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By Richard Trionfo on 2007-01-27 19:18:00

Wrestling Society X Report for January 26, 2007  

This Tuesday night is the debut of Wrestling Society X on MTV, but as is the tradition with many shows that air on the MTV family of networks, they air episodes a few times before the actual debut.  It is billed as wrestling’s hottest youngest superstars and most lethal legends.  This show also features a mixture of wrestling and rock and roll.  Who will win the first Wrestling Society X Rumble? 

We start off with a performance by Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society.

Your announcers are Kris Kloss and Bret Ernst.  They talk about the WSX Rumble where two contracts are over the ring to determine who will be the first WSX Champion.  Zakk Wylde joins the announce team.

Match Number One:  Matt Sydal (with Lizzie Valentine) versus Jack Evans

Evans charges at Sydal, but Sydal with a kick thanks to some assistance from the ropes.  Evans tries for a rana, but Sydal throws Evans over the top rope to the floor.  Sydal with a corkscrew plancha onto Evans on the floor.  Sydal rolls Evans back into the ring and he chops Evans.  Evans reverses an Irish whip and then he hits a handspring back elbow that sends Evans over the top rope to the floor.  Evans with a springboard move, but Sydal hits a spin kick for a two count.  Sydal gets Evans on his shoulders for a submission hold as Evans is stretched like a pretzel.  Evans gets out of the hold and Evans with a series of kicks including a spin kick.  Evans with a handspring corkscrew plancha onto Sydal on the floor.  Evans with a leg sweep and then he tries for a corkscrew senton but Sydal moves out of the way.  Sydal with a pump handle driver for a two count.  Sydal with a standing moonsault for a two count.  Evans with a spin kick and Valentine grabs Evans’s feet.  Sydal pulls Evans into the center of the ring and Valentine holds on and she is pulled into the center of the ring.  Evans uses Valentine’s back as a springboard for a DDT on Sydal.  Evans goes up top and he hits the 630 splash for the three count.

Winner:  Jack Evans

It is time to take a look at a feature about the tag teams in Wrestling Society X.  Among the teams are Keepin’ It Gangsta, D.I.F.H., Trailer Park Boyz, and Team Dragon Gate.  We go to commercial.

We are back with comments from some of the participants in the WSX Rumble match.  First we hear from Justin Credible who says that he was invited to participate in the WSX Rumble.  He says that tonight is going to be his night.  He says that it is going to be Justin Credible.  Next we go to New Jack with Chris Hamrick.  New Jack tells Hamrick that his ass is going to be beaten to death because he has no right to be in the ring with him.  Teddy Hart says that he is the past, present, and future of wrestling.  Aaron Aguilera is on the phone and Kaos asks him if he is ready to take care of business.  Aguilera says that he is focused.

We see the rules for the WSX Rumble.  Each of the ten participants have drawn their numbers.  Every 45 seconds a new wrestler will enter the ring.  After the final wrestler enters the ring, the contracts will come into play.  Eliminations are the same as any battle royal(e), but this match features tables, electrical wires, and a cage with explosives.

Match Number Two:  Wrestling Society X Rumble

Justin Credible draws number one and comes to the ring.  Number Two is Teddy Hart.  Teddy throws his water bottle at Credible as he comes to the ring.  Teddy with an inverted DDT and drop kick to Credible.  Hart goes up top and does a back flip.  Credible with a super kick to Hart.  Credible tries for a rollup, but Hart holds on to the ropes and then he hits a springboard moonsault.  Kaos comes to the ring as number three.  Credible and Hart work over Kaos as he enters the ring.  Kaos with a double clothesline but Hart with a DDT to Kaos.  Hart goes up top while Credible holds him on his knee and Hart hits a shooting star press.  Number Four is Vampiro and he clotheslines Hart, Credible, and Kaos.  Hart with punches and forearms to Vampiro. Hart misses a splash into the corner and Vampiro with a running boot to Credible and a spinning heel kick to Kaos.  Vampiro with a choke slam to Hart.  We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from during the commercial where Puma was caught by Vampiro off the top turnbuckle and Vampiro eliminated Puma through a table.  Alkatrazz comes to the ring next with Luke and Alkatrazz hits a flying shoulder tackle as he enters the ring. 

We return to action and Vampiro hits a cross body on Alkatrazz.  The next man to enter the match is 6 Pac.   Pac wit a spin kick to Credible followed by an X Factor to Vampiro.  Pac with an X Factor to Credible followed by chops to Hart.  Alkatrazz chops Kaos and we see Pac hit the Bronco Buster on Hart.  The next man in is Chris Hamrick.  He is followed to the ring by New Jack.  New Jack punches Hamrick and clotheslines him.  New Jack with a punch to Hamrick and then he sends Hamrick over the top rope, but Hamrick lands on the apron.  New Jack knocks Hamrick off the apron and through a table to eliminate him.  Pac slams Kaos into the turnbuckle.  New Jack goes to the apron after Hamrick and New Jack is eliminated by the referee.  New Jack sends the referee into the ring and New Jack gets his guitar.  Vampiro with a low kick to Credible and then New Jack hits the referee with the guitar.  Vampiro with a power slam to Kaos and Alkatrazz with an elbow drop.  New Jack and Hamrick fight to the back while Hart hits a moonsault on Kaos.  New Jack puts Hamrick on a table.  Kaos is sent to the apron in front of the electric wires.  Alkatrazz tries to knock Kaos off the apron, but Kaos moves and Alkatrazz is crotched.  Luke attacks Kaos on the apron and he hits a belly-to-back suplex that sends Kaos onto the electrical wires.  New Jack climbs high above Hamrick and hits an elbow drop.  Vampiro with a super kick that eliminates Alkatrazz.  Hart goes up top again and he hits a tornado DDT on Vampiro.  The final man into the match is Youth Suicide.  Hart charges at Credible but Credible back body drops Hart over the top rope to the floor to eliminate Hart.  The contracts are lowered from the ceiling.  Youth Suicide dumps thumbtacks onto the mat.  Youth Suicide with a low kick to Credible.  Youth Suicide sets up one of the ladders and he climbs it, but Vampiro with a powerbomb onto the thumbtacks.  6-Pac climbs the ladder and grabs the first contract.  Credible puts Vampiro in the corner and then he sees Youth Suicide climb the ladder.  Credible pushes Youth Suicide off the ladder and he lands on the exploding fence.  Credible with a belly-to-back suplex to Vampiro, but Vampiro responds with a boot to Credible.  Credible and Vampiro both climb the ladder.  6-Pac pushes the ladder, but Vampiro is able to grab the contract.

Winners:  6-Pac and Vampiro

We see highlights from the season of Wrestling Society X as we go to credits.

Wrestling Society X Thoughts:

When it is taken for what it is, an MTV production, it was what I expected.  Everything was over the top.  While some people might have problems with TNA announcers going over the top, the two announcers tonight as well as the ring announcer made Don West seem like he was in a coma.  Also with MTV, you know that you are going to get a lot of jump edits and weird crowd shots.  I guess that means that if Spike does not work out for TNA, they have a potential home.

If Balls Mahoney ever needs a stunt double, they can get Zakk Wylde to do it.

I thought the Evans/Sydal match was good, but it was too short and there was too much action packed into the match.

I liked the rules of the Rumble match.  It was a mixture of the Royal Rumble and War Games matches with the contracts coming into play only when the final man enters the match.

I thought the Rumble match was good, but the use of the electric wires and exploding cage came off as too cheesy. 

I guess they took WWE Women’s Battle Royal(e) rules and allowed New Jack to be eliminated by going through the ropes instead of over the ropes.

It looks like Wrestling Society X might be a good avenue for the fans who watched ECW only for the ultra-violence, XPW, Big Japan, and FMW for the Onita and Pogo matches.

There was a lot of action on this show, but it seemed like there was too much for the time allotted.  It definitely makes people want to see more, but I think if they depend on the same thing every week, it will get too tedious. 

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