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By Buck Woodward on 2007-04-19 08:00:00

April 19th 

On this day in history in ....

1976 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeats Ivan Koloff, the man who ended Sammartino's first reign as champion, in a Russian Chain match in Landover, Maryland. 

1986 - The first ever Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup tag team tournament was held at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Divided into two shows, an afternoon and an evening event, the tournament featured wrestlers from Jim Crockett Promotions, Bill Watts' Mid-South, Florida, Portland, Memphis, Japan and other territories. The show also featured two singles title defenses as Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Dick Slater to retain the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Title and NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes via disqualification.  Here are the results of the tournament: 

First Round:
- Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood defeated Mike Miller & Bobby Jaggers.
- Sam Houston & Nelson Royal defeated Bart & Brad Batten.
- The Fantastics defeated The Fabulous Ones.
- The Sheepherders defeated Hector & Chavo Guerrero.
- Jimmy Valiant & Manny Fernandez defeated The Barbarian & Baron Von Raschke.
- Terry Taylor & Steve Williams defeated Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell.
- Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner defeated Koko B. Ware & The Italian Stallion.
- Black Bart & Jimmy Garvin defeated Brett Wayne & DJ Peterson
- The Road Warriors, The Midnight Express, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, The Rock N' Roll Express, Ivan & Nikita Koloff, Dino Bravo & Rick Martel, Ronnie Garvin & Magnum T.A. and Giant Baba & Tiger Mask were all given byes to the second round. 

Second Round:
- The Road Warriors defeated Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood.
- The Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) defeated Sam Houston & Nelson Royal.
- The Fantastics defeated Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard.
- The Sheepherders defeated The Rock N' Roll Express.
- Ivan & Nikita Koloff defeated Jimmy Valiant & Manny Fernandez.
- Terry Taylor & Steve Williams defeated Dino Bravo & Rick Martel by default when Bravo was unable to appear.
- Ronnie Garvin & Magnum T.A. defeated Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner.
- Giant Baba & Tiger Mask (Misawa) defeated Black Bart & Jimmy Garvin.

- The Road Warriors defeated The Midnight Express.
- The Fantastics vs. The Sheepherders ended in a double DQ.
- Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs. Terry Taylor & Steve Williams ended in a draw.
- Ronnie Garvin & Magnum T.A. defeated Giant Baba & Tiger Mask. 

As a result of the above, there were no semifinal matches, with the Road Warriors and Magnum T.A. & Ronnie Garvin getting byes to the finals. 

Finals: The Road Warriors defeated Ronnie Garvin & Magnum T.A. to win the Crockett Cup. 

1998 - WCW held their Spring Stampede PPV at the Coliseum in Denver, Colorado with the following results: 
- Bill Goldberg defeated Perry Saturn with a jackhammer.
- Ultimo Dragon defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. with a Dragon Sleeper. 
- WCW Television Champion Booker T defeated Chris Benoit with a sidekick.
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Prince Iaukea with the Liontamer. 
- Curt Hennig defeated Davey Boy Smith after ramming Smith into a ringpost. 
- Lex Luger & Rick Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner when Luger made Bagwell submit to the Torture Rack.  
- Psicosis defeated La Parka with a guillotine legdrop.
- Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash defeated Roddy Piper & The Giant in a baseball bat on a pole match when Hogan pinned Piper after hitting him with a bat after The Disciple interfered. 
- Raven defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the United States Title with a DDT after Horace Hogan, making his WCW debut, stopped Page from using a stop sign.  
- Randy Savage defeated Sting in a No DQ match to win the WCW World Title when Kevin Nash interfered and powerbombed Sting. 

1999 - Psicosis defeats defending champion Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera and Blitzkrieg to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title.

2000 - A memorial show was held for Gary Albright in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Albright, a star for All Japan Pro Wrestling, passed away on January 7, 2000 during a match on a WXW Wrestling show in Hazelton, Pennsylvania that was promoted by Albright's father in law, Afa Anoai.  Albright was wrestling Lucifer Grimm when he died in the ring of cardiac arrest. The show featured participation from the WWF and All Japan.  Here are the results:
- 2 Cold Scorpio & Sugaa defeated The American Society.
- Jimmy Snuka defeated Jake Molson.
- Doink the Clown defeated Shane Black.
- The Headshrinkers defeated The Hungarian Barbarian & Big Dick Dudley.
- WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Stevie Richards.
- Afa Jr. defeated Lucifer Grimm and Gillberg.
- Crowbar defeated Judas Young.
- The Headbangers defeated Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki.
- Taiyo Kea defeated Johnny Smith.
- Chris Jericho defeated WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero in a non-title match.
- Rikishi defeated Road Dogg.

2002 - The Scorpion King, starring The Rock, opens in U.S. theatres.  An offshoot of The Mummy series, this would be The Rock's first starring role and would be a huge success, pulling in over $150 million worldwide.

2002 - During a Raw event at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, Goldust defeats Bubba Ray Dudley to win the Hardcore Title, then loses it to Raven, who then loses it back to Bubba Ray Dudley.

2004 - During an edition of Raw from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Chris Benoit & Edge defeat Ric Flair & Batista to win the World Tag Team Championship.  Also on the show, we witnessed the debut of Eugene, Eric Bischoff's "special" nephew.  Bischoff would put William Regal (returning after being out for a year and a half due to illness) in charge of taking care of Eugene.


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