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By PWINSIDER.COM STAFF on 2004-02-08 20:00:00

by Buck Woodward

NWA: Total Nonstop Action for January 28th began with Erik Watts talking about stealing cable and satellite. Events from last week were then recapped. Erik Watts, Brian Urlacher and Goldylocks arrived at the Asylum, then the opening video aired, with music by Randy Savage. 

D'Lo Brown did an interview, promising to get revenge on Abyss for attacking AJ Styles and separating his shoulder. 

Abyss vs. D'Lo Brown. Brown hit the ring and immediately hit a series of punches.  Abyss went for a chokeslam, but Brown broke out and clotheslined him to the floor. Brown rammed Abyss into the ringsteps, and went under the ring for a table.  Brown yanked Abyss throat first across the top rope after Abyss pulled him away from the table, then Brown hit a flying bodypress in the ring for two.  Brown got caught in a flapjack, and Abyss tossed Brown to the floor. Abyss rammed Brown into the ringsteps, then tossed him into the opposite set of steps. Abyss rolled Brown back into the ring, then hit an avalanche in the corner. Abyss chopped Brown in the corner, but Brown fired back with chops of his own. Abyss hit a boot to the face, then went and set up the table on the floor. Abyss went back into the ring, but Brown hit an enzugiri. Brown hit a leg lariat, then a flying forearm in the corner.  Brown went to the top and hit a flying clothesline.  Brown picked up Abyss and hit a spinning uranage.  Brown missed a charge into the corner and hit his shoulder on the cornerpost.  Abyss hit the sit-out torture rack, but only got a two count. Brown hit a powerbomb, then went to the top rope.  Abyss shoved the referee into the ropes, causing Brown to crotch himself on the top.  Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for the pin at the eight minute mark.  Winner: Abyss.  

Post match, Brown grabbed Abyss by the hair as Abyss was leaving, but Abyss chokeslammed him through the table at ringside. El Leon ran in and attacked Abyss, trading punches.  El Leon clotheslined Abyss over the top rope and to the floor, then went to check on Brown, who was spitting blood on the floor. 

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett was talking on the speaker phone with his lawyer, Tom T.  Tom said that if Brian Urlacher does not leave the building, the Watts-Callis match will not take place, and they will have an injunction to prevent Watts from keeping his job.  Jeff Jarrett asked who would be taking care of the "clowns", and Glenn Gilberti said he would.  Gilberti also insisted that either Simon Diamond or Johnny Swinger had signed with Jarrett, but wouldn't say who it was. 

D'Lo Brown was stretchered out of the building. 

A video on the history between Chris Sabin and Michael Shane was shown. 

X Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane, with Traci & Shane Douglas.  Shane Douglas joined the announcers at ringside. They traded holds for a minute, then went to the floor, where Sabin went for an Asai moonsault, Shane ducked, and Sabin landed on his feet and hit a clothesline. Sabin hit an enzugiri in the ring, and knocked Shane to the floor. Traci tried to distract Sabin, but it didn't work.  Shane Douglas said his allegiance it to himself and his team, not with Jarrett or Watts.  Traci pulled Sabin to the floor, giving Shane the advantage, as he tossed him into the guardrail and the announce table.  Shane rolled Sabin back into the ring for a two count.  Shane hit some chops, but Sabin returned fire and hit a backdrop.  Sabin booted a charging Shane, and went to the ropes, but Shane tripped him into the Tree of Woe and hit a baseball slide dropkick to the face.  Shane put Sabin in a reverse chinlock, driving his knee into Sabin's back, then hit an overhead belly to belly suplex for two. Sabin hit some chops, but Shane poked him in the eyes.  Sabin floated out of a back suplex and hit a rolling chop, then a series of forearms. Shane backdropped Sabin to the apron, and Sabin hit a springboard dropkick that sent Shane to the floor. Sabin clotheslined Shane over the rail and into the crowd. Sabin hit a no hands springboard off the top rope into the crowd to hit Shane with a bodypress.  Sabin hit an over the shoulder backbreaker into a facebuster (Complete Dust, I believe Masato Tanaka calls it).  Traci distracted Sabin, and Shane rolled him up for a two count.  Shane caught a kick by Sabin, flipped him back, and hit a superkick, but Sabin fell to the floor.  Shane tossed Sabin back in, and measured for another superkick.  Sabin blocked it and went for the Future Shock, but Shane floated out, and they traded reversals on a pin attempt until Sabin got the three at the ten minute mark.  Winner: Chris Sabin. 

Post-match, Shane Douglas chastised Michael Shane for losing, then calmed him down when the fans encouraged him to attack Douglas.  Douglas and Shane then held up the Triple Threat symbol, then walked off together. 

Jonny Fairplay's debut from last week was shown, then a sitdown interview with Mike Tenay was aired. Fairplay was wearing a neckbrace from AJ Styles powerbombing him last week.  Fairplay acted like he was trying to show respect to the fans when AJ attacked him. Fairplay said that "only the fat and ugly people" hated him, and that the "beautiful" people love him. Tenay mentioned Roddy Piper, and Fairplay told him to never mention that name again. Fairplay claimed he brought huge ratings to TNA, and that he was bringing an interview segment to TNA.  Fairplay said he had permission to bring the segment out whenever he wanted. Mike Tenay asked if the segment was like "Piper's Pit", and Fairplay walked off. 

An interview with the Sandman from Xplosion was shown, where he vowed to continue bringing in partners to face The Gathering until he has gotten rid of them. 

CM Punk & Julio Dinero, with Father James Mitchell, vs. Sandman & Mikey Whipwreck.  After Sandman did his usual entrance, he pointed at the entranceway, and Whipwreck was announced, but he entered through the crowd instead.  Mitchell and Mikey spoke, with Mitchell acting like Mikey was on his side.  Whipwreck shook hands with Punk and Dinero, then poked Dinero in the eyes, and Sandman blasted them with cane shots to start the match. Mikey and Sandman had some beers, while the fans chanted "ECW".  Sandman and Mikey then spit beer in the eyes of their opponents.  Mikey gave Dinero a headscissors takedown, and Punk a facefirst powerbomb.  Sandman gave Dinero a FrankenSander, and Mikey gave him a slingshot legdrop and tossed him into the guardrail.  Sandman hit a FrankenSander on Punk, while Mikey missed a top rope dive on Dinero and hit the rail.  Dinero hit Sandman with a spinkick in the ring, and he and Punk beat him down.  Sandman came back DDTing Dinero and legsweeping Punk at the same time.  Sandman went for the cane, but Mitchell pulled it away.  Dinero hit a superkick, and Punk and Dinero hit a side backbreaker/ top rope elbow combo for the pin at the three minute mark. Winners: CM Punk & Julio Dinero. Post match, the lights went out, and a message on the video screens saying "I'm watching you Devil" and showing a bloody Mitchell aired.  It was assumed the message was from Raven. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger about who had signed with Jeff Jarrett.  Both insisted that they hadn't signed with him, and that it was all Glenn Gilberti getting desperate. Gilberti and David Young will be handcuffed to Swinger & Diamond tonight during the main event. 

Don Callis, Jonny Fairplay and the Red Shirts were in the ring, and called out Brian Urlacher.  Callis told Urlacher that he could leave the hard way or the easy way.  The Red Shirts attacked Urlacher, but he easily laid them out with a tackle, and then pressed Fairplay over his head and threw him into the Red Shirts at rinsgide. Urlacher then left. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper and Sonjay Dutt about the America's X Cup, where the four of them will face four wrestlers from AAA.  Lynn also revealed that he would be handcuffed to Kid Kash during the main event.

Kid Kash came to the ring with his petition to join Jeff Jarrett, but ring announcer Jeremy Borash told him that Erik Watts was going to win, and told him to get out of the ring Shark Boy, Matt Stryker, Chad Collyer & Eric Young back him up, so Kash left.  Kash went to bother Tiny the Timekeeper, but Sarah Lee the ticket lady came out with a broom, and she and Tiny ran off Kash.  

Shark Boy, Matt Stryker, Chad Collyer & Eric Young  vs. Juventud Guerrera, Aguila, Hector Garza & Abismo Negro. Juventud and Shark Boy started off, with Juvi hitting a headscissors, but Shark Boy came back with a neckbreaker. Abismo and Young tagged in, with Young kicking him from the ring to the floor. Collyer and Aguila tagged in, and Collyer hit a dropkick, but Aguila hit a dropkick out of a backdrop attempt.  Hector Garza and Matt Stryker tagged in, with Garza hitting a superkick and stomping Stryker in a corner.  Stryker hit some forearms, and tagged in Young.  Garza took a back elbow, and Young tagged in Collyer.  Shark Boy tagged in and worked over Garza in a corner with punches, then bit him.  Stryker tagged in, and hit a lariat for a two count. Shark tagged back in, and hit a forearm, then tagged in Collyer for a double back elbow.  Young hit a vertical suplex for two, then tagged in Collyer, who hit a double underhook suplex on Garza for two. Abismo Negro got the tag, and backed Young into his corner.  Juvi tagged in and hit a dropkick, then Garza and Shark Boy tagged in.  Collyer came in and took Garza down, allowing Shark Boy to kick him.  Garza gave Shark Boy a drop toe hold into the corner.  The match broke down, with Abismo hitting a tope onto Young.  Aguila hit a corkscrew pescado on a slew of wrestlers on the floor, then Shark Boy did a top rope dive onto the pile.  Garza moonsaulted onto the pile.  In the ring, Guerrera hit a springboard dropkick and Juvi Driver on Young. Aguila then hit a shooting star press on Young for the pin at the nine minute mark.  Winners: Juventud Guerrera, Aguila, Hector Garza & Abismo Negro.

Post match, Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt came down and shook hands with the AAA team.  They will face off on February 11th at the America's X Cup. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Trinity about turning on Sonny Siaki.  Trinity said she wanted to be with Jeff Jarrett because he is a winner, but that she didn't want to be with Siaki or Kid Kash.  Siaki entered, telling Trinity they will be handcuffed together tonight.  Kid Kash came in, and he and Trinity handcuffed Siaki to a locker and beat him up.  Trinity still wanted nothing to do with Kash though. 

The 3 Live Kru cut a promo about how they were going to keep the NWA World Tag Team Championship over the Red Shirt Security.  We then saw that Kid Kash wanted to talk to Jeff Jarrett, but the Red Shirt Security wouldn't let him in to see him.  Kash told the Red Shirts that if they don't win the tag titles, Jarrett will want nothing to do with them. 

NWA World Tag Team Champions 3 Live Kru (BG James & Ron Killings, with Konnan) vs. Red Shirt Security (Kevin Northcutt & Joe Legend). Northcutt started out with James, who hit some rights, but was pounded by Northcutt in a corner.  Northcutt missed a boot to the face, and they exchanged some sloppy blows.  Killings came in, and hit a double hiptoss with James, followed by a double elbowdrop.  Killings armdragged Northcutt, then applied an armbar.  Northcutt tripped Killings, and tagged in Legend.  Killings armdragged Legend and put him in an armbar.  Killings hit Legend with an ax kick, then a side kick.  Killings went to the top rope, but Legend crotched him, then hit a kick to the face. Legend hit a DDT, then a second rope legdrop for two.  Northcutt tagged in, and the Red Shirts took over on Killings, including a back suplex/clothesline combo. Legend missed a moonsault, and Killings tagged in James.  James cleaned house on both opponents, and a brawl broke out.  Killings jumped off James' back to hit a dropkick on both men.  Legend was knocked out of the ring, and Killings jumped off the top rope into a bodypress on Legend on the floor.  Michael Shane and Traci ran out, and Konnan began fighting with them.  Meanwhile, Shane Douglas ran in the ring and hit James with a chain (revenge for 3LK making fun of him last week).  Northcutt covered James for the pin at the seven minute mark.  Winners and new NWA World Tag Team Champions: Kevin Northcutt & Joe Legend. 

Backstage, Sandman was on the phone with someone.  Scott Hudson asked if he was talking to Raven.  Sandman said he knew he couldn't depend on Raven.  He said that since Balls Mahoney and Mikey Whipwreck couldn't do it, he was going straight to the top.  He said that next week, his partner against CM Punk & Julio Dinero will be Terry Funk. There was a brief "Terry" chant in the arena after the promo. 

Mike Tenay interviewed the Insane Clown Posse (Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope & 2 Tuff Tony) in the ring, to a huge reaction from the Juggalos in attendance.  The ICP joked around with Mike Tenay, then put over the TNA product.  They said they were taking Wednesdays off from now on, so they could come to TNA.  Violent J then started to cut a promo on Jeff Jarrett, which brought Glenn Gilberti and David Young to the ring. Gilberti said that Don Callis was going to win tonight, and get control of NWA:TNA, and that he and Callis were fans of the ICP.  Gilberti said that if the ICP apologize for splashing soda on Jeff Jarrett last week, they can be part of the "Jarrett Family". It degenerated into a brawl, with the ICP knocking Gilberti and Young from the ring.

Mike Tenay & Don West were discussing (with Randy Savage music in the background), when the ICP came over and laid out an open challenge to Glenn Gilberti & David Young to a tag match next week.

Scott Hudson interviewed Erik Watts, who talked about how wrestling has been his life, and that he was not going to let Don Callis take it away from him.  Watts then said he was so confident he would retain his position as Director Of Authority, he said that Jeff Jarrett would be forced to defend the NWA World Title next week.

The events leading to Erik Watts vs. Don Callis was shown.

Erik Watts vs. Don Callis, loser gives up their position of power in NWA:TNA.  Callis came to the ring in a Ric Flair-style robe. A number of wrestlers came out, handcuffed in pairs of heel and face.  Jeff Jarrett ran out and handcuffed Mike Tenay to the guardrail.  Erik Watts grabbed Jarrett and handcuffed Jarrett to El Leon.  Callis attacked Watts on the floor to start the match.  In the ring, Watts absorbed all of Callis' punches and hit a backdrop.  Watts pounded Callis and tossed him to the floor.  Kid Kash tried to interfere, but Watts slugged him, and Jerry Lynn (who he was cuffed to), pulled him away.  Callis took back over by ramming Watts into the ringsteps. Watts tossed Callis over the rail and into the crowd.  Watts tried to jump over the rail onto Callis, but Callis tossed a chair in his face. Callis hit a series of chairshots, but Watts battled back with chops.  They battled through the crowd and back to ringside, with Watts hitting Callis with a steel chair.  Callis walked up the entranceway and to the back, but Watts followed and dragged him back out.  Callis went for a piledriver on the stage, but Watts backdropped him and got a two count on the stage. They went back to the ring, with Jarrett tripping Watts, so Callis could take over. Callis hit a kneedrop, then strutted before covering for a two count.  Watts mounted a comeback with punches and clothesline, then hit a jumping kick.  Watts pounded Callis in the corner, then went for the chokeslam, but Callis hit the referee. Watts hit the chokeslam, but Trinity ran in and moonsaulted Watts. Callis covered Watts, and the referee counted two.  The Naturals ran out and helped unlock some of the heels, causing a brawl at ringside. Trinity grabbed Watts, and Callis went to hit him with the NWA World Title belt (that Jarrett had tossed in).  Watts broke free from Trinity and kicked the belt into the face of Callis.  Watts powerbombed Trinity, and Goldylocks, who had just come out, started kicking her.  Don Callis went to hit Watts with the belt, but Watts blocked it and went for a chokeslam.  Goldylocks turned on Watts, hitting him with a crotch shot.  Callis hit Watts with the belt and scored the pin at the ten minute mark.  Goldylocks walked off, with Mike Tenay calling her a "whore", as Callis celebrated with Jeff Jarrett and the other heels.  Callis now has full control of NWA:TNA. Winner: Don Callis.

Next Week:
- Terry Funk & The Sandman vs. CM Punk & Julio Dinero, with Father James Mitchell.
- Insane Clown Posse vs. Glenn Gilberti & David Young.
- El Leon vs. Abyss.

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