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By Andrew Sanford on 2006-12-12 01:28:00

I just got back from Mohegan Sun Arena and it was a really awesome show.

The Heat matches were:

Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeating Snitsky
Eugene defeating Val Venis
Cade and Murdoch defeating Jason Static and Fred Simpson (Two guys from Connecticut)
Super Crazy defeating Rob Conway

Other Raw notes:
- John Cena was really over tonight.
- The World's Greatest Tag Team got a pretty decent size pop when they won their match.
- DX stayed around and shook hands after their match for a while before posing for the crowd.

Dark match

John Cena defeated Umaga by DQ with Armando Alejandro Estrada interfering. There was a group of Marines right behind me and I know the camera showed them since the cameraman was right in front of me. It was funny, one of them swore and the camera guy told him to cut it since they were taping.

Cena also said how happy he was that he was home in the U.S. and thanked the troops for what they do and made mentioned of the WWE over there.

After the show, we ran into Coach and Todd Grisham in the casino. When we went to a bar inside the casino, we saw them sitting at a table with Vinny Paz, the boxer.

Just a little info on the show.

Andrew Sanford
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