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By Mike Johnson on 2004-04-19 04:00:00

They aired clips of Edge's return to Raw, showing him spearing Eric Bischoff and then confronting Kane. They showed Edge using the cast on his broken hand against Kane and Johnny Nitro telling him that if he uses the cast, he will be suspended.

Kane came to the ring first. Edge came out wearing a blue overcoat and using his old, original theme music. He got a huge pop coming out. The crowd chanted, "You screwed Bret" at referee Earl Hebner as the bout began. Jim Ross said there isn't an athlete in the upcoming NFL draft that's as athletically gifted as Kane. I am sure Brock Lesnar loved hearing that, although he's not in the draft. Kane manhandled Edge and slammed him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Edge hit a back elbow into Kane as he charged. He went for the spear but Kane retreated out of the ring. Edge hit a sliding kick out of the ring and slammed Kane into the ringpost. Edge removed the monitors from the Spanish Announce Team's table. Kane slammed the broken hand into the ring steps and then into the ringpost. Kane stomped the hand. The anti-Hebner chants started again. Kane continued to focus his beating on Edge's hand. Kane covered Edge for a two count. Kane cinched in an overhead wristlock. Edge began throwing strikes and punches to break it but was caught with a sideslam by Kane. Edge acted like he was going to use the cast. Hebner stopped him. Kane hit a big boot to the face of Edge. Hebner got bumped to the floor. Edge hit a lowblow and used the cast to hit Kane with a club-like blow, then hit a spear on Kane for the pin. The winner of the bout, Edge!

They aired another Judgment Day PPV promo.

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