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By Buck Woodward on 2004-05-17 02:40:00

John Bradshaw Layfield did an interview from his dressing room, saying he has seen an America full of "Eddie Guerreros" that cheat and cut corners.  He said he was going to win the WWE Title tonight for all of the people in America like him, who work hard, don't cheat, and earn what they have through hard work. 

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Mordecai. 

Mordecai entered the ring in a white robe, holding some type of crucifix/symbol.  As he thrust the crucifix down, pyro went off, with a path of flames leading his way to the ring.  He put the crucifix in a stand in the aisle, then bowed in the corner in prayer after entering the ring. Scotty seemed unnerved. 

Scotty grabbed a side headlock, but Mordecai just tossed him off, then threw Scotty shoulder first into the ringpost.  Mordecai ripped at Scotty's face, then gave him kneelifts from ringside as Scotty hung off the apron.  Mordecai tossed Scotty shoulder first into the post again, then tangled him in the ropes and pulled back with a chinlock so Scotty would be bent backwards over the top rope. Mordecai booted Scotty in the head, and Scotty tried to fight back with right hands.  Mordecai went for a clothesline, and Scotty hit a superkick.  Scotty hit a bulldog and was about to go for the Worm, but Mordecai grabbed his tights and pulled Scotty throat first into the ropes.  Mordecai hit a short arm clothesline, then delivered a Razor's Edge powerbomb for the pin at the four minute mark. 

Winner: Mordecai.

Mordecai picked up his crucifix and left.

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