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By Buck Woodward on 2006-09-26 23:04:00

Welcome to our live coverage of ECW on Sci Fi.

The ECW Opening aired, and they went to ringside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Joey Styles and Tazz pointed out that Big Show would defend the ECW Title against The Sandman tonight. 

Oklahoma's own Jim Ross was then introduced as tonight's "special guest".  Ross came to the ring to the Oklahoma fight song, and said it was great to be in Oklahoma.  JR thanked Tazz and Styles for inviting him to the show, which resulted in Tazz and Styles each claiming they hadn't, wondering if the other had invited him.  Ross was comparing ECW to Mid South Wrestling, when he was interrupted by Matt Striker.

Striker took the mic from JR, and said he had been sent out by Paul Heyman to "educate" Jim Ross.  Striker said that he was a New York City school teacher, and that Ross and all the fans "lacked education".  Striker ripped on JR for being a "blue collar man" that enjoyed "alcoholic beverages".  The Sandman came out, and Striker backed off.  Striker looked to JR for help, but got none, and Sandman hit Striker in the gut with his cane.  Sandman then offered JR the cane, and Ross took it and hit Striker across the back with it, to a big pop.  Striker ran off, and Sandman gave Ross a beer.  Ross toasted "the next ECW World Champion", Sandman, and the two chugged a beer together. 

A commercial for Eric Bischoff's book aired, with Bischoff pointing out that he didn't edit the "Monday Night Wars" DVD, and that his book would feature his side of the story, unedited. Bischoff then ran down a list of people that will probably be ticked off by his book, including Hogan, Hall, Nash, Austin, Ross and, of course, the McMahons.

A commercial aired for "Extreme Strip Poker" in two weeks.

Hardcore Holly did a promo saying he wasn't going to tell Rob Van Dam what he was going to do, he was going to show him.  They aired a clip of Holly attacking Van Dam last week. 

Extreme Rules: Hardcore Holly vs. Rob Van Dam

They locked up at the bell, and RVD reversed a hiptoss into an armdrag.  Van Dam hit a clothesline and a spin kick in the corner.  Van Dam started to pose, but Holly hit him with some punches.  Holly went for a backdrop, but Van Dam flipped over it and hit a thrust kick.  Van Dam clotheslined Holly and kicked him to the floor.  Holly yanked RVD out as well, and they brawled around the ring.  Van Dam put Holly across the security wall and hit a corkscrew legdrop off the ring apron.  RVD went under the ring and pulled out a table. The fans chanted "We Want Tables".  Van Dam set it up at ringside, but Holly attacked him and rammed him face first into the steps. Holly chopped him on the floor and rammed him into the ringpost.  

Holly tossed Van Dam back into the ring, then hit a legdrop for a two count. Holly and Van Dam exchanged punches in a corner, then RVD ran into a big boot by Holly. He choked Van Dam against the middle rope, then put him in a camel clutch.  Van Dam made the ropes, but it was Extreme Rules, so Holly didn't have to break.  Eventually, Holly released the hold and hit some punches.  Van Dam tried to rally, but Holly hit a clothesline for a two count. Van Dam threw some punches and backdropped Holly to the apron, but Holly yanked down RVD by the hair.  Holly teased suplexing Van Dam off the apron.  They teased reversals, and then Holly completed the move, sending both men crashing through the table at ringside as they went to commercial. 

Back from the break, we saw that Holly's back had been cut open from the framing around the edge of the table.  He had a pretty nasty gash, probably around six inches long, across the left side of his back.  However, he was on offense, and he dropped RVD chest first on a chair he set up in the ring.  Holly scored a two count. Holly put a chair on RVD's head and hit a second rope legdrop.  Holly scored a two count, and looked frustrated.  Holly tried for a suplex, but RVD reversed it, sending Holly down back first across the chair. RVD hit a pair of clotheslines, then gave Holly a monkey flip.  Van Dam hit a top rope thrust kick.  Holly slumped in a corner, and RVD dropkicked a steel chair into his face.  Van Dam then hit Rolling Thunder on Holly with the chair for a two count. Van Dam set up for a monkey flip onto a chair, but Holly blocked it and powerbombed RVD on the chair for a two count.  

Holly went to ram RVD in a corner, but Van Dam blocked it and kicked Holly in the head.  RVD put the chair on top of Holly and went to the top rope.  Van Dam went for the frog splash, but Holly threw the chair up, and Van Dam hit it hard with is head.  In fact, his head almost got caught in the chair.  Holly crawled onto RVD for a two count.  Holly went for a Alabama Slam, but Van Dam floated over it into a sunset flip, but Holly broke it up with punches.  Holly picked up the chair, but Van Dam dropkicked it in his face.  Van Dam then hit the five star frog splash for the pin at the 18-minute mark. 

Winner: Rob Van Dam. 

As soon as the match was over, a doctor and a trainer got in the ring and started tending to the gash on Holly's back.  After the replays, they showed Holly standing up in the ring, and some fans applauded him and there was a faint "Holly" chant.  The announcers put over Holly big time. 

CM Punk cut a promo about his "straight edge" lifestyle, and that his one addiction was competing in ECW.  Punk said he wanted to face the best, naming Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Sandman and Big Show.  Kelly Kelly interrupted, and noticing the "four aces" tattoo on his arm, started talking about Extreme Strip Poker.  Kelly said she can't get into casinos because she is 19, and wondered if Punk would help her practice for the game.  Mike Knox interrupted, asking Kelly (rhetorically) if he wasn't enough man for her.  Knox asked Punk if he had his own woman, and Punk said he did, but that Knox shouldn't be concerned with his.  Punk delivered a great line about how "the fence" Knox builds around Kelly isn't high enough, "because she keeps jumping into my yard".  Knox said he had to straighten out Kelly, and Punk was lucky he didn't have time for him now.  Punk didn't back down, noting he'd be waiting for him.  

After a great match and a fantastic promo, we then found out John Cena is a great kisser.  Yes, they hyped The Marine. 

Extreme Cat Fight: Ariel, with Kevin Thorn, vs. Francine.

Ariel got on the mic and said she read Francine's tarot card, and that she'll be "fat, ugly, and pregnant" and dreaming of being with Kevin Thorn.  Francine attacked Ariel and ripped off her top, then hiptossed her and began ramming her head into the mat.  Thron interfered and grabbed Francine so Ariel could get some shots in.  Balls Mahoney ran out and hit Thorn in the gut with a chair, then cracked him across the head with it.  Thorn and Ariel retreated while Balls and Francine challenged them to return to the ring. 

Result: No contest?

A video package on The Sandman was shown. 

ECW World Champion The Big Show was backstage with Paul Heyman.  Big Show boasted about beating Sandman tonight, then said he wanted the Singapore Cane to be legal. Then we went to commercial. 

Rene Dupree came out of the shower and said he was the "Most Extreme" athlete in ECW.  He then opened his towel (the camera was above waist level), looked at his crotch, and smiled.  

ECW World Champion Big Show vs. The Sandman - Singapore Cane is legal.

Big Show came out, then Sandman made his entrance through the crowd as they went to commercial again.

Back from break, Sandman was wailing on Big Show with the cane, hitting him in the back and head, then targeting his legs.  Show rolled to the floor, but Sandman followed, caning Show across the back of the head. Sandman hit some shots across the back, and Show was bleeding from the forehead.  They made it back into the ring, and Show head some headbutts to get on offense. Show chopped Sandman across the chest, then headbutted him to the mat again. Sandman poked Show in the eyes and delivered some punches, but Show downed him with a clothesline.  Show slammed Sandman, and kicked away the cane as Sandman crawled towards it.  Show punched Sandman to the mat and yelled that no one can beat him.  Sandman rallied with some punches, but Show grabbed him by the throat.  Sandman avoided the chokeslam and floated around Show, then hit a DDT.  Sandman got the cane and hit Show with a shot to the head.  Sandman went to the top rope and hit Show with a cane shot as he jumped off.  Sandman seemed to hurt his leg on the move.  Sandman covered Show for a two count.  Sandman went for the cane, but Matt Striker, who had showed up at ringside, pulled it out of the ring.  Sandman was distracted by Striker, and Show hit a clothesline.  Show delivered the Cobra Clutch backbreaker, then held onto the Cobra, but Sandman wouldn't tap out.  Show lifted him off the mat and hit the Showstopper standing legdrop for the pin. 

Winner: The Big Show.

Sandman was laid out in the ring, and Big Show walked off, laughing, as the show ended.

During the main event, it was announced that Hardcore Holly needed 24 stitches to close the gash on his back. 

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