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By Buck Woodward on 2004-05-17 02:40:00

Josh Matthews interviewed Booker T, who had concluded his pre-match rituals.  Booker said that he was a bigger star than RVD, Mysterio and the Undertaker.  He had his pouch of dirt from the cemetery, and claimed that it would give him more power than the Undertaker tonight. 

Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle was introduced, but Luther came out instead, wheeling a large box (about 10'x10') covered in black cloth. Angle, in his wheelchair, then came up out of the top of the box on a lift. Angle ripped on the "phonies" that made up the Los Angeles crowd, as well as the Lakers.  Angle complained about Eddie Guerrero cheating to beat him at Wrestlemania, and said that he expects the Los Angeles fans to riot when Bradshaw wins the title. Angle said he was leaving immediately after the show, and that he hopes Los Angeles gets hit with the biggest earthquake ever once he is gone.  

Angle then said he wanted to bring out the person responsible for him being in a wheelchair and called out Torrie Wilson. A nervous Torrie came out to the ring. Angle said that since Torrie was responsible for his career ending, tonight she would be responsible for her own career ending.  Angle said if she loses to Dawn Marie tonight, she will be fired. 

Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie. 

The two locked up and shoved each other as they broke clean on the ropes. Dawn charged Torrie, who kicked Dawn, snapmared her and hit a rolling reverse necksnap.  Torrie dropkicked a seated Dawn for two.  Dawn grabbed Torrie in a fireman's carry, but Torrie broke out into a sunset flip for two.  There was some hesitation, then Torrie hit a pair of clotheslines. Torrie went for a headscissors, but Dawn shoved her to the apron.  Torrie rammed Dawn into the top turnbuckle, but missed a top rope bodypress. Dawn kicked Torrie on the mat and rammed her face first into the canvas twice.  Dawn choked Torrie on the bottom rope, then elbowdropped her on the apron. Dawn rolled Torrie onto the floor and stomped her. Torrie got back in the ring at a slow six count, but Dawn hit a baseball slide and sent her back to the floor.  Dawn hit a legdrop and tossed Torrie back into the ring. Torrie was clutching her jaw (and was ever since missing the bodypress), and Dawn applied a sleeper. Torrie elbowed out and hit a clothesline and a neckbreaker for two. Torrie kicked a charging Dawn twice, then hit a sloppy sunset flip for two. Torrie rolled up Dawn for two, pulling her tights.  Dawn's tights ripped, and her thong-clad rear end was exposed. Dawn, enraged, hit a facebuster on Torrie for a two count.  Dawn grabbed Torrie again, but Torrie got a backslide for the three count at the six minute mark. 

Winner: Torrie Wilson.  

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