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By Alex de Luca on 2006-09-19 13:21:00

I attended the WWE Supershow last night in Montreal and I read the report on the site. it's an excellent one but I thought that I should add something to it. The main thing is that after Undertaker defeated King Booker by DQ, a graphic was shown on the Titantron for a six-man tag match for next week's Smackdown. It involved King Booker's court (Booker, Finlay, & Regal) against Lashley, Batista, & John Cena. That's not a typo. I don't know how this is going to be explained or even mentioned on this week's Smackdown.

Also, I thought I'd give a more detailed report.

During the dark match, Val Venis got a great reaction for his spots and Rob Conway got some boos. Conway hit a nice leg lariat from the top rope. Val won with a half nelson slam followed by the Money Shot.

Teddy Long was shown talking to someone on his cell about the CW Network when King Booker and Sharmell interrupted him. They complained about Booker facing Vito and saying a man in the dress is not worthy of facing him or something like that. I couldn't really hear it with all of the noise. Teddy says fine and so Booker would face........ The Undertaker! That was a huge surprise to me and everyone cheered like crazy when Taker's name was announced for tonight.

Batista's pyro is insane in person. The match between him and Lashley against Regal & Finlay wasn't very long. Batista and Lashley got cheered a lot. The spear from Lashley to Regal got a good reaction.

The whole Diva segment with Layla, Kritstal, & Jillian Hall was poorly done. After Kristal interupted Layla and started fighting with her, Jillian came out, broke them apart and stripped Kristal's bra off. Jillian then turned on Layla and stripped her bra off too. of course, Jillian did the same too afterwards.

Matt Hardy was great in his match with Gregory Helms. He hit a nice moonsault off the top rope to Helms as he was standing. Hardy won after cheating much like Gregory did last week. Good match.

The Jimmy Wang Yang promo was hilarious to a lot of people. I found it funny too. I was kind of upset that he said he's debuting next week in Oklahoma and not last night. Oh well....

Miz cut a promo backstage saying that on the premiere of Smackdown on CW, he would be 4 and 0. He fought Funaki and beat him with the swinging reverse DDT that he called the Mizard of Oz. Not a good match. Funaki got some cheers but there were some boring chants.

Rey cut a promo backstage. I didn't really hear what he said but he said something that when Vicky slapped him, she took away a part of him and that he realized that life goes on.

Rey vs. Chavo was wild. They started in the ring of course but Rey hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to Chavo sending him to the outside. He then jumped off the apron hitting a hurricanrana to Chavo over the barricade and into the crowd. That looked amazing. They brawled in the crowd when Rey hit a seating senton off one of the barricade in the crowd. Awesome spot. When they returned to the ring, Vicky came in and distracted Rey for Chavo to hit a cheap shot. The two trade punches on the ground when two refs come in and break up the match with no reason given. The crowd hated the finish.

The triple threat tag title match was ok to me but most didn't like it. A few boring chants and I saw many people leave during the match. London & Kendrick brawled with The Pitbulls even before KC and Idol came out. Some woooos for Noble & Kash's loud chops. Kendrickwas worked on most of the match with London getting the hot tag. All of London's moves dropkick, flying forearm, & spiniing wheel kick) got a response from the crowd with the dropsault getting an amazing reaction. I can't remember if it was London or Kendrick but one of them rolled up Noble (I think) while KC tried running at them with a clothesline but either London or Kendrick ducked it getting the pin. Sorry for not knowing who got the pin.

Elijah Burke introduced Terkay backstage as usual. Terkay actually talked by just saying his name.

Sylvan got a huge reaction as big as the main eventers. He cut a promo in French that I didn't fully understand because of all the cheering. Tatanka came out to boos and they started the match. I can't wait to hear how ridiculous JBL's comments will be during this match! Sylvan hit a backdrop into a side slam for a two count. Sylvan won when Tatanka tried a slingshot sunset flip only for Sylvan to site down and hold the ropes for leverage. Tatanka argued with the ref once more after the match.

When they announced Rey vs. Chavo in a cage for No Mercy, I was upset because the commercials airing here in Canada for this Supershow advertised Rey and Chavo in a cage. That obviously didn't happen.

Mr. Kennedy did commentary for the main event. He got a good reaction with many just shouting Kennedy randomly. No Sharmell on the mic saying All Hail King Booker tonight during Booker's entrance. Undertaker's entrance was spectacular. Definitely something all fans need to see live. The match was solid. Taker got many chants and Booker was booed a lot. Booker slipped a bit when trying to do a superplex to Taker. Booker had some trouble getting Taker up for a Tombstone. When he got him up, Taker reversed and was going to give his own when Booker fell back. Then there was the DQ finish that I don't remember how exactly it happened. It could of been a belt shot like the other report said but I'm not sure.

Anyway, there was a loud bullsh** chant for the finish which I started and many joined in in my section and soon enough other joined too. After the match Booker tried leaving when Lashley threw him back in the ring where Taker sat up right in front of him. Taker chokeslamed Booker and Tombstone him as well but Booker's legs were on the side. it still looked good. Taker's taunted at the end with his music playing. He also did the cut throat taunt to Kennedy.

RAW had a great match with the 6-pack IC title match. It was awkward in some places but overall good. Super Crazy's 180 springboard moonsault to the floor looked absolutely amazing in person even from where I saw sitting which was in the upper red seats.

DX was super over. My section tried a "You Screwed Bret" chant at HBK but not many carried on. I was shocked by that. I guess it's because of the whole DX reunion.

Cena got massive boos! No one heard his promo at the beginning until Edge came out to mainly cheers with some boos. When Edge made that comment about Montreal not being Canada, people instantly turned on him and went for Cena. Cheap heat! The funny part is that Cena got booed again later on during his entrance for the match. I guess people didn't know how to respond to him. Cade & Murdoch's sweet & sour to Cena looked great though not many really cared about them. I saw them running in which was very cool.

In all, a fantastic night. I enjoyed Smackdown more as there were less backstage stuff and in ring promos.

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