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By Mike Johnson on 2006-09-02 15:11:00

In the wake of their agreement with Marvin Ward's TNT Pro Wrestling stalling and never going forward, fledgling cable network Maverick TV (MavTV) are poised to announce shortly that they have completed deals with not one, but three different independent wrestling companies to provide them with weekly series.

According to a source close to the network, MavTV will announce that they have come to agreements with WWE developmental company Deep South Wrestling out of Georgia, Texas' XCW Pro Wrestling, and Nevada's Adrenaline Unleashed promotion.

Adrenaline Unleashed, which has already announced the MavTV agreement on their official website, noting they will begin airing on the network this November, runs the Las Vegas, Nevada area. The company lists a number of West Coast indy names for their roster including the Ballards, Human Tornado, Davey Richards, Aaron Aguilera, The Messiah, Al Katarazz, and Navajo Warrior as regulars on their roster. Their official website can be found at

Texas' XCW Pro Wrestling runs weekly events in Denton, Texas using local names including Redd Dawg (WWE's Rodney Mack), Necro Butcher, Masada, Scott Putski, Chris Marvel, Don Juan, Kit Carson, and Darin Childs, among others. The promotion has been quietly gaining clearances in different Southerwestern markets and pushing their events via Video on Demand PPV channels in additional markets as well in recent months. XCW made an announcement (at least internally) last night at their event in Denton. One source believed they would debut on MavTV on 9/20, although I haven't officially confirmed that. Their official website is

WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling runs regularly in Georgia, including weekly TV tapings in McDonough and monthly events at Six Flags in Georgia. The company is headed by Jody Hamilton. Their official website can be found at

MavTV made the decision to come to agreements with the companies after negotiations with Marvin Ward's TNT Wrestling ended. Although both sides had publicly announced TNT would debut a weekly series on MavTV, nothing had actually been signed and finalized, so as it turns out, that announcement was premature from both sides. A source close to the situation claimed that TNT eventually pulled out of the discussions. When TNT relaunched their website earlier this week after canceling their debut 9/9 taping in Virginia, all mentions of the TV deal were deleted. Instead of seeking one company to provide programming exclusively, the MavTV decided to seek out multiple entities.

Not all of the promotions will debut at the same time. There are plans for a weekly program block that may also include MMA programming billed as "The Most Violent Night of the Week" by the network.

MaverickTV is currently carried by 45-50 cable providers in different states including Florida, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, and South Carolina. To see if your cable provider carries MavTV, click here. Their official website can be found at

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