Bradshaw with it. The referee saw it, and disqualified Guerrero at the twenty three minute mark.

Winner via disqualification: John Bradshaw Layfield.

Post-match, Guerrero pounded Bradshaw with right hands, then hit him with the title belt, busting Bradshaw open.  Guerrero blasted Bradshaw with a chairshot on the floor, then more chairshots in the ring.  Guerrero then finished off Bradshaw with a frog splash. Referees pulled Bradshaw from the ring, as the fans chanted for Guerrero, standing in the ring.

As Bradshaw was being walked from the ring, Guerrero ran down the aisle and jumped him.  Guerrero pounded Bradshaw in the aisle until Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, Fit Finlay and other agents and referees pried him off.  Bradshaw was finally pulled through the entrance, and Guerrero went back to the ring and picked up his title belt as the fans cheered him.  Guerrero slumped to the mat, his belt in his hands, as the show ended.

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