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By Buck Woodward on 2007-02-18 22:49:00

Backstage, Kristal interviewed Shawn Michaels.  Michaels said he didn't trust John Cena, but that he gave his word that he would make sure nothing happened to Cena between now and Wrestlemania. 

Kane vs. King Booker, with Queen Sharmell. 

As King Booker came to the ring, they showed the events leading to this match.  Kane hit an uppercut at the start and worked Booker over with elbows and punches in a corner.  Booker fought back with chops and punches, but Kane threw Booker into a corner by the throat and pounded him down to the mat.  Kane hit an elbow to the throat on the outside with Booker stretched across the apron.  Kane hit a clothesline in the ring and applied a head vice.  Booker poked Kane in the eyes and hit a back elbow, but ran into a backbreaker by Kane.  Kane drove a knee into Booker's back and Booker rolled to the apron.  Booker yanked Kane throat first across the top rope, but Kane came right back with a boot to the face. 

Kane clotheslined Booker over the top rope and to the floor.  Kane pounded Booker on the floor, but Booker got a mule kick to the gut and rammed Kane into the ring steps twice.  Booker rolled Kane back into the ring, and hit a missile dropkick.  Booker scored a two count, and stomped Kane on the mat.  Booker applied an overhead wristlock on the mat.  Kane fought up and armdragged out of it, then hit a clothesline and a series of punches.  Kane hit a boot to the face, then went to the top rope.  Kane jumped off, but Booker dropkicked him as he came down.  Booker hit a back kick for a two count.  They traded punches, actually, Booker never landed any, as Kane blocked them and hit his shots.  Booker came back with a flying forearm.  Booker complained about the slow count by the referee, then pounded Kane on the mat with punches.  

Booker chopped Kane in the corner, then hit some punches.  Booker went for a vertical suplex, but Kane reversed it and delivered his own suplex.  They were both slow to get up, and Booker nailed Kane with a side kick for a two count.  Kane and Booker traded shots, with Kane getting the better of it.  Booker ducked a clothesline, but Kane grabbed him by the throat.  Booker kicked Kane in the gut, then kicked him again, and went for the ax kick.  Kane dodged it and flipped Booker with a clothesline.  Both men were down, and Kane sat up as Booker was getting to his feet.  Kane hit some punches, then rammed Booker into the turnbuckles.  Kane pounded Booker in a corner with punches. Kane whipped Booker across the ring and hit a clothesline.  Kane hit a second, then dropped Booker with a side slam.  

Kane went to the top rope and hit a clothesline.  Kane called for the chokeslam.  Sharmell got on the apron.  Kane and the referee were distracted by her, and Booker nailed Kane with a side kick.  Booker went for the ax kick, but Kane dodged it, grabbed Booker by the throat and hit the chokeslam for the win at the twelve minute mark. 

Winner: Kane

Backstage, Kristal interviewed Batista. Batista said that Smackdown was going to "beat up on Raw" tonight.  They showed the footage of Undertaker chokeslamming Batista on Raw two weeks ago.  Kristal asked Batista if he was intimidated by the Undertaker.  He's not. 

WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. Deuce & Domino, with Cherry.

No Ashley with the tag champs.  London started out with Domino, and they exchanged shoves.  They locked up, and Domino shoved London on the break in the corner.  London piefaced Domino, and they exchanged slaps.  London leapfrogged Domino and hit a back elbow.  Kendrick tagged in for a double armdrag.  Kendrick leapfrogged Domino and armdragged him, then tagged in London, who hit a top rope double stomp on his outstretched arm.  Deuce ran in, and was tossed from the ring. Domino was given a double dropkick and went to the floor to regroup.  Back in the ring, Deuce gave London a backbreaker and a clothesline and put him in a surfboard.  Domino had a bloody mouth.  Deuce whipped London into the corner, then whipped him into a double knee by Domino. 

Domino slapped London and then slammed him.  Domino put London in a surfboard.  London broke out, but Domino gave him a double underhook suplex for a two count.  Deuce tagged in and slammed London into the turnbuckles.  Deuce & Domino gave London a double backdrop.  Deuce knocked Kendrick off the apron when London was near his corner.  London flipped out of a slam attempt, kicked away Deuce and avoided Deuce and Domino to finally make the tag to Kendrick.  Kendrick dropkicked Domino from the ring and put Deuce in a backslide for a two count.  Deuce cut off Kendrick's momentum with a clothesline.  Deuce ran into a boot by Kendrick.  Kendrick climbed the ropes, but was cut off by Domino.  Deuce and Domino went for the Doomsday Device.  London went to break it up, but Domino knocked him away.  Domino went for the clothesline, but Kendrick ducked it and rolled Deuce into a Victory Roll for the pin at the eight minute mark. 

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick & Paul London

They showed a background package on Bobby Lashley, including footage of him wrestling in high school. 

Kristal interviewed Ken Kennedy and asked his thoughts on Bobby Lashley.  Kennedy said Lashley was like everyone in Los Angeles, "phony wannabes".  The crowd booed, and Kennedy asked how many of them came to L.A. to be "rich and famous" but got squat.  Kennedy noted that he had a dream and they had a dream, and he is standing there, and the fans are sitting there paying to see him.  Lashley interrupted him, saying "I have one word for you... halitosis".   Kennedy went to hit Lashley, but Lashley blocked it and decked Kennedy, then walked off. 

Michael Cole's voice is so bad that JBL is doing the majority of the talking now, and the last two matches have had a lot of silence to them. 

ECW Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy.

Kennedy jumped Lashley in the aisle as he was making his entrance.  They brawled near the entrance set, with Lashley getting the better of it. Lashley dragged Kennedy to the ring and tossed him in to start the match.  Lashley pounded Kennedy across the back, whipped him across the ring and tossed him with a Beel throw.  Kennedy rolled to the apron, and Lashley stomped him.  Kennedy crawled to the floor, and Lashley went after him.  Kennedy fought back on the floor, but Lashley stayed on offense.  

Back in the ring, Kennedy poked Lashley in the eyes and went for a whip, but Lashley reversed it and backdropped Kennedy.  Lashley hit a forearm and a bodyslam.  Lashley went for a charge, and Kennedy side stepped it, but Lashley put on the breaks and hit a clothesline.  Lashley hit a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.  Kennedy came back with some knees to the body and kicks to the back.  Lashley reversed a whip, and Kennedy kicked away a backdrop attempt, but Lashley scored with a clothesline.  Lashley put Kennedy in a Torture Rack, but Kennedy raked his eyes and dropkicked his legs out from under him.  Kennedy hit a running kick to the face for a two count. Kennedy applied an inverted figure four leglock.  Lashley struggled in the hold, then rolled out of it.  

Kennedy dropped a pair of elbows to the leg, then applied a leglace.  Kennedy pounded on the leg, but Lashley headbutted and elbowed out of it.  Kennedy punched Lashley in the head and then dropped his weight on Lashley's leg.  Kennedy scored a two count, then elbowed Lashley's leg.  Kennedy drove Lashley's knee into the mat.  Kennedy applied a single leg crab, but Lashley made the ropes.  Lashley went for a slam, but his leg couldn't support the weight, and Kennedy scored a two count.  Kennedy wrapped Lashley's leg in the ropes and dropkicked it.  Kennedy got another two count, then kicked Lashley in the gut.  Kennedy threw Lashley into the corner and worked him over with right hands. Kennedy choked Lashley in the corner.  Lashley shoved Kennedy away and started throwing right hands.  Lashley went for a suplex, but Kennedy kicked him in the leg and hit a DDT.  Kennedy scored a two count. 

Kennedy put Lashley in the single leg crab again. Lashley tripped out of it, but Kennedy grabbed him and hit the forward roll Samoan Drop.  Kennedy went to the top rope and went for the Kenton Bomb, but Lashley got his knees up.  Lashley hit a belly to belly suplex.  Both men were slow to get up.  Lashley and Kennedy traded punches, which some in the crowd were mocking by going "Ohh" and "Ahh".  Kennedy hit a spinebuster for a two count.  Lashley put Kennedy in a Torture Rack and dropped down to his knees, then covered Kennedy for a two count. Lashley went for a backdrop, but Kennedy hit a neckbreaker for a two count.  Kennedy accidentally/on purpose elbowed the referee.  Lashley scooped up Kennedy for a slam, but Kennedy floated over and knocked out Lashley's leg.  The referee was back up.  Kennedy went for a chair and blasted Lashley in the back with it.  The referee was busy wiping his eyes.  Kennedy went for another chairshot, but Lashley kicked Kennedy and grabbed the chair.  Lashley swung the chair, but Kennedy ducked it.  Kennedy tried to escape the ring, but Lashley hit him in the back with the chair, getting disqualified at the sixteen minute mark.  Lashley then proceeded to beat Kennedy down with the chair until officials made him leave. 

Winner via disqualification: Ken Kennedy.

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