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By PWINSIDER.COM STAFF on 2006-09-11 13:16:00

The last time WWE ran in Madison Square Garden, it was April 18, 2005 for a "Supershow" Raw broadcast and Smackdown taping. To say things were different then would be an understatement.  Just a few of the reasons WWE's last event at MSG was memorable: 

- Vince McMahon made his first WWE television appearance since being injured while walking to the ring at the Royal Rumble.  

- Hulk Hogan made a surprise appearance to run off Muhammad Hassan, his first time in the Garden in two years.  

- Raw was main evented by Triple H vs. Jim Ross. Seriously. 

- Lita was serenaded with boos and "You screwed Matt" chants from the Garden fans.

- MNM won their first WWE Tag Team Championship.

- Sadly, this would mark Eddie Guerrero's last appearance in MSG.

In the following pages, we look back at WWE's last trip to the Mecca of Professional Wrestling.

Page 2 - Raw Report by Richard Trionfo.
Page 3 - Raw Thoughts by Dave Scherer
Page 4 - Smackdown Report by Buck Woodward
Page 5 - Smackdown Thoughts by Dave Scherer
Page 6 - Live And Backstage Notes From The Supershow -
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