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By Buck Woodward on 2007-05-20 22:39:00

Kristal interviewed Edge backstage.  Edge bragged about his recent accomplishments, and said that Batista would not be taking the World Title tonight.  Edge said the "Rated-R Era" has begun. 

Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton.

Randy Orton came to the ring and told the ring announcer to declare him the winner via forfeit, since the doctor won't let him compete.  As the announcer was about to announce him as the winner, Michaels' music hit.  An obviously discombobulated Michaels staggered towards the ring.  Michaels took off his T-shirt and got onto the apron, then stepped into the ring as the referee reasoned with him.  Michaels wanted him to ring the bell.  The referee did it, and Orton punched Michaels right to the mat.  Michaels rolled to the apron, and struggled up.  Orton grabbed Michaels and pulled him back into the ring.  Michaels' feet were hooked on the second rope, so Orton gave him an elevated DDT.  Michaels got his shoulder up at two, so Orton covered again, and got another two count.  Orton stomped Michaels in the head and pulled him to his feet for an RKO, but Orton apparently had second thoughts about it and just dropped him to the mat.  The referee asked Michaels if he wanted to give up, but he wouldn't.  Orton lifted Michaels and sat him on the top rope for an RKO, but Michsels raked his eyes.  Orton ran at Michaels again, standing up on the second rope, but Michaels raked his face again and Orton fell to the mat.  Michaels managed to stand up on the top rope and hit a flying elbowdrop.  Michaels stood up in the corner and began to stomp, holding the ropes to support himself.  Michaels collapsed on the mat before he could deliver a superkick.  Orton recovered, and some fans were calling for an RKO.  Michaels used the ropes to try and pull himself up, but the referee refused to let the match go on.  The referee told the ring announcer that Michaels couldn't continue, and stopped the match at the five minute mark. 

Winner: Randy Orton.

Post-match, the referee helped Michaels up, but Orton grabbed Michaels and laid him out with an RKO.  Randy Orton left, and Michaels' real-life wife rushed to the ring, along with the WWE doctor, to check on him.  She started to get hysterical, as EMTs put Michaels on a stretcher and wheeled him out.  After Michaels was wheeled out, the announcers reviewed the attack earlier tonight, and the events that had just unfolded during the match. 

Backstage, the Great Khali, still in possession of the WWE Title belt, cut a promo.  The fans gave it the "What" treatment.  The translator said that John Cena stands no chance tonight, and that Khali has destroyed Cena several times.  The translator said if Cena wants some, he can come get some.  Khali the shoved the translator away and said "Cena" and "Judgment Day".  At least, I think that is what he said. 

World Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade. 

For some reason, JBL and Michaels Cole were calling this match, even though it has three Raw stars (only Matt is on Smackdown), and the Raw tag belts are on the line.  Matt started out with Cade, the two locking up and Cade broke clean in the corner.  They traded headlock takedowns and headscissor reversals, then Matt hit an armdrag.  Cade grabbed a headlock and they traded hammerlock reversals.  Cade leapfrogged Matt and hit a hiptoss, then tagged in Murdoch, who grabbed an armwringer on Matt.  He hit a short-arm shoulderblock, then tagged Cade back in, who did the same.  Matt used a forearm to the head to break free, then hit a back elbow and dropped an elbow.  Jeff tagged in, hitting a slingshot kick for a two count. Cade backed Jeff into his corner, and tagged Murdoch.  Murdoch didn't hit Jeff in the corner, saying he was "playing by the rules".  

Jeff and Murdoch traded hammerlocks, and Murdoch hit a back elbow and a hiptoss out of a reversal.  Murdoch missed a back elbow and Jeff hit a pair of armdrags.  Matt came in and Jeff hit Air Hardy off his back, followed by Matt clotheslining Murdoch for a two count.  Matt worked on Murdoch's arm, then hit a back elbow.  Matt hit a second rope elbow to the back for a two count.   Cade tagged in and hit a clothesline as Murdoch kicked away a backdrop attempt by Matt.  Cade hit a standing dropkick on Matt for a two count.  Murdoch and Cade kept Matt in their corner, giving him a double whip backwards into the turnbuckles.  Murdoch went for a V-Bomb out of the corner, but Matt got his knees up.  Jeff tagged in and hit Murdoch with a flying forearm, then pounded him with punches in the corner, followed by a dropkick off the second rope as Murdoch dropped down in the corner.  Jeff hit Whisper In The Wind, but Cade broke up the cover.  Matt slammed Cade and clothesline him over the top rope, while Jeff knocked Murdoch to the floor.  Crowd was going nuts for the Hardys. 

Murdoch and Cade regrouped in the aisle, then returned to the match.  Jeff grabbed a headlock on Murdoch.  Jeff backdropped Murdoch to the apron, then kicked him to the floor.  Jeff went for a slingshot senton to the floor, but Murdoch stepped out of the way and Jeff hit the floor hard.  Murdoch threw Jeff back into the ring and covered him, but Murdoch's foot was under the bottom rope.  Cade tagged in and hit a shoulderblock, then a kneedrop to the back.  Cade hit two more kneedrops to the back, then tagged in Murdoch.  Cade lifted Murdoch up and dropped him into a legdrop on Jeff for a two count.  Jeff floated over a Murdoch slam attempt and went for a jaw breaker, but Murdock blocked it and kicked Jeff in the face for a two count.  Murdoch whipped Cade into Hardy, with Cade hitting a forearm to the head for a two count.  Cade stomped Jeff and tagged Murdoch, who hit a shot to the back.  Murdoch hit the Canadian Destroyer/Code Red on Jeff, but Matt broke up the cover. Murdoch complained to Matt about following the rules.  Jeff hit Murdoch with a jawbreaker.  Cade tagged in, but missed an elbowdrop and Jeff tagged Matt. 

Matt Hardy cleaned house, bulldogging Cade and clotheslined Murdoch at the same time.  Matt hit Cade with the Side Effect, but Murdoch broke up the cover.  Matt threw Murdoch out of the ring, but this allowed Cade to catch him with a uranage-style spinebuster for a two count.  Cade picked Matt up off the mat, but Matt scored with a kick to the gut and hit Cade with a Twist of Fate.  Matt tagged Jeff, then knocked Murdoch off the apron while Jeff hit Cade with the Swanton Bomb for the pin at the fifteen minute mark. 

Winners: Matt & Jeff Hardy. 

Post-match, Matt & Jeff offered handshakes to Cade & Murdoch.  They accepted them, and the fans applauded the handshake.  

A commercial for One Night Stand, which takes place in two weeks, was shown.  Apparently, all of the matches on that show will be held under "Extreme Rules".  At least, that's what the commercial seemed to state. 

WWE showed the results of a text messaging poll that was held, asking fans who they felt would win a championship tonight.  Batista had the most votes. 

A video package on Edge and his Money In The Bank and World Title wins was shown. 

World Champion Edge vs. Batista.

Batista still had his right thigh taped up, and came out second, after the champion. They had the referee give them instructions pre-match, like a boxing match.  Batista tried to grab the belt off of Edge's shoulder during the instructions.  Edge played coward at the start, refusing to lock up.  When they did, Batista shoved him to the mat.  Batista went for a waistlock, but Edge grabbed the ropes to force a break.  They locked up again, and Batista picked up Edge and put him on the top rope.  Batista just smiled at Edge and backed away.  Batista tossed Edge into the ropes and hit a shoulderblock, then rammed him into all four of the top turnbuckles headfirst.  Batista hit a back elbow in the corner, then pounded him down.  Batista hit a back elbow again for a two count.  Edge raked Batista's eyes, but Batista sidestepped his charge and threw him over the top rope and to the floor.

Batista went to the outside and rammed Edge into the ring apron, then scooped him up for a slam.  Edge floated over and shoved Batista into the ring steps.  Batista fought back with some punches, then rammed Edge back first into the apron.  They got back into the ring, and Edge dropkicked Batista's leg out from under him.  Edge then chopblocked the leg from behind and applied a spinning toehold, but Batista kicked him off.  Batista charged Edge, who moved and Batista went shoulder first into the ringpost.  Edge wrapped the now hurt arm around the middle rope and yanked on it.  Edge then kicked the shoulder and applied an armwringer.  Batista punched Edge away, but Edge kicked his bad arm to stop the assault.  Edge applied a Fujiwara armbar, then switched to a hammerlock.  

Batista fought to his feet and armdragged Edge, then whipped him across the ring.  Batista ran into a boot by Edge, sort of, but went right back on offense, ramming Edge into the corner and putting him on the top rope. Batista went for a superplex, but Edge headbutted Batista to the mat.  Edge jumped off the middle rope, and Batista decked him with a clothesline.  Both men were down, and slow to get up.  They traded punches, then Batista hit a backdrop and powerslammed Edge for a two count.  Batista charged into an Edge boot, but grabbed a charging Edge with a sidewalk slam for a two count.  Batista went for a powerslam, but Edge floated over and drove Batista into the mat with a reverse headdriver for a two count.   Edge went for a spear, but Batista beat him to the punch, hitting his own spear (which got the crowd back into the match) for a two count.

Batista whipped Edge across the ring.  Edge went for a leapfrog, but Batista caught it and powerslammed Edge.  Batista called for the Batista Bomb, but Edge got out and went for a clothesline.  Batista ducked it and hit a spinebuster.  However, Batista hurt his leg on the spinebuster, and Edge cradled him and pulled the trunks (actually letting go after the one count) for the pin at the eleven minute mark. 

Winner: Edge.

Edge held up his title belt on the stage, while a dejected Batista watched from the ring.

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