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By Buck Woodward on 2007-05-20 22:39:00

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Judgment Day.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening, so check back often for results and coverage of the show.

The Free-For-All was the usual collection of recap packages, hosted by Jack Korpela.  Yeah, I don't remember seeing him before either, but he looks a lot younger than Josh Mathews.  Maybe the Free-For-All gig is like being in Menudo, and once you reach a certain age, they replace you with someone younger.

WWE Judgment Day

The PPV opened with a video package focusing on the three major title (WWE, World, ECW) matches tonight, with a big hunk of time spent on the Great Khali. The three announce teams, all stationed at ringside, then welcomed us to the show and put over their respective main events.

Ric Flair vs. Carlito.

Carlito threw his apple at Flair as he came to the ring.  Flair hit some chops at the bell, with Carlito trying to respond with punches.  Carlito went for a sunset flip, but Flair dropped down on him and hit a series of punches.  Flair continued the assault of punches and chops, then backdropped Carlito, who went to the floor to regroup.  Carlito suckered Flair into reaching over the top rope to grab at him, and yanked Flair's arm down across the top rope as he jumped from the apron go the floor.  Carlito went to work on the arm, stomping it and applied an overhead wristlock.  Carlito used a hammerlock on the arm, but Flair backed Carlito into a corner to break out.  Carlito threw punches at Flair's arm, then drove some elbows into it from the floor while stretching the arm over the ring apron. 

Carlito threw Flair shoulder first into the turnbuckles, then hit a series of rights, and did it again before scoring a two count.  Carlito hit a kneedrop on the arm.   Carlito wrapped Flair's arm around the bottom rope and yanked on it, then whipped it into the steel ringpost from the floor.  Carlito did it a second time, and then dropkicked the arm against the ringpost.  Back in the ring, Carlito dropped an elbow on the arm, then slammed Flair.  Flair rallied with some chops, but Carlito went after the arm again, then dropkicked Flair in the face as he was slumped in the corner.  Carlito scored a two count, then applied an armbar.  Flair rallied again with some chops, but Carlito threw a series of rights and wrapped the arm around the top rope and yanked on it.  Carlito snapmared Flair and applied the armbar again.  Flair armdragged out of it, but Carlito hit him with a clothesline for a two count, then stomped the arm and dropped an elbow on it.

Carlito elbowed Flair's shoulder repeatedly, then sunk in the armbar again.  Flair armdragged out, and clutched his left arm.  Carlito nailed him with a dropkick for a two count.  Carlito threw Flair into a corner, but Flair threw a chop at him.  Flair rallied with more chops, finally knocking Carlito to the mat, to a pop from the crowd.  Flair chopped him down again, but Carlito backdropped Flair for a two count, which Flair escaped by yanking Carlito off by the hair.  Carlito went back to the armbar, pulling Flair's hair at one point, so the referee made him break the hold.  Carlito then sunk it back in, and raked Flair's face, so he had to break it again.  Carlito then reapplied, then switched to an overhead wristlock.  Flair yelled in pain from the armbar, but armdragged out and chopped Carlito down.  Flair hit a kick to the gut, chopped him, then punched Carlito to the mat.  Flair snapmared Carlito and kicked him in the side of the head. 

Flair chopped Carlito against the ropes, then hit a reverse elbow and let out a "Whoo!".  Flair backdropped Carlito, then chopblocked his knee, to a pop.  Flair chopped and punched Carlito in a corner, but Carlito poked him in the eyes.  Carlito went for a Backcracker, but Flair held onto the top rope and Carlito crashed down on his back.  Flair started stomping Carlito's knee, then hit a kneedrop to the leg.  Flair kicked the legs, then applied the figure four leglock to a pop.  The crowd was really into the figure four, which was applied in the center of the ring.  Carlito struggled, then tapped out at the 16-minute mark.

Winner: Ric Flair.

The crowd gave Flair a big ovation following the match.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Shawn Michaels.  They recapped what happened on Raw last week before Michaels could comment.  Michaels talked about the "rumor" that he wouldn't be here.  Before he could continue, Randy Orton jumped Michaels from behind and rammed him face first into the metal grid that made up the interview set.  Michaels fell to the ground, clutching his face, and WWE Official Tony Garea ran in as Orton just walked off.  Michaels kept clutching his face as they went to a video package on the Lashley-McMahon feud.

ECW World Champion Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley.

Yep, Vince actually put himself second on the show.  Tazz and Joey Styles got the call for this one (which makes sense, being that the Raw team has three matches of their own to call tonight and it is for the ECW Title).   All three members of Team McMahon had their own entrances again.

Lashley knocked Umaga over the top rope and then decked Shane as the bell rang.  Lashley started pounding Vince, but Shane hit him from behind.  Lashley tossed him away, knocked Umaga off the apron, then went after Vince again as he tried to crawl out of the ring, but Shane hit Lashley from behind and delivered some punches.  Lashley tossed Shane in the corner and pounded him.  Umaga went to avalanche Lashley from behind, but Lashley moved and Umaga squashed Shane in the corner.  Lashley hit Umaga with a spear, then powerslammed Shane for the pin at about the one minute mark.  Vince was on the floor, stunned.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Vince, who lost his do-rag and has very short hair now, stared at Lashley from the aisle.  Umaga got back in the ring and attacked Lashley, laying him out with the Samoan Spike.  Vince grabbed the ECW Title belt, and said that while Lashley won the handicap match, he isn't getting the title until he beats him.  Vince announced that he is still the ECW World Champion, and left with the belt. As Joey Styles noted, because he owns the place, Vince is still the champion.

Backstage, the doctor was telling a woozy Shawn Michaels that he cannot go out and wrestle tonight.  Michaels was too dazed to even respond.

CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke.

Punk had his ribs heavily taped. Burke came to the ring alone.  There was a chant for CM Punk at the start.  Punk applied a waistlock at the start, but Burke reversed and went for the ribs, but Punk hit a forearm and a kick.  Punk applied a headlock, but Burke hit him in the ribs.  Punk delivered a leg kick, and they struggled into a corner, with neither man getting an advantage.  They locked up and Burke hit some punches to the ribs in the corner, then decked him with a shot to the face.  Burke kicked at the ribs, but Punk reversed a whip and hit a kick to the gut, then snapmared Burke and kicked him in the back.  Punk slammed Burke for a one count, then applied a reverse chinlock.  Burke armdragged out of it and hit some shots to the ribs, then a knee to the gut. 

Burke went for a slam, but Punk floated over and hit a pair of kicks to the body, then threw Burke with an exploder for a two count.  Punk hit a pair of forearms in the corner, then a kick to the chest.  Punk hit a running clothesline in the corner, then gave Burke a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.  Punk went back to the chinlock, but Burke hit some elbows to the gut, then delivered a series of punches to the ribs before tagging him with one to the face again.  Punk reversed a whip and hit some shots of his own.  Burke leapfrogged Punk after a whip, but Punk jumped onto the second rope and hit a reverse bodypress.  Burke kicked out at two, then went after the ribs again, hitting a shoulderblock.  Punk kneed a charging Burke, then went for a jumping knee in the corner, but Burke dumped him over the top rope and to the floor.  When Punk was getting back into the ring, he slid under Burke and pulled him down into a sunset flip for a two count.

Punk applied a side headlock to Burke, but Burke shoved it off.  Punk hit a shoulderblock, then the two traded hiptoss reversals until Punk scooped up Burke into a fireman's carry.  Burke grabbed the top rope to avoid the Go To Sleep, so Punk tossed Burke over the top rope.  Burke landed on the apron, and Punk hit the old Chris Jericho second rope springboard dropkick, knocking Burke to the floor.  Punk then dove between the ropes to hit Burke with the elbow suicida.  Back in the ring, Burke poked Punk in the eyes, but ran into a Punk boot.  Punk went to the top rope, but Burke pulled him down hard into the ring and then drove a knee into the ribs for a two count. Burke started ripping the tape off of Punk's ribs.  Burke hung Punk on the top rope and kicked him right in the rings, then got a two count.   Burke applied a bodyscissors on Punk.  Punk got out with some elbows, but Burke hit a vertical suplex and a back suplex, then scored a two count.  For some reason, ringside fans were yelling at JBL, chanting at him.

Burke went back to the bodyscissors, but Punk fought out of it.  They both went for kicks, then Punk grabbed a suplex attempt, but Burke turned it into an inside cradle for a two count.   Punk ran into a Burke boot, and Burke went to the top rope.  Punk stopped Burke, and the two battled on the rope.  Punk hit a top rope superplex, which got the crowd back into the match.  Both men were slow to get up, then started trading shots, Punk hit a pair of clotheslines, slid under Burke after he reversed a whip, and hit an enzugiri for two count.  Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, but as he went for a bulldog, Burke shoved him gut first into the corner.  Burke went for the Elijah Express, but Punk moved out of the way and he smashed in the corner.  Punk went for the Go To Sleep, but Burke hit him in the ribs and got out of it.  Elijah Experience (STO) for a two count.  Burke sat Punk on the top rope, facing away from the ring, and hit the Elijah Express (double jumping knee) to the back.  Punk fell backwards into the tree of woe, and Burke charged in again.  Burke covered, but Punk got his hand on the ropes.  Burke lifted up Punk for another Elijah Experience, but Punk blocked it and hit the Go To Sleep (fireman's carry into a knee to the face) for the pin at the sixteen minute mark.

Winner: CM Punk.

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