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By Buck Woodward on 2006-11-26 22:42:00

They showed an interview Michael Cole conducted with Batista earlier today.  Cole brought up that they were in the same building that Batista had to surrender the title in.  Batista said nothing.  Cole noted that Batista had failed in his previous attempts to win the belt.  Batista said nothing.  Cole mentioned Batista signing the contract that stated he would not get another title shot after tonight.  Batista said nothing.  They showed Booker laying out Batista with the scepter on Smackdown.  Batista had no comment.  Cole asked him if he had anything to say.  Batista finally spoke, just saying "I'm leaving tonight, World Heavyweight Champion". 

They showed the Rocky statue in Philadelphia.

Team DX (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & CM Punk) vs. Team RKO (Edge, Randy Orton, Gregory Helms, Johnny Nitro & Mike Knox, with Melina & Kelly Kelly)

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler handled this match. The Hardy Boyz came out first, then CM Punk, then DX had their entrance. They all played up to the crowd as DX went into their mic work.  A "CM Punk" chant started, so Triple H had Punk ask the crowd "Are You Ready?" before going into his usual bit.  Johnny Nitro & Melina then came out, then Gregory Helms, then Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly (who waved to Punk, who waved back), then Randy Orton & Edge. 

Knox started off for his team with Triple H, who tried to get Kelly Kelly to flash him, and Shawn Michaels in the ring.  Knox shoved Triple H, and Shawn Michaels superkicked Knox and pinned him.

Mike Knox is eliminated at the ten second mark. 

Team DX then discussed what they should do next, while Michaels asked who Knox was.  Michaels and Nitro began running the ropes, and Michaels slid out of the ring, and stood next to Melina.  Melina, thinking it was Nitro (she was facing the crowd) hugged him before realizing who it was.  Michaels got back in the ring and tagged in Jeff Hardy, who tagged in Matt to double team Nitro.  Nitro managed to get Hardy into his corner to tag Helms.  Helms and Hardy went at it, and Hardy went to the second rope, but Helms sweeped his leg to knock him off.  Edge tagged in, mocked Matt, and stomped him.  Helms tagged in and suplexed Matt, then Orton tagged in and stomped Hardy, who was bleeding from the mouth.  Nitro tagged in and hit a series of punches and forearms on Matt. Matt came back with a Side Effect on Nitro, then tagged in CM Punk, to a big pop.  Punk hit Nitro with some kicks and forearms, then delivered some knees, including a jumping knee in the corner.  Punk hit a bulldog.  Nitro tried to come back, but Matt yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Punk applied the Anaconda Vice on Nitro for the tapout. 

Johnny Nitro is eliminated at the five minute mark.

Edge came in, and he and Punk went at it.  Punk got Edge in a corner for some punches, but Orton yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Orton was tagged in and he dropkicked Punk.  Orton tagged in Helms, who put Punk in a front facelock and hit some knees to the head.  Orton tagged in, and Punk traded punches with him.  Punk missed a punch and Orton hit the RKO.  Orton went for the cover, but Michaels broke it up.  Edge tagged in and went for the spear, but Punk dodged it and Edge hit the turnbuckles.  Punk made the hot tag to Triple H as Edge tagged Helms.  Triple H gave Helms a jumping knee, then gave one to Orton, knocking him from the ring.  Triple H set up Helms for a Pedigree, but Edge broke it up.  Things broke down, but Michaels & Jeff gave Orton and Edge stereo dives on the floor, while in the ring, Triple H gave Helms a spinebuster.  Triple H tagged in Matt, who hit the Twist of Fate.  Jeff then gave Helms a Swanton Bomb, and Matt made the cover for the pin. 

Gregory Helms is eliminated at the ten minute mark. 

Edge & Randy Orton grabbed their tag belts, and seeing the disadvantage, started to leave.  The Hardys went after them and threw them back into the ring.  Triple H knocked Orton to the floor.  Edge was given a jumping knee by Punk, Air Hardy by Jeff, and Michaels hit a superkick on him for the pin. 

Edge is eliminated at the eleven minute mark. 

Randy Orton tried to run out through the crowd, but the Hardys and Punk gave chase, caught him, and brought him back to the ring. Michaels hit a superkick, Triple H hit a pedigree, and Orton was pinned. 

Randy Orton is eliminated at the twelve minute mark. 

All of Team DX survive. 

Team DX continued to celebrate, and they went to a video package on Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy.

Backstage, Kristal interviewed Ken Kennedy, who said this was the biggest match of his career. MVP entered and asked what was on Kennedy's forehead.  Kennedy said it was Vaseline, and they put over that it can be used to stop bleeding.  MVP said that even though Kennedy threw him to the Brothers Of Destruction twice, he was on a "new kick" having beaten Kane, and that he had Kennedy's back tonight.

First Blood Match: Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy

Kennedy came to the ring and immediately took the pads off of two of the top turnbuckles, then did his usual self-introduction.  The Undertaker then did his usual entrance.  Kennedy rolled to the floor at the bell, and Undertaker gave chase.  Kennedy rolled into the ring and attacked as Taker rolled in, but the punches had no effect.  Taker decked Kennedy and threw him to the floor.  Taker rammed Kennedy into the Spanish announcers table.  Taker hit a series of punches, as Kennedy was stuck behind the table.  Taker rammed him into the table a few more times, then tossed him over it and to the floor.  Taker rammed Kennedy into the ring steps, then punched him, knocking him over the security barricade and to the floor.  Undertaker hit two headbutts, then hiptossed Kennedy back into the ringside area.  Taker booted Kennedy in the head.  Taker went for a whip, but Kennedy reversed it and Taker went knees first into the steps.  Kennedy rammed Taker into the Raw announcers table, then the Smackdown announcers table.  Kennedy hit some chops, then jumped off the ring apron at Taker.  Taker caught Kennedy and rammed him back first into the ring post.  Undertaker hit some punches to the back, then tossed Kennedy into the ring.

Taker punched and kicked Kennedy in the back, then sat him on the top turnbuckle and slugged him.  Undertaker gave Kennedy a top rope superplex, then went back to punching Kennedy in the ribs and back.  Kennedy hit a low blow, then delivered some punches, but Taker took him down with a boot to the face.  Undertaker rammed Kennedy face first into the exposed turnbuckle, then hit some body shots to the back.  Taker kicked at his ribs, but Kennedy hit a low mule kick to down Undertaker.  Kennedy rolled to the floor, and started spitting blood on the floor.  MVP ran out with a towel to clean up the spot on the floor and Kennedy wiped his mouth with it as well.  The referee, checking Taker in the ring, didn't see it.

MVP started walking Kennedy up the aisle, saying "You don't need to do this", then turned around and threw Kennedy back into the ring.  Undertaker hit some shots to the body and a boot to the face.  MVP stayed in the aisle, enjoying that he had prolonged Kennedy's beating.  Undertaker hit some shots in the corner, and Kennedy went for a Hotshot on the exposed turnbuckle, but it sort of missed.  Kennedy rammed Undertaker into the corner, but Taker wasn't busted open.  Kennedy and Undertaker exchanged punches.  MVP ran in with a chair, looking to hit Kennedy, but the referee grabbed the chair.  MVP shoved the referee out of the ring and swung the chair, but caught Undertaker instead.  Undertaker got up, bleeding a gusher, and stalked MVP around the ring.  Kennedy charged Taker and hit some punches as the referee got back in, and MVP left.  The referee saw the blood on Taker's head and called for the bell at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Ken Kennedy.

Kennedy pounded down a bloody Taker, then called for his microphone to announce himself as the winner.  Kennedy stood over Taker as he did it, and Taker sat up and grabbed his throat.  Undertaker pounded Kennedy down in a corner, then picked up the chair and blasted Kennedy in the head with it.  The chair shot was so brutal, there was a "Holy S***" chant.  Taker put Kennedy on the Spanish announcers table and pounded him, then threw him back into the ring. Undertaker gave Kennedy a tombstone, and Kennedy was now bleeding from the head as well.  Taker took off his glove and started punching Kennedy in the forehead with his bare fist.  Taker then posed, as the referee pulled a bloody Kennedy from the ring. 

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