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By Robert Chauncey on 2006-12-24 13:01:00

Due to the Christmas season and my busy schedule, this shall be an abbreviated results. Hope everyone has a very Merry and Safe Christmas and New Year.

DSW Notes:

--There will be no TV tapings next week (December 28th) due to the holidays. --Four DSW Superstars will probably be making the move to OVW. Daniel Rodimer, Jake Hagar, Oleg Prudius (now wrestling as Vladimer Krushnoff), and G-Rilla. If Thursday night was the last time we get to see them, good luck guys. Make it big time!!!
--New DSW Tag Champions, Gymini along with manager Angel Williams signed autographs for the first 25 fans in line. By the way, they have their own action figures out now!
--Rob Russo once again took announcing duties.
--Santa Claus was in the house...ok, it was me in a hat and a beard, but it was a blast. Had a kid come up and ask me if I was the real Santa Clause.

Jake Hagar d. Keith Walker
--Walker had most of this match in his pocket, until Hagar got the quick advantage and did one of his patented roll ups for the victory.

Afa d. Bob Hopkins
--Bob Hopkins had an almost Dick Murdoch type gimmick, complete with cowboy hat, leather chaps, and a bullrope. Unfortunately, he was facing Afa. Afa had control of this match for most of the night, but Hopkins did get a decent advantage toward the end, but Afa ended up with a top rope flying headbutt for the victory.

"The Big Deal" Daniel Rodimer w/ Brooke d. Kofe Nahaje Kingston --Good match, with Kingston getting a good offense, but in the end, Rodimer hit his full nelson slam for the victory.

David Heath d. Johnny Carter
--David Heath has quickly become one of the most hated men in the Deep South arena. Funny sign of the night went out to the fan who held up the "Deep South Wrestling: Home of the Future of the WWE and One washed up ex-vampire". It was great. Heath pretty much had this entire match, and then finished it off with a rare submission move, a Texas Cloverleaf, forcing the tap-out.

Heath Miller and Suede d. Big Bully Douglas and Francisco Ciatso 
--This match was the match of the first half. Both sides had equal parts 
offense and defense. While it was obvious these were two thrown together teams, in their moves, it didn't show that, as both teams worked flawlessly together. I could see Douglas and Ciatso actually teaming up, but Miller and Suede are a little too different for my tastes to see them teaming. Miller is quickly becoming one of the most popular guys in the arena, garnering High Impact level cheers when he comes out. Miller and Suede one this match in the end.


Rebecca, Shantelle, and Luscious all came out to do the intermission drawing. "Santa" got a hug from Rebecca who told him she had been a good girl all year.

Brad Armstrong, who was announced as an ECW legend???, joined Nigel for the second half of the show.

--The Major Brothers were backstage with Krissy Vaine. Vaine said that their match tonight against Urban Assault would be a #1 Contenders match. Major Brothers said two weeks ago they promised an Equalizer...but it had to be put on hold...but this week...this week, they had one...then Freakin' Deacon comes from behind Krissy Vaine, kind of freaking her out.

Urban Assault vs. The Major Brothers
--This match ends in a no contest, when G-Rilla and Freakin' Deacon start fighting at ringside, bringing Urban Assault and The Major Brothers into it. Finally, the legion of referees have to separate everyone.

Krissy Vaine says she's had enough of the stuff between G-Rilla and Deacon, so she's announcing a match for tonight between the two of them.

Vladimer Krushneff d. Robert Anthony
--Oleg Prudius is now going by a new name, which I don't know why, because I loved his real name. Robert Anthony, in only his second week in Deep South, has a strong fan following. I hope he's got a developmental deal, because he's good. Unfortunately, he was facing Vladimer, and Vladimer pretty much just devistated him, finally nailing him with the torture rack backbreaker for the victory.

Gymini did a promo with Luscious, where Luscious asked about Bill DeMott's association with Gymini. DeMott says he doesn't have to like Gymini. It's just business, and he's getting paid a lot for business. He's strictly there to make sure nobody tries to get an unfair advantage on Gymini.

Gymini w/ Angel Williams d. High Impact w/ Tracy Taylor 
--Gymini, after one week as the dominate faces in the arena, are back to being heels from the look of it. They got a big pop when they came out, but High Impact was back in control of the DSW Arena. The match was back and forth. DeMott kept turning around to make sure nobody was going to try a sneak attack. Angel finally made her way over to where Tracy was and attacked her. The two of them began to fight, which distracted High Impact, allowing Gymini to get the pinfall.

Brad Armstrong left the announce table, and was replaced with Smackdown General Manager, Theadore Long.

Freakin' Deacon d. G-Rilla
--The two started at ringside, trading blows, but G-Rilla got the advantage, and finally threw Deacon into the ring. G-Rilla quickly went to work on Deacon, but Deacon took control and nailed G-Rilla with his double handed chokeslam for the victory. Deacon grabbed the Bag Lady and left in victory. Urban Assault came out, starting to help G-Rilla up, but then Siaki superkicked him, and Siaki, Perez, and Afa began to stomp on G-Rilla over and over again, leaving him beaten in the ring. When G-Rilla left, the crowd was chanting loudly for G-Rilla!!!

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