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By Buck Woodward on 2004-05-17 02:40:00

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero Classic was getting dressed, when Jacqueline walked in.  Chavo rushed to pull his pants up, as Jacqueline said she had already seen it before.  Chavo Jr. wanted to know what she was doing in his locker room. Jacqueline gave him the present, saying it would make it easier when he "loses to a girl" again.  Chavo opened it, and it was a bra and panties.  Jacqueline said that since Chavo will lose to a girl, he should dress like one.  Chavo told Jacqueline he was going to destroy her (while Chavo Classic was checking out the undergarments).  Jacqueline told Chavo to make sure he makes it "hurt so good" and walked away laughing, while Chavo yelled at his father to keep his head in the game.

WWE Tag Team Champions Rico & Charlie Haas, with Miss Jackie, vs. Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly.

Charlie Haas teased using Rico's runway for his entrance, but didn't.  Holly actually did stand on the runway during his team's entrance. Holly and Gunn argued over who would start with Rico, and Rico grabbed them both by the rear end.  Haas eventually started the match with Holly, with Haas taking Holly down with a fireman's carry for two. Haas continued to mat wrestle Holly, frustrating him. Holly grabbed a side headlock and hit a shoulderblock, but Haas grabbed an armdrag and keylock.  Rico tagged in (off Haas' chest) and grabbed Holly in a waistlock from behind.  Holly got out of it and ran to tag Gunn.  There was a brief "Rico" chant. Rico licked his hand and went to touch Gunn, who backed away in a hurry. They locked up, and Gunn grabbed a headlock, so Rico grabbed his buns.  Gunn went to tag Holly, who jumped off the apron.  Rico took Gunn down and rode him around the ring like a horse, then unleashed a series of kicks in the corner.  Gunn fell to his knees, and Rico simulated a sexual act with him. Gunn ran to the floor.  Gunn came in after Haas tagged in, and decked Haas with a punch.  Gunn sucker punched Rico, and Holly ran in to hit Haas from behind. Gunn and Holly worked over Haas, with Holly suplexing him for a two count at the five minute mark.

Gunn and Holly kept Haas on their side of the ring, with Gunn punching Haas in the corner and Holly using a rear chinlock.  Holly hit a dropkick for a two count, and tagged in Gunn.  Haas hit some punches, but Gunn floored him with a boot to the face and stomped him. Holly hung Haas in the ropes and kicked him in the gut for a two count. Haas fought back again, but Holly slammed him and went to the top rope. Holly jumped, but Haas got his boot up and caught Holly in the face. Holly tagged Gunn, but Haas managed to tag Rico as well.  Rico hit Gunn with a reverse atomic drop, a clothesline and a shoulderblock.  Rico bounced off the ropes, and Gunn booted him in the gut and hit the Fameasser, but Rico had made a blind tag to Haas.  Hass hit Gunn with a German suplex, but Gunn managed to tag Holly.  Holly grabbed Haas for the Alabama Slam, but Rico superkicked Holly, and Haas rolled him into a sunset flip for the pin at the ten minute mark.

Winners: Charlie Haas & Rico, with Miss Jackie.

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