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By Ed Jones on 2006-10-23 13:59:00
I saw the mention of Brooke and Hulk on Stern, and I was just going to add to the report.

The whole Hogan clan; Hulk, Linda, Brooke and Nick were all in studio for their appearance on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius. The Stern crew was enamored with Brooke's outfit, described as a mini-skirt with a vest on top with her bra showing. They asked Hulk how he allowed her to dress like that being how strict he is, but Hulk has seemed to mellow a bit and said she is 18 now and she can do what she wants. 

They prodded Brooke with questions on her sex life (she claims to really like Howard, and sadly it doesn't seem tongue-in-cheek!), and she still claims to be a virgin, and hasn't done anything "below the waist." They made her swear on her unborn kids, a Stern show trait when trying to get the absolute truth, and she did swear. Howard was amazed how great they raised her and that he wanted to drop his own daughters over at the Hogan house since Howard doesn't know what his girls are up to!

Meanwhile, you may question how great their parenting skills are, since both the Hogan children stopped going to school, Brooke got her G.E.D., and Nick is starting the process. They even admitted they pulled him out of school and even stopped his home schooling so he could be on the show, otherwise he would never be there! (Wow, that is scary, I wish I had money in my family like that!)

Hulk and Linda admitted to some trying times in their relationship, and they kinda teased that divorce is always a possibility. They appeared to be on shaky ground, but neither the kids, Howard, or Hulk and Linda could really see them not being together, so it may have been all talk. 

They talked to Nick a bit about his racing, but Howard was more interested in who Nick was "banging." They talked about the double standard that Brooke and Nick face, Brooke was completely protected and sheltered whereas Nick was found with condoms when he was 14! (There are even more perks to being the son of the Hulkster!)

They got to the music, bringing in Paul Wall (rapper) and the backup dancers. They busted on Paul for a while since he is a white rapper, who sounds "black" according to Howard and the gang. They performed their song, and said they would also be on TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV tomorrow (don't think I'll be home for a report on that one, maybe I'll DVR it and if Hulk is on I'll send a report!) they didn't really make fun of the dancers, they just said they had never had that before and were amazed. Plus the show goes on Howard TV (his On Demand channel), so it would be on TV (although music always has issues on his show, those pesky clearance issues, just like WWE and past music).

That was basically it, no wrestling questions, they said they would welcome Howard into the family if he married Brooke and became Hulk's son-in-law! Howard said he would be on the show and take Brooke's virginity, and the next scene would have Hulk putting Howard's head through the wall! The only real wrestling moment was that Brooke wanted to put Howard in a chicken wing, and Hulk claimed both him and Bubba The Love Sponge could not get out of her chicken needless to say Howard quickly declined!

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