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By Nate Stein on 2006-10-12 09:29:00

PWU 10/20 Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup Participants Talk Pro Wrestling Unplugged

PRO WRESTLING UNPLUGGED brings the next highlight event in professional wrestling on Friday, October 20 at 7:30 pm with the PITBULL/PUBLIC ENEMY MEMORIAL CUP at the NEW ALHAMBRA ARENA, 7 Ritner Street in Philadelphia, PA.

Find out what the Memorial Cup’s tag team tournament participants have to say on SURGE TV at as the PWU TAG champions THE SAT, ANGUS BROTHERS, THE KRASH KREW, THE OUTCAST KILLAZ, and THE BACKSEAT BOYZ as they discuss the field of competition, which will also include THE BRISCOE BROTHERS, ALL MONEY IS LEGAL, and BLKOUT!

Added to this tremendous event is a defense of the PWU WOMEN’S TITLE as champion MERCEDES MARTINEZ is challenged by the slimy DETOX, who attacked Martinez from behind last month after receiving an opportunity to challenge any PWU champion. Find out what Martinez has to say on PWU’s SURGE TV.

As announced, PWU HARDCORE champion CORPORAL ROBINSON will defend his title against “The Samoan Storm” AFA, JR.

In his return from DRAGON GATE, AZRIEAL will challenge a man he’s no stranger to in PWU WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT champion DEVON MOORE.

Due to requests from national and Japanese media to attend this amazing tournament and to honor the impact The Pitbulls and Public Enemy left on pro wrestling, PRO WRESTLING UNPLUGGED has had to limit the number of press passes to this event. Don’t miss your opportunity when PWU returns Friday, October 20, where you know to expect the unexpected.

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