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By Ed Shirreffs on 2006-10-15 08:47:00

Combat Zone Wrestling's 'Last Team Standing' event was held on October 14, 2006 in the New Alhambra Arena. The purpose of the event was to crown new tag team champions through an 8 team tournament. Last month, the BLK OUT was stripped of the titles when one of the co-holders, Joker, jumped to rival promotion Pro Wrestling Unplugged. CZW is also looking to rebound from a string of disappointing shows. The CZW World Heavyweight Championship, Iron Man Title, and Junior Heavyweight Championship were also on the line.

Quarterfinal Tag Match #1: Team Masturbation (Beef Wellington & Excalibur) vs. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)

Double C and Excalibur start the match. Castagnoli bails after Excalibur gets an armdrag. Hero and Beef then tagged in. Beef no sold an arm wrench by Hero, who bailed himself after a huracanrana. Castagnoli dumps Beef by dropping the top rope, so Excalibur comes in. He goes for a suicide dive, but Hero catches him. Hero and Claudio team up for a cross trainer into the corner. Double C gets the delayed suplex on Excalibur for two. Hero tags in, but falls to an enziguri. Beef tags in and cleans house. DDT on Castagnoli and Beef goes to the top for the ass punch. Hero pushes his partner out of the way, but gets low blowed. Excalibur then comes off the opposite rope and connects with an ass punch. Castagnoli breaks up a liontamer. Beef hits Claudio with a moneymaker, but Hero makes the save. Hero gets the Cravate-plex for two. Castagnoli gets the pin when he rolls up Excalibur following a Hero kick to the head. The Kings advance to the semifinals.

Your winners, the Kings of Wrestling!

Post match, Team Masturbation breaks up when Excalibur berates Beef for not breaking up the pin. "From now on, we'll just have to masturbate by ourselves." Excalibur took a pratfall off the ramp and said he didn't need Beef's help to make it to the back.

Quarterfinal Match #2: Up in Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) vs. Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak)

Drew and Cloudy start, with Gulak taking him down with a headlock. Cloudy countered by tying up Gulak's legs. Cheech and Sumner then came in and traded stiff slaps, then clotheslines. AnDrew double team Cheech and flip him over. Cloudy runs in and hits a flying forearm for two. Jawbreaker and and rolling snapmare get two as well. Sumner comes in with a powerslam for a two count of his own. Cloudy kicks him out of the ring and dives through the ropes. Gulak runs in and locks an anklelock on Cheech, who is able to roll out of it and throw Gulak in the corner. Cheech gives Gulak a Northern Nights Suplex and puts him in a submission hold. At the same time, Andy Sumner is putting Cloudy in a submission of his own. Cloudy taps out first, so Team AnDrew picks up the win and advances.

Your winners, Team AnDrew!

Post match, Up in Smoke argue about Cheech's failure to cover his partner and Cloudy being the one that tapped. Cheech gives Cloudy The Deluxe (crucifix into knee to the head) and walks off.

Quarterfinal Match #3: The New Jersey All-Stars (Lucky & JC Ryder) vs. BLK OUT (Ruckus & Human Tornado w/ Robbie Mireno)

This is Human Tornado's first match in CZW. Ruckus and Lucky start, with Ruckus getting the better of him with a front facelock. Both men then trade arm drags. Ruckus is knocked outside and Lucky comes over the top with a senton. Tornado dropkicks Ryder out of the ring. Ruckus comes off the apron to the floor with a Shooting Star Press on Lucky. BLK OUT then double team him. Lucky tries to make the save, but he is thrown on to his partner. Tornado does his front split low blow on both off his opponents. The NJ All-Stars then start to dominate Ruckus and get some near falls. Tornado got the hot tag after several minutes and gives Ryder a pimp slap as he came off the top rope. BLK OUT gets the win when Ruckus drops Ryder on the top turnbuckle and Lucky is hit with the Tornado-Plex.

Your winners, the BLK OUT!

Quarterfinal match #4: Kingston's Hitmen, The Dead Presidents vs. The H8 Club (Justice Pain & Nick Gage)

Pain comes out first and pleads with the crowd not to screw with Gage, saying it isn't a work. Gage could snap at any minute and wasn't ready for his match cause he was out buying food. This would be a recurring theme throughout the night, and they have also been playing it up on Gage's commentary. The Dead Presidents, brought in by Kingston to take out the H8 Club, came out and double teamed Pain. Gage runs out, and sure enough, he has a soda and bag of food from Burger King. He cleans house initially, but leaves to go to the apron and eat his Whopper. Pain sends the burger flying into the crowd when he slaps it out of his hands. The Dead Presidents continued their double team on Pain. While they were doing this, Gage was on the floor yelling at the crowd. He finally came in and took the action outside the ring, brawling on the floor. As soon as the action comes back to the ring, Gage gets the Chokebreaker for the win.

Your winners, the H8 Club!

Zandig then came out and said he couldn't decide who should get the Chris Cash Memorial Scholarship. This brought out George W. Baus, who is gaining a small cult following, to say he deserves it. WHACKS, a cameraman for the company, came into the ring and said he deserved it. They would face each other at Fear. The crowd overwhelmingly favored WHACKS.

Lufisto came out next and wanted to know who answered her open challenge. Maven Bentley came to the ring and ran her down, wondering what she was doing with the title. He brought out DJ Hyde.

Iron Man Championship Match: Lufisto (c) vs. DJ Hyde

If Hyde isn't 300 pounds, he is close and Lufisto isn't even close to half his size. Obviously, much of the match was him abusing her. He hit some power moves, but refused to pin her, and she was thrown into rails and chopped on the chest repeatedly. She started to mount some offense, but Bentley hit her with a chair. This brought out Mana, who hit Hyde with a barbed wire bat. Lufisto then got the pin to retain.

Your winner, Lufisto!

After the match, Beef Wellington and SeXXXy Eddy came out and pleaded with Lufisto to stop her suicide mission. Lufisto made fun of them both. It was announced later that a match was made between the three at Fear for the title. Nick Gage came out and spit on Lufisto, then tackled her and pounded away. Lobo came out to stop him and Zandig also had to come out to prevent them from fighting. Gage called them over the hill after Zandig wanted to know what was wrong with him. Zandig told Gage to get it together before he gets his ass kicked.

Semifinal Match #1: The Kings of Wrestling vs. BLK OUT for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles.

Before the match, Ruckus challenged the Kings to put their ROH and CHIKARA titles on the line. Hero said that CHIKARA tag titles can only be defended in 2 out of 3 fall matches, so those couldn't be put up, but he agreed to defend the ROH titles. Ruckus and Hero showed off to start the match with various flips. Tornado and Double C then came in and had a dance off. Tornado did a backflip into a split, and CC made like he was going to duplicate it, but put Tornado in a headlock instead. This allowed the Kings to double team him. Ruckus got the hot tag and cleaned house. Hero kicked Tornado in the groin, which was no sold as usual, but Hero ducked the ensuing pimp slap. This enabled him to get Tornado on his back and use him to knock Ruckus off the top turnbuckle. Castagnoli then put Tornado on his back and Hero kicked him in the head, allowing the Kings to advance to the finals.

Your winners, The Kings of Wrestling!

Post match, Ruckus berated Human Tornado for losing. Tornado came back and said Ruckus was jealous of him. Tornado pimp slapped him and hit the pounce. The started to brawl on the mat when Sabian (!) made his return to help the BLK OUT. Blazini then snuck into the ring to make the save for Tornado. This brought out Eddie Kingston and they took the advantage. From here, things broke down. Onyx, who had been working in Deep South, came out with Rain Man. They cleared the ring and claimed that they were the real BLK OUT and Kingston's crew is merely renting the name. Kingston suggested they come to the floor and do it CZW style. A big brawl ensued, as the men fought out the front doors of the arena.

Semifinal Match #2: The H8 Club vs. Team AnDrew

The H8 Club toyed with Gulak to start. Sumner came in and got worked over as well. Some brawling on the outside ensued, with Team AnDrew getting some decent offense in. In the ring, Sumner and Gage briefly traded punches before Gage started to wail on him. The H8 Club advance to the finals when the get a spike piledriver on Gulak.

Your winners, the H8 Club!

Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Jigsaw (c) vs. Luke vs. SeXXXy Eddy

This was a fast paced match with no slow spots. All three men combined to hit a lot of offense on each other, and they all got their own spots. Jigsaw hit a plancha on both men. In the ring, Luke got a delayed suplex on Jigsaw. Eddy came off the top with a flying crossbody, but couldn't cover, so all three men were down. Jigsaw picked up the victory and retained when he came off the top rope and connected with an arm drag into a rollup on Luke. The finish was kind of botched as Luke's elbow was clearly up the whole time. All three men hug afterwards.

Your winner, Jigsaw!

CZW Heavyweight Championship Match: Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Necro Butcher

Necro does this match barefoot as he takes his boots off before running into the ring. The match immediately goes to the crowd, with Necro throwing Kingston into rows of chairs. He proceeded to throw chairs at Kingston as he laid on the ground. Necro then dumped a guardrail on him, followed by a suplex onto the guardrail. He followed that with a side slam on to the tops of some chairs. They finally come back to the ring and Kingston is able to take over. Mireno helps out by choking Necro on the ropes. Kingston dumped him to the floor and distracted the ref while Mireno stomped away. Back in the ring, Butcher hit some stiff punches in the corner, then put Kingston on the top turnbuckle. He climbed up with him and got a huracanrana! Kingston came back with a back suplex off the apron through a table on the floor. The ring steps were then thrown in the ring. Butcher comes back with a stiff headbutt and sits down with Kingston to trade punches. Kingston has nothing, though, and slumps to the mat. Butcher gives Kingston a nasty crucifix powerbomb onto the steps, but the ref is pulled from the ring. Kingston takes advantage and hits a sick back suplex on the ring steps, as Necro takes a hard bump to his neck. He follows that up with the Burning Lariat to retain his title.

Your winner, Eddie Kingston!

The Dead Presidents come out to beat down Necro Butcher. Danny Havoc tries to make the save, but he is immediately neutralized.

Tag Team Tournament Finals: The H8 Club vs. The Kings of Wrestling

Justice Pain came out and said Gage has left the building, but he had a suitable replacement...Human Tornado! Pain attacks before the bell and he and Tornado worked over Chris Hero. A flapjack gets two. Castagnoli gets the blind tag and gives Pain a European Uppercut to the back of the head. He stomps Pain in the corner than combines with Hero for a Rudo Kick that gets two. Tornado came in with a kick to Hero for two. A leaping huracanrana off the top only got a two count. He dragon whips Castagnoli, knocking both men down. Tornado went to tag Pain in, but he walked away, leaving Human Tornado on his own. He gets some offense and a very near fall, but can't overcome the numbers. The Kings of Wrestling hit a HUGE KRS-ONE on Tornado to win the CZW Tag Team Titles.

Your winners, and new CZW Tag Team Champions, The Kings of Wrestling.

The Kings of Wrestling are now Tag Champs in Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, and Combat Zone Wrestling.

Before they can get their hands on their new titles, Kingston and the BLK OUT come to the ring and beat the Kings down. Kingston chokes Hero as he screams at him for trying to overshadow his big night. Necro makes the save and Hero says it isn't over to bring the night to a close.

Notes/Thoughts: I would recommend this show on DVD. It is obviously meant to be a companion piece with Fear, held the day after in Delaware, but also is good on its own. If you enjoy tag team wrestling, I'd say you ought to own this. It also ended a streak of mediocre to disappointing to downright bad shows....Attendance was up from last month's events....Kingston and The Kings of Wrestling will meet again in two weeks at CHIKARA's Cibernetico Forever. In this match, however, the Kings are part of the Rudo (heel) squad, and Kingston will be leading the Tecnico (face) team.....The show started about 45 minutes late and ended just after 12 AM.....The Dead President's got welcomed with a 'Don't Come Back' chant after they botched some moves during a brawl. Danny Havoc nearly got killed....Hero putting the ROH Titles on the line completely gave away the finish of the match. I knew, and so did everyone else, that Gabe Sapolsky would never let his titles change hands tonight....It was a lot of fun to see Castagnoli and Tornado, two of the most charismatic performers on the independent scene, working together. The dance off was hilarious....I'm not sure if this was a one shot appearance for Sabian while Joker is on border patrol duty, or if PWU and CZW will have a more open relationship....By the second semifinal match, it was obvious they were pressed for time and rushing through a bit....Human Tornado was KTFO by KRS-ONE and sold it by being carried to the back. The Kings are a strong contender for Tag Team of the Year, and their finisher has to be move of the year....It looks like CZW is going to be using Kingston and Hero's feud as a focal point for Cage of Death....Match of the Night honors probably go to the Kingston-Necro match, though there was nothing on the card that was bad or out of place. It was a great night for tag team wrestling....Questions about tonight's event? Email me at

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