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By Adam Dolan on 2006-10-02 12:35:00

NWA Pro Wrestling
Cardinal Shehan Center
Bridgeport, CT

This was presented by Liberty States Wrestling. [] Apparently there wasn't a lot of promotion or advertising for this show job. The reason I surmise this is because the show had the Rock & Roll Express, the Midnight Express, American Dragon, Ace Steele and John Walters on it, and it drew.......45 people. I counted. (It wasn't difficult.) Some more may have come in after that, but not many. At most we're talking maybe - maybe - 60 people.

60 people for the Rock & Roll Express, the original Midnight Express, and the ROH World champion. It takes a special degree of talent to achieve that level of success.

Did I also mention that they were well into the 2nd match before they got the lights turned on in the building? They had some ringside lights for the first match, NOTHING for half of the second. Yes, we had a literal 'dark match'. This after starting almost an hour late. Oh, and they were taping this for a video release!

Anyway, on with the results:

Los Geckos Locos b. The Silver Bullets. Four fat white guys in lucha outfits. Awful.

Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson d. Fred Sampson.

The next match was for the NWA Northeast x Division title. Unfortunately I didn't get any of the names except for Jason Rumble. Match wasn't bad but this when the lights went out entirely, which was more than a little distracting. They finally got the normal house lights for the building on toward the end of the match.

Judas Young b. [masked guy] followed by an intermission. Fortunately the show got better in the 2nd half.

The Rock & Roll Express b. The Midnight Express when Ricky Morton rolled up Dennis Condrey. Obviously not exactly a highspot festival, but lots of fun old school stuff. The 2 teams appeared to be enjoying themselves out there despite the circumstances. Some idiots in front of me were actually heckling Morton over his mullet, which made me want to kill them.

Crowbar d. Josh Daniels. This was supposed to be Crowbar vs Daniels vs X-Pac, but apparently X-Pac no-showed. As it turned out, he wasn't missed. Apparently nobody told these 2 guys that they were wrestling in a near empty building, as they went out there and KILLED each other for about 25 minutes. They did some great in-ring action, including vicious chops by Daniels, who is a Chris Benoit type wrestler and is very nearly as good as Benoit himself. Then they went outside and Crowbar destroyed Daniels with chairshots and whips into the guard rails. Then he took a section of the steel railing, put it on the chairs, put Daniels on it, and hit him with multiple suicide dives. Like I said, these guys KILLED themselves, for around 50 people. You can't fault their work ethic, that's for sure. Eventually they got back in the ring for more stiff action, with a chair often involved. before Crowbar finally suplexed Daniels onto a metal chair and got the pin. They got a well deserved standing ovation afterward. this might have been the best match I've ever seen Crowbar have. This match changed the whole tone of the show as people went from sitting on their hands to really getting into it for the rest of the night, despite the depressing surroundings and microscopic crowd.

Ace Steele d "Hurricane" John Walters. Very good match.

Next it was the main event: American Dragon Bryan Danielson defending his ROH World Heavyweight Championship [it was announced as a title defense] against.....Kamala The Ugandan Giant! No, I'm not making this up. Prince Nana made a surprise appearance as the special ref for this match, and played heel, refusing to count Dragon's pin attempts. Match was basically Dragon playing the 80s style come-from-behind babyface while brawling all over the place with Kamala.

It was actually a really fun match. Finally as they were brawling around the building, Dragon got fed up and clocked both the interfering Kimchee and ref Nana. As they brawled to the back (and back out again), it was announced that Nana had disqualified American Dragon. Your winner by DQ: Kamala!!

Yes, Kamala The Ugandan Giant now holds a victory over the ROH world champion. Ya just gotta love it. I probably sound like I'm mocking it, but in truth this was a really fun 80s-WWF style match. It was a little bizarre seeing American Dragon in this type of role, but he did good job with it.

They announced a tag team rematch in Garfield NJ [I believe NJ is the promotion's home base] next month, with American Dragon and a mystery partner vs Kamala and a mystery partner.

Does this mean Kamala will be getting a title shot on the next ROH show? (Probably not.)

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