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By Victor Martinez on 2006-10-22 11:19:00

Galavision Lucha Libre AAA Report
For the show that aired on October 21, 2006.

This was the second part of the Verano De Escadulo Show, and it featured a large contigent of TNA stars: Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Konnan, A.J. Styles, Somoa Joe, Low Ki, Homicide, Tracy Brooks and Christy Hemme.

This half started like last week's did, with a rap group rapping about AAA, while a video of AAA highlights played.

Then the Mariachi Dancers danced for a while.

Abismo Negro is interviewed he said he should not have been disqualified last week, he uses a Martinette Special which he says is different from a Martinette. Vows to get even.

La Diabolica, Polvo De Estrellas, Mini Abismo Negro, Pirata Morgan vs Cinthia Moreno, Pimpinella Escarlotta, Mascarita Sagrada, El Elejido

1 Fall: Intros took about 5 minutes. Elejido brought a woman from the crowd into the ring and gave her a lap dance. Mascarita and Mini Abismo start it off exchanging fast moves, Mascarita launched himself over the top rope doing a 'rana on Mini Abismo on the outside. Cinthia comes in and does some moves on the rudos, including a 619 to Pirata, then a missile drop kick to him. Elejido comes in and starts posing, but gets beaten down by all the rudos. Pirata suplexed Elejido, then begins unlaces Elejido's mask. Diabolica slams Cinthia on the stage, Pirata spanks Mascarita, Mini Abismo does a belly to belly suplex on Mascarita. Diabolica gave Cinthia a overhead twirl. The tecnico comeback starts here. Pimpi does a somersault tope on Polvo. Cinthia does a plancha to both of them. Mascarita did three flying head scissors to Mini Abismo one of them to the outside. Rudo ref Fiero holds Elejido for Pirata but gets arm dragged instead. Elejido does a sunset flip to Pirata but Pirata reached up and pulled his mask off. Fiero counted the fall, but when he saw Pirata with the mask, he Disqualified him and the rudos. Tecnicos Win.

Tiffany & Estrellita seconded by Elejido vs Tracy Brooks & Tianna Ringer seconded by Muerte Cibernetica and Christy Hemme

1 Fall: Another 5 minute intro segment because of the angles going on. Cibernetico made his return here, coming out onstage, and calling Estrellita over to him and kissing her. The cameras followed Cibernetico as he walked to the back and out to the parking lot where he got into a red mustang(just like the one I have), and drove off. Not a good match, the American girls were very limited in what they could do. They start off very slowly not doing much of anything for a while. Tiffany pulls Tracy around by the hair, and low kicks her. Tiffany power bombed Tracy, Tianna picks up Tracy and slammed her on top of Tiffany. Away from the ref, Muerte and Christy get in thier shots on Tiffany. Tracy & Tianna get in some elbows on Estrellita. Tiffany spears Tianna, Estrellita and Tiffany do a double suplex on Tianna. Tiffany flipped Tracy off the top rope into the ring but only got a 2 count. They beat up on Tianna, Tiffany then does a missile drop on Tianna while Estrellita held her, but when it reversed, Estrellita missed Tianna and hit Tiffany. At this point Tiffany turned on Estrellita and starts beating her up, now it's all 4 girls beating up on Estrellita, but Tiffany hit the ref. Copetes Salazar and got the TNA girls Disqualified. Mexican Girls win. Elejido who had done nothing up to this point, comes in and gets attacked right away by Muerte. Chessman comes out, he spits red mist in the face of Elejido, and picks up Estrellita and carries her off.

News: Segment about the masked man who interfered last week. About Tirantes Sr, and he cell phone call, and why he DQ'd Abismo Negro. Segment about Charly Manson and his joining Los Vipers.

Segment about the AAA stars stamps.

Scorpio Jr. is asked who the masked man was, he said he doesn't know, but that everybody wants to be a Guapo but not everybody has the characteristics.

A few Thoughts: Samoa Joe seems to have a damn good time when he's down here judging by the smile on his face. He seems so different.

Mini Abismo Negro is big enough to be competing with the bigger stars now, it's long past time he graduated out of mini-hood.

A.J. Styles plays a damn good heel down here.

The Galavision TV Commercials for their sports department still uses shots of CMLL stars.

A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Low Ki vs Juventud Guerrera, Crazy Boy, Joe Lider

1 Fall: They announced Homicide had suffered an injury in last weeks match and could not compete and they made one of the Mexican Powers sit out this match, after a discussion, Psicosis was elected to sit this match out. Juvie and A.J. start this match out, Juvie does a tornado DDT to A.J. then a plancha to him outside. Low Ki does a wheel kick to Crazy. Crazy does a hand spring back elbow to Joe. Lider does a tornado DDT to Joe. Lider tried for a clothesline but Joe hits one of his own. Psicosis and Lider set up a low table at ringside. Joe did a nice high knee kick to Lider in the corner. Low Ki slams Juvie on the floor twice. Joe did a enzuigiri to Lider in the corner. Juvie gets the hot tag and the MP's start a comeback. Crazy on the top rope, does a flip over stunner on A.J. but Low Ki saved him. Crazy does a back cracker on Low Ki, but only a 2 count. Crazy missed a moonsault when Low Ki moved. A.J. did a top rope lariat to Crazy. Low Ki did a high double foot stomp on Lider that connected alot better than any Perro Jr. does. Juvie made the save. Low Ki hits Lider with a chair. Joe punches away at Lider and slams him for a 2 count. Joe backdropped Lider on a ladder. From outside Psicosis hits Joe with a chair, but now out comes Homicide with a neck brace, and he comes up and hits Psicosis with a bottle, breaking it over his head. Crazy did a moonsault on Homicide through the table at ringside, but Crazy took the worst of it, largely missing Homicide. Psicosis is stretchered out. Juvie and A.J. trade fast near falls. Juvie hits his Juvie Driver, but Low Ki saves him. Low Ki shoves Juvie into the ref. Tirantes Jr., A.J. then low blows Juvie, and does his Styles Clash, pinning Juvie for the win for Team TNA. Big celebration as Team TNA is presented with the trophy. In the replay the replay skeleton was colored in red, white and blue.

Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Konnan vs Octagon, La Parka Jr., Gronda II

1 Fall: Another 5 minute long intro segment, Jarrett came to the ring insulting the crowd like usual. Konnan was wearing a blue Flair like robe. As soon as this match started Abyss choke slammed Gronda. Team TNA goes into beat down mode, beating down the AAA guys. Jarrett throws Parka into the first row. The rudo ref. Tirantes Sr. is helping Team TNA like last week every now and then. Abyss throws Gronda into the first row. Jarrett suplex's Parka, just as the Mexican's start a comeback. Everybody comes out at this point, La Secta comes out, to help stomp the AAA guys, the rest of team TNA comes out from earlier to help in the stomping. Then Joe Lider comes out with light tubes, but Abyss chokeslams him through his own light tubes, some help he was. Then more AAA guys come out to help Team AAA, Zorro, Intocable, and Abismo Negro. Chessman comes out and starts attacking both La Secta and Team TNA using a chair and his red mist. Gradually the interference dies down and the match continues, Tirantes wants to disqulify Parka for a inverted atomic drop on Jarrett, but good ref Tropicasas says no. Then Jarrett low blows Parka, and goes for a figure four, but Parka wraps up Jarrett into a small package and pins him for the 3 count and the win for Team AAA. Team TNA got up quickly and left quickly.

And that wrapped up this show, and the Verano De Escadulo show. Some good some bad. I can be reached at

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