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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-19 17:54:00

WWE released Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental talents Seth Skyfire, Jack Bull, and Ryan Reeves today. All three had been featured regularly on Ohio Valley Wrestling TV.

Skyfire had been a long tenured performer in OVW, holding the OVW TV and Tag Team championship. He had feuded with CM Punk towards the end of Punk's OVW tenure.

Jack Bull, an Arizona native, signed a developmental deal last year and spent time in Deep South Wrestling. He was moved to OVW, where he was managed by developental Diva Sosay and did a "drunken redneck" type of gimmick. He had recently been feuding with Joey Mercury in OVW.

Ryan Reeves was a contestant in the Million Dollar Tough Enough competition who was later signed to a WWE developmental deal. He trained in DSW and was moved to OVW. He had most recently been put together as a tag team with Jon Bolen under the team name "High Dosage".

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