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By Ed Jones on 2006-10-11 13:20:00

John Cena appeared on the Howard Stern Show this morning to promote his movie, "The Marine." I took some notes down, so this is in order of how the conversation went....

Most of the discussion was about sex, so print whatever you want! Howard asked if Cena ever had an orgy, and Cena said the most girls he has ever been with were 6 at once! They were girls who came to a show and wanted to have a good time, so he hooked up with them. He said his best experience was with 2 strippers from Louisville, who did everything imaginable with him. He doesn't enjoy "the back door" however, and Howard agreed. Stern also asked him if he has been with ugly or fat girls, and Cena said absolutely, and recently was with a "280-pounder!" Stern wanted to know what that was all about, and Cena basically said the locker room was challenging him and he decided to do it, and he totally embraced the experience and actually said he had a ball, and the girl did to. 

They got on the subject of Chris Kanyon, who has become a show favorite at the moment since his appearance last week, and he said that he knew Chris, and that Chris came out of the closet after he was out of WWE, not during like he is saying. Also, he basically said that Kanyon "just wasn't that good," meaning that he originally had the Mortis persona in WCW which was cool, but came to WWE as just "Chris Kanyon." Vince expects you to show charisma and have an identity, and that Kanyon didn't possess that in Vince's eyes.

Cena also said he is not afraid to "make an ass" of himself, and that a lot of guys insist on maintaining their tough guy personas. (This helps separate Cena from others in my mind, and is probably why I enjoy his character, don't get all the hate). He had his title belt with him, and Robin Quivers asked why he carries it since it is all pre-determined who wins and it isn't like he actually won it. He said it is for publicity, it has the big WWE logo on it, so if people in the street see him and don't know him, it is a way to convey who he is and who he works for. Howard asked him about his family, said his Dad was a big fan, and that his Dad is now getting into the business a little more.

Howard asked him if he was a millionaire, and Cena said he was "eating right" and doing well. They then discussed the movie, and Howard wanted to know if hooked up with co-star Kelly Carlson, but he said he wished but someone beat him to it (she's married). He said they filmed in Australia, so Howard wanted to know if he hooked up with all the Aussies, and Cena said he did quite well down under! Howard announced to all ladies that Cena won't say no, and John agreed!

They took a couple a calls, the female caller said he was awesome, she met him and person and he was a great guy. Eric the Midget, another regular called, but had nothing to say, he is a show regular who they hooked up and sent to the premiere on the red carpet and he got to meet his hero John Cena. The last call was most important, another regular Joey Boots called in and insisted that Cena took steroids and that no way he could get that big. Cena was very adamant that he never even tried them, has been working out since he was a kid, he wrestled in the NCAA and stuff where there were tests, and now WWE has its wellness program, so he couldn't even do it now if he wanted to. They polled the room, Robin was the voice of reason, saying he wasn't even that big compared to others who have been in, like HHH. Other guys in the room said he tried it before, even Howard doesn't see how he can get that big, but Cena stuck to his guns and said he never even tried it. He summed it up by saying he won't be able to change people's minds or perceptions, so he just shrugs it off.

That wrapped it up, they wished him well and wondered if the movie will be number one this week, he is hopeful, and they mentioned some of the competing movies...

Ed Jones From Queens

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