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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-21 11:25:00

I've got a Question about Paul London & Brian Kendrik: Don't you feel as
well that it is time that they finally get a name as Tag Team that the
Crowd can actually shout?  I mean these guys are great but the Crowd can't really shout anything since it would always sound ridiculous! So what do you think?

At one point, they were referring to the team as "The Hooligans" but it was later dropped.  I don't really think they need a name, because they can just chant the names of London and Kendrick's last names.

We've all seen how stubborn Vince can be in regards to being told to approach the on screen topic in different ways, that is, ways that he doesn't agree with. But at the same time, certain guys in the back always seem to have his ear, like a JBL. My question, which is a suspension of belief question due to JBL's views on ECW's past, is what if Bradshaw went to Vince and told him to rethink his philosophy on this new ECW and make it less like a third brand and more of its own entity. Do you think Vince would listen?

I don't believe he would.  WWE sees ECW as this small, regional company they are not finetuning into another one of their national brands - in theory, anyway.  They never expected or planned to bring back the "ECW of old".  From day one, the plan was to give sprinkles of the old company and ween the fans into accepting the new one.  That hasn't worked and most of the old fans have given up on it, as seen by the declining SciFi rating.  I think that JBL is a really intelligent person and would know better than to go against the grain when it comes to this topic.

Does anyone have any idea why WWE hasn't had Undertaker and HBK fight yet? This would be perfect for Wrestlemania. To my knowledge, they haven't fought since Royal Rumble 1998, where Taker broke HBK's back, so HBK would want some measure of revenge. I'm pretty sure Taker never beat HBK, so he has something to prove. HBK is the only legit threat Taker's streak. Why isn't WWE booking them?

From a storyline standpoint, WWE simply hasn't had a reason to have them in the ring.  I am sure it's that simple and not underlying heat between the two.  Undertaker may not have been a fan of Michaels in the past, but I am sure if they needed to work together they will.  Perhaps WWE will shock the system by doing an angle at the Royal Rumble to build to a match, like they did with Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle several years ago.  You never know.

PWInsider, long time reader, first time writer. I must say, TNA is looking promising, but as most people would agree, that's all it is at this point, just promising. I understand the Angle Vs. Joe fued had to happen while everyone was hot on talking about it even though it was probably done way too quickly as most would agree. I guess my 2 part question is do you think TNA would of been better off having him starting off a feud with Rhino? Rhino being an ex-ECW World Champion and former WWE worker, and do you see TNA going with Rhino working with Angle in the near future for the NWA title possibly?

I think it's a fair assessment that they will end up facing each other down the line, but TNA wanted to have a major shock and impact when Angle came in, and having him face someone he's worked before wouldn't have done it.  They couldn't hotshot Angle to the World title (or at least, I hope not) so Joe, one of their trendsetters (despite poor booking decisions towards the latter part of 2006) was the best choice, in my opinion.

I saw a match between Undertaker and Hakushi from Michinoku Pro Wrestling from October 1997 on youtube and I wanted to know what the relationship was between WWF and Michinoku Pro. Bruce Prichard was at ringside for the match Did Undertaker wrestle for any other Japanese promotions or was this his debut in Japan? When WWE came to Japan a couple of years ago, it was billed as Undertaker's Japanese debut. Did they purposely ignore this match so the tour would seem more important?

Undertaker was brought in as a special attraction as part of the company's Anniversary show that year, booked through the WWE office.  He worked Shinzaki as they had worked in the past.  While WWE may have billed Undertaker's Japanese debut as the tour you mentioned, he worked in 1995 when WWF did a swing in the country.  Shinzaki also worked that tour, which led to his job offer to come to the company as Hakushi.

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