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By Richard Trionfo on 2006-11-01 12:04:00
It is Halloween, but that does not mean that we are without our weekly dose of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Even though there are a few pay per views before December to Dismember, it is time for the build to the next ECW brand pay per view. There are a few people on the brand who have to worry about Cyber Sunday since Big Show might be defending his title in the Champion of Champions match; and Sandman might be Umaga’s opponent. What is next for Rob Van Dam as he gets ready for his title match against Big Show? What costumes will the ‘Extremists’ wear this week?

We begin this week’s show with highlights from last week’s Rob Van Dam/Big Show ladder match for Van Dam’s chance to get a title match against Big Show. 

Paul Heyman is in the interview area and he says that it is true. Much to his chagrin, Rob Van Dam won the right to choose the date and place when he faces Big Show for the ECW Title. Van Dam selected the December To Dismember pay per view. Heyman said that the contract did not include the stipulations for the match. That is up to him, and Rob Van Dam and Big Show will be two of the six men in the Extreme Elimination Chamber match.

We are live on tape from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and your announcers are Joey ‘Lenny and Squiggy’ Styles and Tazz.

Match Number One: Kevin Thorn (with Ariel) versus Sabu in a Qualifying Match for the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match
Sabu dives at Thorn’s legs, but Thorn anticipates it and he has Sabu in a front face lock. Thorn with a shoulder tackle but he misses a diving head butt. Sabu with a leg drop and elbow drop as Thorn goes to the apron. Sabu with a drop kick that sends Thorn head first onto the apron. Sabu with a slingshot somersault pescado onto Thorn. Sabu rolls Thorn into the ring and he hits a slingshot splash onto Thorn for a two count. Thorn with an Irish whip, but Thorn misses a charge. Sabu tries for a springboard move but Thorn catches him and hits a sit out power spinebuster. Thorn sends Sabu shoulder first into the ring post. Thorn with a series of near falls and then he applies an arm bar and then he goes to a key lock. Thorn tries to slam Sabu, but Sabu gets out of the hold. Thorn with a kick to Sabu, but Sabu hits a springboard leg lariat followed by a springboard clothesline and springboard back elbow for a two count. Sabu goes up to the second turnbuckle but Thorn hits a clothesline as Sabu comes off the turnbuckle. Sabu hits a springboard tornado DDT after Thorn misses a charge into the corner. Sabu goes to the apron and he hits a slingshot leg drop and then he puts Thorn in the camel clutch and Thorn taps.
Winner: Sabu (advances to Extreme Elimination Chamber Match)

Rebecca DiPietro is in the interview area with one of the options for Umaga’s opponent for Cyber Sunday, the Sandman. Sandman says that it looks like the WWE fans have put their vote in and they want to see a fight and they want to see blood. A clown comes into the interview area and leaves. Sandman says that he will be back in a minute as he goes after the clown and canes him. Sandman gets a good laugh and he says that he hates clowns, even if it is Halloween. We go to commercial.

We are back and Joey Styles talks about the Champion of Champions match at Cyber Sunday. Tazz has a present for Joey for Halloween, and it is a noose.

Daivari comes out and he has a mic and he speaks in Farsi and he mentions Raw and Smackdown. 

Match Number Two: Khosrow Daivari (with The Great Khali) versus Shannon Moore
Moore and Khali stand face to chest, but Daivari with a forearm and punch to Moore. Daivari throws Moore down by his mohawk and then he sends Moore into the ring post. Daivari works on Moore’s shoulder and then he gets a two count. Daivari with a wrist lock and then he kicks Moore in the arm. Moore and Daivari exchange punches but Daivari with the advantage. Moore with a spinning heel kick and then he punches Daivari. Moore with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot from Daivari. Daivari continues to work on Moore’s arm and then he hits a DDT while Moore is in a hammer lock for the three count.
Winner: Daivari

After the match, Khali comes in and he picks Moore up and he puts Moore in a vertical choke and then he drops Moore to the mat.

Rebecca DiPietro is in the interview area with Rob Van Dam and she asks Rob about his reaction to the Extreme Elimination Chamber match. Rob says that Paul pulled another trick on him because he earned a shot at the title, but Paul put an obstacle in front of him. Rob says that he has no idea what an Extreme Elimination Chamber match is, but he thinks the he will be good at it. He will walk into the match a challenger, but he will walk out a champion. Bob Holly enters the interview area and Holly talks about the twenty-four stitches and the twelve inch scar on his back because of Van Dam’s extreme style. Tonight, he is the partner and now Holly has Van Dam’s back. We go to commercial.

It is time for the ECW Diva Halloween Costume Contest. Out first is Kelly. The next participant is Trinity. The final participant is Ariel. All three women are in black robes to hide their costumes. Ring announcer Justin Roberts says that the winner will be based on the fan’s applause. Trinity is the first to reveal her costume and she is wearing yellow caution tape across her breasts. Ariel is the next one to reveal her costume and Ariel is wearing her usual ring attire. Justin asks Ariel why she is not dressed any different than she normally is. Ariel says that it is not a costume; she dresses like this every day. Kelly is the final person to show her costume and Kelly is dressed like CM Punk with the matching tattoos. The winner is Trinity.

Mike Knox comes out and he wants to know why Kelly is dressed the way that she is. CM Punk comes out, but Knox with a kick to Punk. Punk goes to the apron and he hits a springboard clothesline. Punk punches Knox and then he connects with knees and Knox is sent over the top rope to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment as CM Punk and Mike Knox have a confrontation over Kelly’s costume. 

Mike Knox is in the back and he wants to know if the fans are enjoying what just happened and everything that is going on with him and CM Punk over the last few weeks. He tells CM Punk that he cannot hide from this fight. He challenges CM Punk to a match for next week.

Match Number Three: Rob Van Dam and Bob Holly versus Test and Big Show
Holly and Test start things off, but the fans want Van Dam so Holly tags him in. Test punches Van Dam and kicks him in the corner. Test with a back elbow in the corner and Van Dam goes down. Test with an Irish whip but Test charges into an elbow. Van Dam tries for a springboard cross body from the second turnbuckle, but Test catches Van Dam. Test tries for snake eyes, but Van Dam gets out of the hold and Van Dam hits a super kick. Van Dam and Show have some words and Test tries to take advantage of the distraction, but Van Dam hits a spin kick. Holly tags in and he punches and chops Test. Test with an Irish whip but he charges into an elbow from Holly and Holly follows that with a clothesline for a near fall. Holly with a suplex and the he chokes Test in the ropes. Van Dam tags in and he kicks and punches Test followed by a drop kick. Van Dam with a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Van Dam with a knee to Test followed by punches and kicks. Test slams Van Dam’s head into the turnbuckle and then he sends Van Dam into Show’s boot. Test charges at Van Dam but Van Dam low bridges and Test goes to the apron. Van Dam with a series of kicks but Test holds on, but Van Dam with a drop kick that sends Test to the floor. Van Dam charges at Test on the apron, but Test with a forearm and then Test punches Holly. Van Dam hits a running cross body that knocks Test from the apron to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Van Dam with a rollup for a two count. Van Dam kicks Test on the corner and follows that with shoulders. Test hits a clothesline and both men are down. Test with back elbows in the corner and then he steps on Van Dam’s head. Test chokes Van Dam with his boot. Test mocks Van Dam before continuing the attack. Van Dam with the step over heel kick and then he tags in Holly. Show is tagged in and Holly kicks Show in the leg, but Show pushes Holly off and he hits a clothesline. Show continues the attack with a head butt and chop. Show punches Holly in the head and then he chokes Holly in the ropes. Show talks to the referee and Test chokes and punches Holly. Holly with chops to Show and then he comes off the ropes, but Holly is met with a big boot and elbow drop but Show can only get a two count. Show with a head butt to Holly and then he tags Test back in. Test sends Holly into the ring post twice and then he puts Holly in a key lock. Holly punches Test, but Test responds with a back elbow and he tags Show back in. Show with an elbow to Holly’s shoulder. Show slams Holly and then Show goes up to the second turnbuckle but he misses the elbow drop when Holly rolls out of the way. Van Dam is tagged in and he punches Show and then he kicks Show in the leg and hits a drop kick to the knee. Van Dam continues to work on Show’s leg and he takes the big man down. Van Dam knocks Test off the apron before he goes up top and hits a somersault senton on Show followed by rolling thunder. Van Dam covers Show but Test makes the save. All four men are in the ring as Holly punches and kicks Test. Show with snake eyes to Van Dam. Test clotheslines the referee and Holly hits the Alabama Slam on Test. Show with a big boot to Holly. Van Dam with a springboard side kick to Show. Show pulls Van Dam out of the ring, but Show is sent into the ring post by Van Dam. From out of nowhere, a man in a gorilla costume hits Van Dam in the back with a pipe. Show rolls Van Dam back into the ring and Show with a choke slam for the three count.
Winners: Big Show and Test

After the match, the man in the gorilla suit raises Test and Big Show’s hands. Then the man in the gorilla costume takes off his mask to reveal that it is Paul Heyman. We go to credits.

ECW Thoughts:

With the announcement of the Extreme Elimination Chamber match, I would have expected to see Heyman put four men that he knows will do what he says to stop Van Dam from winning and help Big Show. With that said, I like the idea of qualifying matches.

The Thorn/Sabu match was okay, but I thought Sabu tried too many springboard moves. 

I wonder how many people were watching Sandman caning the clown and wanted to be the one holding the cane. I thought he could have used Rebecca to cane the clown since she was so wooden in her delivery.

Are we supposed to forget the fact that Daivari cut a number of promos in English over the last few months?

I guess Shannon Moore made the right decision to return to the WWE umbrella of brands because he has been used so well since he left TNA.

With the use of the female interviewers in angles, why wasn’t Rebecca DiPietro involved in the costume contest?

I think the way they have built the Knox/Punk feud; I think the payoff can be good. I am afraid that it will end with a Kelly Kelly on a Pole Pole match. 

The main event was a good match. I guess if you read the site or heard any of the audio, you could understand why Test did most of the wrestling or why Paul Heyman was in the gorilla costume.

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