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By Ed Shirreffs on 2006-09-10 11:05:00

Combat Zone Wrestling held their 'Expect the Unexpected' event at the building formerly known as the ECW Arena Saturday night.  It was the second CZW event of the day, the first being a Chris Cash memorial show (that I didn't attend).  There was a scheduled 8 PM start time, but this being CZW, the action didn't begin until 9PM.

Cloudy & Cheech vs. The New Jersey All-Stars

A decent opening bout to get the fans who weren't at the first show ready.  There were a lot of double team moves on both sides.  There was a cool spot where the All-Stars got tangled up together in the corner with one hanging from the ropes and the other sitting behind him.  Cheech picked up Cloudy and did a crucifix powerbomb on his partner to flatten their opponents.  Cloudy went up to the top, but Cheech picked up an All-Star for another
crucifix powerbomb, but instead of following through, he dropped him and gave a quick knee to the back to score the pin.

Your winners, Cheech and Cloudy!

Post match, the victors get in a spat and Cloudy spits at Cheech.

Eric Gargulio came out and gave the crowd a run down of what happened earlier in the day...
Eddie Kingston defeated Chris Hero to become the new CZW Champion.  Ricky Reyes was brought in to be the new member of Black Out.  Jigsaw beat Hallowicked to become the #1 Contender for the World Junior Heavyweight Championship, which Sonjay Dutt won earlier in the day.

CZW Iron Man Champion LuFisto came out to challenge the winner of the three
way bout for her belt

B-Boy vs. Nick Gage vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio repeatedly got the better of both men at the start, to the delight of the crowd.  A running theme throughout the night was Nick Gage chasing after one of the other wrestlers on the outside with a chair, only to give up in frustration.  He set some tables up outside the ring, but didn't use them.  Eventually, one was brought into the ring and set up in the corner.  Castagnoli powerbombed Gage through it, but immediately after, B-Boy got Castagnoli in a triangle choke and forced him to tap.

Your winner, B-Boy!

B-Boy vs. LuFisto for the Iron Man Championship

LuFisto came in the ring as soon as the match was over and went after B-Boy.    She got a lot of offense in before he was able to lay her out.  Nate Webb ran in, though, and kicked B-Boy in the head, allowing LuFisto to put him in a small package and get the win.

Your winner, LuFisto!

Post match, Gage entered the ring.  She went after him, but he did a chokeslam backbreaker on her before leaving.

DJ Hyde w/ Maven Bentley vs. Mana

This was probably the match of the night.  They were both by far the biggest wrestlers out there, and the ring really shook when they collided.  During the match, a couple "F- Umaga" chants broke out, which was funny.  They brawled into the crowd and Hyde gave Mana a massive spear into the guardrail.  They kept going at it on the floor, and Mana gave Hyde a Samoan Drop onto the concrete.  When they came in the ring, both had chairs.  Mana
got two nasty shots first, but Bentley took his chair away.  Hyde then got in two very stiff and unprotected shots to Mana's head and won after hitting him with a lariat.

Your winner, DJ Hyde!

Beef Wellington vs. Nate Webb vs. Adam Flash w/ Pandora

More or less a comedy match.  Beef and Webb teamed up on Flash at the start of the match.  They fought each other when Webb ordered Beef to "Get the tables" and he refused.  After fighting a bit, they played pattycake, and Beef told Webb he messed it up, prompting the crowd to chant "You f'd up".  Pandora came in and Beef ass punched her from the top rope.  Messiah ran in and gave Beef a TKO.  Webb dove onto him when he went outside.  Flash hit a powerbomb on Beef and used the ropes to pin him.

Your winner, Adam Flash!

World Junior Heavyweight Championship:  Jigsaw vs. Sonjay Dutt (c)

A couple of 'F- TNA" chants broke out during the match.  Dutt kept calling Jigsaw Halloween at the start and made the ring announcer call him that.  Jigsaw told the announcer to call Dutt a d**k.  The match was OK, nothing special.  Messiah came out again to interfere and break up a Jigsaw pin, but Jigsaw rolled Dutt up immediately after to score the pin.

Your winner and new champion, Jigsaw!

After the match, Dutt said he is never coming back here again.

Blk Out came to the ring next.  Eddie Kingston, the new CZW Champion, was in street clothes.  Ruckus had both of the Tag Team Championship Belts and handed one to Ricky Reyes, the newest member of the team.  Kingston informed the crowd that Chris Hero wouldn't be wrestling tonight due to an injury sustained earlier in the day.  Commissioner Maven Bentley came out and took the belts away since Joker, one half of the champions, jumped to PWU with Sabian.  There will be a tag team tournament for the belts next month. 
Justice Pain came out and demanded a title shot.  Kingston refused, saying he had thirty days.  He ran down to the ring and cleaned house before starting an impromptu match with Reyes.  It was just a schmoz as Blk Out interfered very early on.  Zandig then came out and ran down Kingston on the mic.
At this point there was an intermission so the could set up the barbed wire
for the main event.

Danny Havoc came out with Maven Bentley.  Havoc lost his hair last month.  JC Bailey was supposed to face Havoc tonight, but after a tremendous performance at the Tournament of Death in July, he has missed two straight CZW shows.  Havoc fired Bentley as his manager.  Havoc and Drake Younger begin to fight but Bentley comes back out with Deranged and the match becomes a three way.  Soon after, Necro Butcher and Toby Klein hit the ring
to make it a five way.  Originally, Klein, Deranged and Butcher were only supposed to fight each other.

Necro Butcher vs. Deranged vs. Toby Klein vs. Drake Younger vs. Danny Havoc

After all the men came out, the match became a total flustercuck, with guys going through barbed wire tables, onto thumbtacks, and Necro whaling on people with his boot.  After a lot of brawling, the finish came when Toby Klein did a Death Valley Driver on Younger from the top rope on to a set-up chair, which looked completely sick.

Post match, Necro Butcher asked if this was CZW's or PWU's house.

Notes/Thoughts:  There were about 300 people in attendance...The show was about two hours long...Some fans were disappointed in the evening event, and I can't blame them.  Two wrestlers who were scheduled to fight didn't, and two matches were combined into one...It sounded like Sonjay was leaving for good, and the crowd wasn't too broken up about it if it is true....Blk Out is depleted by the loss of Sabian and Joker to PWU, and Primo Robby Mireno was sorely missed tonight.  CZW isn't helped by the loss, either and you have to wonder who is next...The evening show is definitely not a stand alone DVD release.  If it were, I wouldn't recommend it.  I can not say whether it would be a good investment if both shows of the day were packaged together since I wasn't at the first, but others told me aside from the Kingston-Hero match, it wasn't all that good, either...PWX debuts Wednesday at the Arena, and if CZW puts on more shows like this one, they may not be around much longer due to more competition...I had a good time at Tournament of Death, but this wasn't nearly as good...There were a lot of rumors flying that Kingston got the belt to keep him from leaving CZW, too.  Obviously I'm not in a position to say if this is true or not, but a lot of hardcore fans feel this way and aren't happy with it...Nothing unexpected happened.

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