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By Robert Chauncey on 2006-11-18 12:44:00
First things first, this was probably the single best show I've seen at Deep South since I've been coming. Deep South will be off next week due to Thanksgiving, so they filmed two television episodes back to back.

Before the show began, the first 25 fans who stood out in the freezing cold got to meet and get autographs and photos with DSW World Heavyweight Champion, Bradley Jay.

Bill DeMott and Nigel Sherrod were joined on the broadcasting team by Smackdown superstar, Vito, complete with a lovely black and white dress. He came out extremely hyper, both shaking and slapping fans hands, and going that extra mile to overly hug people. The crowd gave him a big reaction.

--The show started off with a backstage promo in Krissy Vaine's office. Roughhouse O'Reilly came in and said even though he's her problem solver, he doesn't want her to give him any special treatment. Krissy said "don't worry, I wasn't." Then Angel comes in and demands another rematch with Tracy Taylor, this time with Gymini at ringside to make sure there isn't outside interference. Krissy says she's on Angel's side, but she's also general manager of Deep South, and Angel's lost her last four matches, so she doesn't know if she's a viable commodity to have on television. Angel gets real angry and then accuses Krissy of being the one to send out the interference the last few weeks. Krissy denies it, but Angel doesn't believe her, and threatens her. Roughhouse has to put Angel out of her office.

David Heath d. Heath Miller
--This match was pretty much all David Heath. He came out to huge heel heat, and he's great at playing it up. Heath Miller came out and once again got a huge crowd reaction. Heath is becoming one of the more popular wrestlers in Deep South, and deservedly so, seeing most people think he's good in the ring as well, so he's got the total package. David Heath dominated this match, with the exception of quick offenses spurts from Miller. The crowd chanted Miller to get him back into the match, which he did, but then David Heath nailed a Russian leg sweep near the ropes, and got the pinfall. After the match, David attacked Miller some more and locked him in a single leg crab lock, until Vito jumped from the announce table and chased him off. David just walked away, and Vito helped Heath to the back.

DSW World Tag Team Championship
The Major Brothers vs. Gymini w/ Angel Williams
--Gymini came out first and was interviewed by Luscious in the ring. Gymini talked about them running Deep South each and every week, and this week they're going to prove it by winning the World Tag Team Titles. This was a great match, with Major Brothers starting things off quick, but Gymini eventually using heel tactics, like the old switcheroo while the ref's back was turned to get the advantage. Gymini worked The Major Brothers over. Major Brothers got a quick comeback, but once again, it went back for the Gymini's favor. Then Urban Assault came out and attacked Gymini. The referee started calling for the bell, as the Major Brothers looked on, and the referees had to separate Urban Assault and Gymini. The Major Brothers were given the World Tag Team Titles back.

Wrestling Legend Ron Simmons joined Bill and Nigel at the broadcast table.

Ray Geezy d. Big Bully Douglas
--Bully Douglas came out with the crowd hating him with a passion. Then Ray Geezy came out to a mixed reaction. Ray has a certain fan base, but at the same time, he has fans that do not care for him. The DSW Hooligans (the group of fans that every week are by far the loudest and in many ways lead the crowd for chants) began a very loud "Bully" chant, which seemed to take both Ray and Bully by surprise. The match was a decent one with Big Bully on offense for most of the match, despite some quick moves by Ray. Ray was able to put Big Bully down and nail his ATL Leg Drop, but Bully got a shoulder up, so Ray went for his finishing move that, according to Larry Goodman, is a spinning fireman's carry slam for the pinfall.

Bradley Jay and Mike Knox d. Roughhouse O'Reilly and Derrick Neikirk --The fans booed the hell out of Neikirk, and then cheered for O'Reilly, who are teaming up. Neikirk and O'Reilly had words in the ring. Then Mike Knox came out and the crowd went crazy with cheers and a loud "Knox" chant. Bradley Jay came out to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Knox and Jay talked, and the match began with Jay and Neikirk. Jeff (a member of the Hooligans) said they had to cheer for Knox and apologized to O'Reilly, because he was teaming with Neikirk. O'Reilly shook his head and said "It wasn't supposed to go down like this." This match was back and forth for awhile. When Knox got the tag in, the crowd went wild again. Bradley Jay eventually got back into the ring, and took a beating by both Neikirk and O'Reilly, who worked well together. O'Reilly, despite being a face, did a few switcheroos and double teams on Jay. Eventually, Jay was able to tag in Mike Knox, and Knox came in hot, taking down both O'Reilly and Neikirk, but then Jay left the apron, grabbed his World Title, and left. Knox stared, and was nailed from behind. O'Reilly and Neikirk double teamed Knox, but Knox was able to get O'Reilly out of the ring, and roll-up Neikirk for the win. Knox was beat both of them without the help of Bradley Jay. Neikirk and O'Reilly attacked Knox, and then Neikirk started trying to tell O'Reilly what to do. O'Reilly took offense of that and they got into each other's face. They eventually left the ring. Knox got up and the crowd cheered for him loudly.

This marked the end of the first episode taping, and lead to intermission, as Tracy Taylor and Shantelle did the drawings.

Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long was announced to join the broadcast team of Bill and Nigel.

Vito d. David Heath
--Vito came out to a huge cheer, and David Heath came out with a WTF attitude with Vito in his dress. This match was all kinds of fun. At the beginning of this match, Heath didn't want to get near Vito, due to him wearing a dress. When Vito came toward Heath, he ducked under the ropes. At one point, Vito took his top off, going topless in the ring, and Heath ran away quickly, looking disgusted. The crowd was very entertained by these comedy spots. Eventually Heath sucker punched Vito and began to take apart Vito. At one point, Heath was about to pin Vito, but Vito's dress was up, and Heath quickly pulled Vito's dress down, not wanting to find out what was under it. Vito came back and did a big leg drop on Heath, and went for the cover, but Heath kicked out. Vito hit another series of moves, which put Heath in the corner. Vito climbed on top of him and started nailing him with punches, but Heath grabbed him and started him out of the corner, going for a powerbomb, but Vito grabbed his dress and put it over Heath's head, causing him to fall backwards, with Vito on top. Vito grabbed the legs and got the pinfall. Heath looked humiliated and was spitting and wiping his mouth from being under the dress. Vito danced on the ramp, swirling his dress in the process.

Ted Guinness tried to announce Teddy Long was leaving, when Teddy pulled the mic from his hand and said he can say his own goodbyes, and did his "Holla" before waving to the fans and going to the back.

Daniel Rodimer w/ Brooke Adams d. ???
--Rodimer's opponent came out to the ring first. I didn't catch his name, but he came out excited and tried to get the crowd pumped for him. He was mildly successful as he received some cheers. Then Rodimer came out with his new valet, Brooke Adams, who were in similar colored outfits. Luscious came over before Rodimer got into the ring and asked him about his opponent in the ring. Rodimer didn't answer the question and instead asked Luscious what did she think about the Big Deal. Luscious asked her question again, and Rodimer asked his question. The two went back and forth, with Luscious getting more and more frustrated, until Rodimer asked if she wanted to touch his Big Deal. Luscious finally had enough and walked away in disgust. Despite a little back and forth action, this match was all Rodimer's. Rodimer ended it with a full nelson slam for the pinfall.

Urban Assault w/ G-Rilla d. Gymini w/ Angel Williams
--Urban Assault came out first, and before they got into the ring, Luscious walked over to them to ask them about the match. Both Siaki and Perez kind of got a little close, checking her out, and then Siaki took the mic and Luscious got the hell out of there. Siaki said that Gymini was talking about running the show, when it was Urban Assault who were really in charge. UA got into the ring, and then Gymini came out, sliding in, and the action began. The four men went after each other hard, and then it became a back and forth tag match. Shortly after the match began, the entrance opened, and in comes Freakin' Deacon's Bag Lady. The Bag Lady sees that, for a change, G-Rilla, who she's been harrassing for several weeks, is closer. She continues her torment of him, but as usual, he pays her no mind, however, Siaki does, spitting toward her, and even going as far as throwing something at her. The teams go back and forth, when Angel Williams jumps up on the apron, distracting Siaki. Angel lures him over, and then slaps him, which prompts G-Rilla into action, grabbing her off the apron and over his shoulder. One of the Gymini dive out of the ring, while the other one is double teamed and pinned by Urban Assault. The Gymini on the outside yells at G-Rilla to put Angel down, and G-Rilla just shrugs and tosses her over his back. Angel slams into the ground hard, which caused several people to jump to their seat as G-Rilla and Gymini begin to trade blows. The other Gymini quickly gets out of the ring and begin to trade blows, and then Urban Assault get into the action, and it's a melee on the outside. Finally Urban Assault leave, and referee's are checking on Angel, who is balled up on the ground, looking hurt. They start trying to lift her up, but she goes back to the ground. Finally the Gymini push the referees away, and one of them lifts Angel up and carry her into the back.

DSW World Heavyweight Championship
Bradley Jay d. Mike Taylor w/ Tracy Taylor
--Mike and Tracy Taylor come out to huge cheers. Mike does the Official Hooligan Cheer to honor the DSW Hooligans, which causes the Hooligans to do it in response. Bradley Jay then comes out to boos, especially after the cheers Mike just got. The match starts off quickly, eventually leading to outside of the ring, where Bradley Jay is able to slam Mike Taylor into the ring apron. Bradley Jay then begins to wear Mike down, eventually locking him into a sleeper hold. The crowd begins a chant and a slow clap, which gets Mike back up, and he's able to nail his leg lariat for the 1, 2, 3....the crowd goes wild, as does Mike and Tracy, but then the ref shakes his head...he points...Bradley Jay's leg was under the bottom rope...the pin didn't count. Mike looks upset, and grabs Bradley Jay again, taking him into the corner. He does the 10 punch count, which the crowd counts off, but then Bradley Jay grabs him and slams him down, rolling him up and putting his feet on the ropes. 1, 2, 3. The ref calls for the bell, and Bradley Jay gets out of there with the belt. The crowd isn't happy and begin to chant "Cheater" loudly against Jay, who doesn't seem to care. Mike and Tracy look upset at the loss.

Cheers of the Night:
Mike Knox
Mike Taylor

Jeers of the Night
Derrick Neikirk
Urban Assault / Gymini (tied, because I can't pick who got worse) Bradley Jay (in the second show main event)

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