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By Mike Johnson on 2004-04-19 04:00:00

The next bout is Hurricane and Rosey vs. La Resistance. It started out with Rob Conway and Hurricane going back and forth. Rosey hiptossed his partner onto Conway. Hurricane went to the top but had his foot grabbed by Sylvan Grenier. Conway hit a powerslam and tagged in Grenier. Grenier kept trying to pin Hurricane but was unable to get it. Grenier locked in a bearhug as Eugene Dinsmore made his way to the ring. Rosey shoulderblocked Conway and hit a tiltawhirl slam on him. He hit a sidewalk slam on Grenier but Conway broke the pin. Dinsmore wandered around and began messing with La Resistance's flag. Rosey charged into the corner but missed and hit his shoulder on the corner and bumped over to the floor. Hurricane did a dive to the floor. Dinsmore hit the ring and began running back and forth across the ropes. Regal came out to retrieve him but he wasn't listening. Hurricane scored the pin on Conway. Dinsmore began celebrating with Hurricane and Rosey but was finally removed from the ring by Regal. Eugene didn't want to leave as he went backstage.

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