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By Michael Peck on 2007-05-26 12:25:00
Bad News Allen Tribute Supershow - Friday, May 25th 2007 - Cochrane, AB
About 600 fans were in attendance. The show started at 8:30pm with a tribute to Bad News Allen. All the wrestlers and dignitaries came to the ring and a plaque was presented to the family of Bad News Allen and a 10 bell salute was done in his honor.
Match 1
Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination match - The Funky Bunch (Phoenix Taylor & Marky Mark) defeated The A-Team (Dusty Adonis & Michael Avery) and the New Karachi Vice (Tiger Raj Singh & Gamma Singh Jr.) in an outstanding opening bout! Lots of high flying moves and impressive aerials from some relatively small guys. A scary moment came when Phoenix Taylor tried a moonsault from the top rope onto the unprotected concrete floor and didn't achieve full rotation in the air. He landed hard outside on his head and the arena was silent as everyone held their breath to see if he was ok. After a minute or so he got up and finished the match, clearly moving at half the speed he was prior to the botched spot. After winning the match he was assisted to the back.
Match 2
Triple Threat Match - The Highlander defeated Steele and Tex Gaines. The Highlander and Steele ganged up on Tex Gaines for most of the match. The finish came when the Highlander rolled up Steel from behind and scored the pin. Average match at best.
Next, Scotty Mac came out to cut a promo talking about how everyone was there to see only him and none of the other superstars for the evening. TNA's Havok then came to the ring. He was going to say something about being part of Serotonin but then broke kayfabe and said that he was not going to wrestle at a tribute show dressed as a stupid cartoon character. He then ripped off his Havok outfit and wiped off the paint on his face and said tonight he would kick Scotty Mac's butt as The Devine One, Johnny Devine. Scotty Mac left the ring and said the would fight later in the show.
Match 3
Brandon Van Danielson defeated Chuck The Wonderboy in a mediocre match. Both tried to do numerous high spots off the top rope but it seemed like the rope was not tight enough and neither of them could keep their balance to pull off any really good moves.
Match 4
Ravenous Randy was scheduled to do battle with former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Goldust. Randy came to the ring, took the mike and did a scathing shoot promo on Goldust, saying that the promoter paid Dustin half his appearance fee, $800.00 and then Dustin no-showed. He said everyone was pissed and the promoter was fired up that Dustin had traded in his plane ticket the day of the show for another $900. Randy then pulled out a cell phone to "prank call" Goldust. He said he was "talking" to Goldust and everyone thought Goldust would appear. As it turned out, Goldust really did no-show the event and a guy called T-Bone took his place. Ravenous Randy dispatched him in a quick, uneventful match.
Match 5
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Tito Santana fought to a double countout. This match started as a classic old school bout. The two were trading moves like it was 1989. If you popped in a dvd of the two of them fighting in the 80's it would be move for move what they did in this match! After about three minutes they were both sucking wind and moving very slow. The finish came when Neidhart whipped Santana into the ropes and Santana attempted a leapfrog over Neidhart. Santana could not jump high enough and Neidhart ran right into him! Santana rolled to the floor, in obvious pain. Neidhart followed him out and tried to roll him back in the ring but Santana was finished. He could barely make it to his feet and the ref counted them both out. Obviously not how the match was supposed to end as Neidhart was legitimately ticked off and even tried to buy time on the house mike hoping that Tito would want the match to start again, but Tito was injured bad enough to be helped back to the dressing room by event staff. Really, a pathetic match by two over-the-hill wrestlers. If I was the promoter I would be furious at this poor showing.
Match 6
Johnny Devine defeated Scotty Mac in a pretty good match. The match was a bit long but they told a good story, going back and forth, trading blows until Devine got the upper hand and scored the pinfall.
Match 7
TNA's Samoa Joe and The Juggernaut fought to a double DQ when Scotty Mac and Johnny Devine interfered in their match. The match was one of the best on the card with Samoa Joe and Juggernaut having a classic "big man" match. They challenged each other to knock the other down, they trading big blows until Joe got the upper hand. The crowd was clearly behind Samoa Joe during this match and Samoa Joe rewarded them with all his famous spots. Joe had Juggernaut set up for the "Ole, Ole" outside the ring when Scotty Mac and Johnny Devine hit the ring for the DQ's. Juggernaut and Joe then teamed up to dispatch the two and Scotty Mac was the recipient of a huge Muscle-buster from Joe!
Joe then grabbed the mike and said that he was honored to be fighting on the Bad News Allen Tribute Show and ended by saying, "I am Samoa Joe and I am pro wrestling!"
Match 8
Hannibal defeated Abdullah the Butcher in a steel cage match. The match did not start until after midnight as it took well over half an hour just to set up the cage! Let me say that Abdullah is one of a kind and an icon in the business but it is time for him to hang up the wrestling boots! He is just painful to watch as he waddles so slowly around the ring. The last section of cage could not be put up until Abdullah was rolled into the ring!
The match started outside the ring when Hannibal attacked Abdullah as he was making his entrance. The plunder came right away as Abdullah took a beer bottle and broke it on the ring post and began to rake it across Hannibals face. Later a fork came into play and the two rolled into the ring where Abdullah continued to use the fork on the head of Hannibal. The match continued at an agonizingly slow pace until the Great Gamma Singh game to the ring with The New Karachi Vice and threw fire in the eyes of Abdullah. While this was going on, Hannibal was able to escape the cage and win the match. Hannibal then returned to the ring to help Abdullah fend off the Karachi Vice. He was able to get a fluorescent Tube Light and smash it across the back of Gamma Singh Jr and fight them off, saving Abdullah The Butcher.  A piece of the cage was then removed so that Abdullah could roll back out and leave to the dressing room.

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