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By Mike Vicars on 2006-11-27 09:40:00

OVW TV show results for 11/25:
The show began as Jack Bull drunkenly staggered around the back demanding to see Joey Mercury when he ran into the Damaja.  Damaja promised to find Mercury and told Bull to stay out of trouble.
1st match: Steve Lewington vs. Deuce w/ Domino

Deuce came out looking disheveled and distraught.  Deuce immediately laid Lewington out with a clothes-line and several fists and kicks. Lewington finally ducked a clothes-line attempt and came back with a European uppercut, a flying shoulder block, and a running knee lift.  He then hit Deuce with a modified sidewalk slam, then went for the G-force.  Deuce elbowed his way out then came off the ropes, but Lewington was ready and caught him again and this time was successful in laying Deuce out with the G-force getting the pin in the process.

Winner: Steve Lewington
Jack Bull’s drunken antics lead him to mistake the ladies dressing room with Joey Mercury’s room.  Bull got slapped for his troubles, and one of the ladies slammed the door in his face causing him to hit his head and fall down.
"SilverbackR21" Ryan Reeves & Mike Bolin ran into Damaja who promised them a match against Bad Company next week.  Damaja says that it will be a coal miner’s glove on a pole match.  Reeves & Bolin, who apparently never saw the coal miner’s glove match between Jake “the snake” Roberts and Sting from Halloween Havoc ’92, questioned Damaja about how a coal miner’s glove on a pole match worked.  Hearing the rules to the match seemed to ease their minds, however, and they left looking very satisfied.
2nd match: Devon Driscoll vs. Paul Birchall

Paul Birchall, who is now being billed as “the most dangerous man in OVW”, came out with a purpose, laying into Driscoll with a European uppercut and some closed fists.  Driscoll stopped him with a boot to the face.  Birchall tried several times to hit a suplex, but was blocked.  The two traded forearms across the back and face, but Birchall came out ahead getting Driscoll down on the mat and stomping him.  Birchall then took too much time stalking around the ring and Driscoll got to his feet and laid Birchall out with a series of lariats.  Driscoll came off the ropes and went for one more, but Birchall blocked it with a lariat of his own.  Birchall then threw several knees to the gut and nailed Driscoll with a brainbuster.  Devon Driscoll slowly got up when Birchall came at him with a reverse neck breaker for the pin.

Winner: Paul Birchall
Jack Bull discovered Joey Mercury taking a shower in his dressing room, Mercury’s fur coat hanging up over the stall.  Bull grabbed the coat and took a leak on it, then placed the coat back where it was and walked out; without washing his hands I might add.
3rd match: Brandon Kaplan vs. Seth Skyfire (OVW TV title match)

The two started with a collar and elbow tie up then Skyfire got Kaplan in a wrist lock.  Kaplan maneuvered out, but Skyfire bitch slapped him.  The two ran to the corner and Kaplan jumped up and Skyfire went under him.  Kaplan then landed behind Skyfire and did a back-flip, but to no avail.  Seth Skyfire then ran toward him doing his running kick flip, Skyfire then monkey flipped him and hit a dropkick for two.  Skyfire went for his standing moonsault, but Kaplan rolled out and Skyfire missed.  Kaplan pulled him up, kneed him, back kicked him, and leg-swept him going for several quick pin attempts.  Kaplan whipped Skyfire into the ropes and went for a tilt-o-whirl which Seth Skyfire countered with a hurracanrana.  Skyfire then lurched to the top rope and nailed his reverse spinning back kick for the pin.

Winner and still TV champion: Seth Skyfire
In the back Cody Runnels expressed his reservations over whether or not Shawn Spears head was in the right place for their title match against La Resistance.
4th match: Chris Rombola vs. Jacob Duncan (OVW heavyweight title match)

Rombola got in a couple quick punches, but then wasted time showing off.  Duncan missed a clothes-line and Rombola hit two standing dropkicks, the second of which Duncan blocked.  Duncan then landed several stiff kicks to Rombola’s ribs, and then hit a back-breaker for two.  Jacob Duncan threw Rombola into the ropes, but telegraphed a backdrop, getting Romola’s boot to face instead.  Rombola took the opportunity to hit Duncan with an inverted atomic drop.  Chris Rombola went to the top rope for a cross body, but missed.  Duncan took advantage with a wheel-barrow suplex to Rombola.  Duncan then fish-hooked Rombola up and choke-slammed him back down scoring the pinfall.

Winner and still heavyweight champion: Jacob Duncan
Joey Mercury walked around backstage getting several complaints of a stench everywhere he goes.  He finally ran into Damaja who was in the middle of rebuking him for what he did last week when Jack Bull showed up and admitted to relieving himself on Mercury’s fur coat. Joey Mercury then gets laughed out of the room as he ran off in humiliation.
Damaja ran after him, but got right in the middle of a cat fight between Beth Phoenix, Serena, and Katie Lea.  Damaja called a ref over and made a triple threat no DQ street-fight.
5th match: Beth Phoenix vs. Katie Lea vs. Serena (triple threat no DQ street-fight)

The three ladies go at it in the back and eventually work their way up into the ring area. Beth Phoenix threw Serena, back first, into the apron, and drop toe-holds Katie Lea onto the concrete.  Phoenix then went behind the curtain and re-appeared with a table.  Serena threw Beth head first into a closed door, Beth bounces off and Serena then went into the closet and grabbed a wet mop and wiped it all over Beth’s face.  All three women then went back to brawling as they were slipping and sliding all over the wet floor that Serena had dumped a full mop bucket on.  As Beth and Serena went at it, Katie Lea climbed up top and hit Serena with a high cross body to the outside as Beth moved out of the way.  Beth rolled Katie into the ring, and then set the table up in the corner.  Beth picked Katie Lea up and tried to slam her into the table, but Katie went over her back and landed on her feet.  Beth pushed Katie into the ropes and as Katie came off the ropes Beth threw her over the top.  By this time Serena had crawled into the ring and just as Beth turned around Serena speared her through the table.  Serena then pulled Beth out to the middle of the ring and pinned her.  Katie Lea came into the ring and gave Serena a neck breaker across the knee, then did the same to Beth Phoenix

Winner: Serena
Main Event: La Resistance vs. Spears & Runnels w/ Cherry (Southern tag team title match)

Rob Conway went for a quick rollup on Shawn Spears; Conway threw Spears into the corner and administered some forearms and chops.  Sylvan Grenier came in and threw some forearms into Cody Runnels who also got tagged in.  Cody ran to the other corner and went up and over as Sylvan went under.  Cody then dropkicked Sylvan for two.  Spears came in and took Sylvan down with a drop toe-hold and Cody landed a rolling knee drop.  Spears & Runnels then took Sylvan out with a double hip-toss into a double elbow drop.  Cody Runnels slammed Sylvan for a pin, but it was broken up by Conway.  Sylvan then drove Cody into the corner, but he fought back with elbows to both Sylvan and Conway.  Conway fell to the floor, but got back up and grabbed Cody’s legs and crotched him on the ring post.  Conway then tagged in and slammed Cody.  Sylvan tagged back in and Cody threw Conway thru the ropes and tried to leap frog Sylvan for the tag, but missed, and Sylvan turned it into a spinebuster for two and a half.  The show then went to commercial and when it came back Sylvan had Cody in a bear hug.  Cody was able to get out with two elbows to the head, but was quickly clothes-lined.  Conway & Sylvan hit Cody with a double rock bottom and then worked Cody over some more utilizing quick tags.  Conway laid Cody out with a guillotine neck-breaker, and then went to the second rope for an elbow drop, but Cody moved out of the way just in time.  Cody was finally able to make the hot tag to Shawn Spears who came in on fire taking Sylvan Grenier out with an inverted atomic drop, a clothes-line, and a dropkick.  Spears also hit Conway with a dropkick before lining both men up in opposite corners and hitting them with running lariats back and forth.  Spears rolled Sylvan up for two, which he kicked out of and countered with a knife-edge chop and a bitch slap.  Sylvan then went for an inverted atomic drop, but had it reversed into a DDT by Spears.  At this point Rob Conway ran in and hit Spears with a swinging neck-breaker.  Cody jumped in and dropped several bionic elbows which elicited a huge pop from the audience.  Cody then went for a cross body which Conway ducked out of, and Cody hit the ref instead.  Runnels and Conway spilled to the outside of the ring and began brawling, eventually knocking each other out with double clothes-lines.  Sylvan saw his chance amid all the confusion to once again use the flag pole for victory as they had last week, but this time Cherry was there to stop him.  Sylvan rammed the flag pole into Cherry’s head without so much as a second thought and then went over to do the same to Shawn Spears.  With Spears out Sylvan revived the ref and then went for the cover, only to be pulled off by Cody.  A dazed Cherry then entered the ring, roller skate in hand, and hit Sylvan Grenier in the back of the head.  She then rolled the unconscious Spears onto Sylvan and the ref turned around and made the three count.  As Cherry went to give Cody Runnels his belt it was clear that he was very upset over winning the match in this fashion, and as the show went off the air Cody could be seen chastising a clearly conflicted Cherry.

Winner and still Southern tag team champions: Spears & Runnels

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